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  1. This looks infinitely more fun then doing non radar

  2. Move various amounts of metal efficiently through space and time in order to facilitate economical gains... and then I talk to airplanes and make sure they don't crash.

  3. Listen to phone calls and make bad screen look like good screen.

  4. What makes someone bad? Anyone, even the good ones, can do something dumb and stress about it. Some just do dumb things less.

  5. A bad controller has many forms, but those that come to mind are those that over-separate to the point of perpetually feeling busy and those that can't seem to control even the slightest amount of irregularity without throwing a fit.

  6. Seattle, WA and Anchorage, AK have very prominent asian populations.

  7. Thanks for adding this. I only got to where I am now by having "unrealistic goals".

  8. ZSE TMU might be the most cush Level 10 job in the NAS. Show up, turn on CFR and Metering, eat cheesecake, go home.

  9. I always thought controllers were fucking with me when I got that ...

  10. Dawg, how are you planning on leaving your facility? That's my question.

  11. Pilot here. What makes en route school so hard? That’s the “easy” part of our job, I always figured it was the same for ATC.

  12. A way it was described to me a long time ago, when I was a layman is: "Tower has to know only a couple chapters of the book, but they have to know it like the back of their hand. Enroute has to know the entire book and when to apply 1000s of different rules, but often have enough time to look it up."

  13. You don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to inhale somebody else’s fruit loop flavored nicotine lung butter?

  14. Shoot me a message if MWH is causing any problems for you guys. I’ll pass the word along and try to correct it.

  15. Lol same goes for ZSE, just shoot me a DM. Like I said, generally speaking I think we all work pretty well together. Now that your old geezer is gone I'm curious if you guys will start talks with GEG. I think that would bump them (and you guys provided you transferred there like the PSC crew is) to a level 8.

  16. Which sector do you hate working with the most, MWH, GEG, or Chinook?

  17. Its not so much the sector so much as the very specific controllers that occasionally inhabit them 😅

  18. I think it would be fun if everyone added a tag at the end of their response signaling whether they are a center or TRACON controller. I think the answers would follow the “party line”.

  19. I think it really just depends on how busy the geographic area and frequency are. As a center boi, I really don't care until I do. Are they close to a busy airport or out in the middle of nowhere. I think a little bit of pilot situational awareness can go a long way here.

  20. Kims or IB are the usual go to's if you want roommates and easy study group access. I didn't mind driving and hate roommates so I stayed at Anatole and drove to study groups. Ymmv.

  21. IB doesn't work with Academy students anymore.

  22. I remember hearing something about that, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the update. IB smelled like a sewer anyways 😅

  23. What is this? A list for ants? It needs to be at least three times as big.

  24. My uncle is infatuated with him and won't take any of my soft recommendations to stop listening to this drivel. How do I convince him that TC is a hack without sounding like "some far left radical"?

  25. Based on your finance background, you could 100% certify in an en route facility. They generally make the most money, but they aren’t generally regarded as real air traffic controllers.

  26. I get paid upwards of 175k to work out for 4 hours a day. Seems pretty good to me.

  27. Fair enough, I know centers have trouble applying visual separation. ;p

  28. I have been at the center for 5 years and just used it for the first time last week 😂

  29. Even coming from the east coast the Mountain View is usually there.

  30. Yeah you'll be on the GLASR1 arrival which is basically Spokane - Chelan - Woodenville when coming from the east coast. Still good views, especially of Mt Baker and the North Cascades.

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