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  1. There is no balanced jury in this nation that doesn't include a Trump supporter. Unless he gets a bench trial somehow, we will see why lawyers on both sides of the courtroom hate nullification.

  2. Newsom doesn't have an army, but Biden does, and that military will be on the side of democracy.

  3. If you think one rogue general can go against the entire military then you really have no idea how the military works.

  4. They physically can't invade. Assuming they use all their transport capability they could only bring 50k troops in the first wave and the casualties would be horrendous. Maybe in 3-6 years they feel comfortable, but certainly before 2030 😊

  5. The headline should really say "MTG announces to the world that she's a Russian agent."

  6. He keeps getting reelected by landslides so you're clearly wrong.

  7. Germany's biggest mistake was letting Hitler out of prison after the beer hall putsch. Trump and his henchmen need to be locked up for life.

  8. Any prison time longer than a day is likely a life sentence for Trump. Could you imagine a shock to his system if he had to give up his hamberders and Coke Light? Not to mention the cumulative hangover from his decades of stimulant abuse.

  9. I would love nothing more than seeing that spoiled brat experience poverty for one day.

  10. Chinese and North Korean aggression are good reasons to have an Asian version of NATO. Kim literally threatens Asian nations on a regular basis by launching missiles into the sea, while China threatens to take over Taiwan and various islands in the South China Sea.

  11. Don’t give them more money until they give us some legislation we need. Tell them this when they ask.

  12. They can't pass any legislation without a larger majority, and they can't have a larger majority if we don't donate to their campaigns. If you want results, donate and vote.

  13. They don’t really pass much legislation when they do have the majority. See first two years of Obama era for reference. Thank you.

  14. The facts overwhelmingly disprove your BIG LIE. Here is the MASSIVE list of legislation signed by Obama.

  15. Meanwhile, a bunch of priests diddle kids and republicans don't give a fuck.

  16. The republican party is a deadly threat to us all. I wonder when the inquisitions will start.

  17. Every time one of these stories appears, you will see a bunch of trolls criticizing the Democrats for fundraising off Roe vs. Wade. These trolls are dumb as shit and should be ignored. Raising funds is what the Democrats SHOULD be doing. This is how the Democrats win the midterms. With a larger majority in Congress, they'll be able to legalize abortion. So DONATE! We are up against billionaires and corporations so the Democrats need all the money they can get.

  18. It's pathetic that he thinks announcing a candidacy will shield him from criminal prosecution.

  19. Abortion rights is really part of a much bigger struggle, the separation of religion and state. The republicans on the court are attacking the very idea of separation of religion and state. Abortion is just one component of that.

  20. Those rules are based on religion. And yes, many nations in Europe still have an official state religion.

  21. It depends what theyre doing. If the nazi dudes are just marching around not really bothering people there’s nothing police can do. Well unless you wanna pass anti marching laws?

  22. The ones in Boston assaulted a black guy. No arrests for that hate crime.

  23. Putin has been funding and assisting secessionist movements in many countries for years. Scotland in the UK. Cataluña in Spain. Donbas in Ukraine. The UK from the EU. Now it's Texas' turn.

  24. It's time for people on the left and center to get armed for self defense. It's only a matter of time before these fascist groups start bringing their guns on these marches and threatening people. I'm not sure the cops will defend us.

  25. My grandpa use to regularly deal with fascists as part of his job, namely in Operation Torch in the African theater, and Operation Shingle in the Italian theater

  26. The 3 state solution is better, with Israel, the West Bank and Gaza as separate states. Fatah and Hamas hate each other, no reason to force them into the same state, especially since they don't even border each other.

  27. They complain about too-powerful megacorps, but fight any attempt to regulate them.

  28. Here in the US, some states have enacted laws that are punishing to peaceful protesters. It's shocking.

  29. I know. We're going to have to engage in civil disobedience. The survival of the planet depends on it.

  30. We are not at max capacity. Where the hell do you come up with all the crazy shit you say? Seriously. Damn.

  31. It's not going to end with transphobia. Remember that these nazis also hate Jews, Muslims, Latinos, Democrats, non-white people, liberals, intellectuals, scientists, etc etc etc. We are ALL in danger. We must all unite to fight these fascists.

  32. I'm giving them more money because they need the money in order to do something. They can't do something unless they win a larger majority in the midterms (so they can ignore Manchin and Sinema). In order to win, they need money.

  33. I will always support progressives in the primaries and whatever Democrats in the general election. Even centrist Democrats are better than republicans. Always support the lesser evil. It's the only way to make progress. You also seem to forget that even the mainline Dems have brought us much progress, like civil rights, voting rights, higher minimum wage, unions, environmental regulations, etc etc etc. Even the mainline Dems have stood strong against racism and discrimination. You are ignoring history.

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