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  1. So I just got back after 500 days and with all the new stuff I just decided to start over. I have a lot of questions but a few at the top of my head are:

  2. Naalala ko tamad na tamad akong ihatid kahit sa bus terminal lang. Ngayon may bi-monthly hatid kay kapatid sa Manila. Grabe favoritism talaga 💀😭

  3. So is this worth playing on an iPhone? Vids keep popping up on my feed and it got me really interested in playing again, but I’m afraid that I wont wnjoy it on such a small screen.

  4. Just had my first game as zoe. Im still learning her controls but I pretty much just hope I hit something with q>r>q because cam panning is hard

  5. This is my first time watching post Derek’s death, and I can say that S12 and S13 were a struggle. Specially S13. That season gets good at about E18+ or something but S12 to 2/3rds of S13 were truly awful.

  6. Im currently watching S15 and reading the discussion threads and its wild that everyone now hates DeLuca and Nick when people loved them with Mer at this time.

  7. Gay erotica ‘Just A Bit Gay’ by Alessandra Hazard is a plagiarism of an AO3 fanfic. No direct quotes were plagiarized but it was the same scenes and scenarios. It felt like when you paraphrased a high school paper from wikipedia.


  9. i’m very excited and also nervous!!!! it works out for me either way because i’ll be stoked if it’s a great film and if it’s NOT, i still love a good ol shitty movie

  10. If it isn’t an oscar bait type im hoping for at least a decent film.

  11. My absolute fave was Solo Midlaner(?). Its kind of regrettable that the translator took down their site after the whole jjwxc drama last year. From daily updates to now being gone with no reliable translator. I wanted to read at least 3 more completed translations from their site too!

  12. Imagining people exchanging fuck ticketmaster friendship bracelets is hilarious!

  13. Emotionally devastating endings. Popular tropes that usually have a happy ending doing the opposite. Soulmate AUs where it turns out the soulmate is abusive/dead/etc., Amnesia AUs where the memory doesn't come back, Enemies to Lovers where it turns out one of them only pretended and is still the enemy.

  14. I once read a Tom/Harry fic where Tom kills Harry. Yes please. 😭

  15. I'm not from the US, but I'm so confused. Why are people blaming Taylor for this mess? Isn't Ticketmaster the one to blame?

  16. Honestly since the last year or so everything is Taylor Swift’s fault. Literally.

  17. This new update that they had 14 million people on the site feels like this conversation is gonna start heading in a different direction

  18. May disney+ na pala. Browsing through their library and shit andami kong gusto panoorin. Kaya pala natangal Greys Anatomy sa netflix lols. May mga special deals ba na alam niyo?

  19. Sobrang saya ko rin sa Disney+. Yung mga shows na gusto kong ibinge-watch matagal na, nandon lahat.

  20. Right?? Tapos may mga shows din akong napansin na tinangal sa netflix na nandun na.

  21. I’m thinking some employee was like ‘maybe we should do something about capacity’ and some higher up was ‘nah were going to be fine’. Lmao

  22. When we get it, covid (or the next pandemic) will be there for us

  23. Is Anti Hero even lower than #4 on Global excl US?

  24. The producer of Rich Flex posted the Global 200 on his story where its #1 and saying how ‘the world knows who the real number 1 is’.

  25. There's a fight in PoC (I think it's the Garen map but for sure it's a lower difficulty map) where you shuffle your hand and draw the same amount of cards every turn. I drew to 9-10 cards and kept ending my turn and completed the quest that way.

  26. Is it the actual verified account tho? Haha. With all these fake verified acc, I have a trust issue now

  27. The Official right below their @ is the new checkmark so yeah it is the real lego!

  28. Honestly this would be a nice gift next christmas. To all LEGO enthusiasts, please make it happen. 😃

  29. Now when are we getting TFT on mobile???? Now that Garena is out??

  30. Wouldn’t it be funny if she stays at #1 and the remixes arent needed? Like Bejeweled and Question and the Witches of willow.

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