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  1. Koliko ti je trebalo da prvi task dobijes? Ja sam pratio mjesecima i niti jeean nije bio. Iz Hrvatske sam

  2. Pa mozda par sedmica. Ali ako zelis radit transkripcije, stavi da ti je English US native language i uradi test za to da dobijes “native” badge. Takodjer stavi English UK fluent i uradi test i za to. Ti testovi su pod “skills & badges”. I naravno mozes stavit jos neki jezik ako poznajes. Tako ces imat vise poslova.

  3. Ok hvala, provjerit ću, možda samnešto od toga zaboravio napraviti

  4. Nistaa. I takodjer provjeravaj email jer oni cesto salju pozivnice za poslove preko email umjesto da objave na dashboard.

  5. At this point you're just spamming this subreddit

  6. I’ve tried it and it’s very emollient and moisturizing but definitely not fast absorbing.

  7. Exactly lol I didn’t expect it to be fully matte, but this is just as if you’ve covered your face with vaseline.

  8. I have a friend that fled there to the US in the 90’s because of the civil war. But it’s not a third world country like this show makes it out to be lol

  9. As someone who lives in Bosnia, I've noticed that foreigners tend to have a pretty weird and outdated perception of Bosnia but I'm still pleasantly surprised with how it was handled in the show, especially Moira's use of our language which was really sweet.

  10. It very much depends on your location. For me personally it's not worth it since I barely get any offers on there and zero surveys.

  11. I have two transcription tasks, one of which I got an email about today.

  12. There are various tasks on Neevo such as image tagging, image collection, scripted dialogue collection, etc. but I pretty much only do their transcription tasks. For that, you first have to pass their language tests and get a “fluent” rating. After that, it’s best to regularly check your email since they tend to send task invitations that otherwise wouldn’t be visible on the dashboard.

  13. Well, for me it says "no jobs available", I did pass the English language test.

  14. Sometimes new jobs appear on the dashboard but, like I said, they mostly send task invitations through email.

  15. The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum is really disturbing. Especially if you look up the case it's based on

  16. I would suggest pretty much any Edgar Wright or Taika Waititi movie, especially:

  17. For me it’s annoying when it feels like bragging. For example, people coming to this sub to announce that they’ve found love and happiness while so many people here are struggling. Or when I was going through a really tough breakup and people telling me things like “I’m so happy and have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. I’m sure one day you’ll find someone as well” lol how is that helpful.

  18. Definitely The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. I was even more disturbed after reading about the true events that the book is based on.

  19. I agree. I feel like you can’t say that you’re not a fan of a particular movie or a particular type of horror without being downvoted, asked to justify your opinion, told that you just “don’t get it” and should rewatch it or straight up be told that you have horrible taste in movies lol

  20. I could t agree more with every single word you said. The sub just gets worse and worse and it’s so sad and pathetic. I don’t understand the hivemind there. Dont ever post that Hereditary freaked you out unless you want downvotes to oblivion lol. Every time I see someone post the word Hereditary on a comment, internally im like “nooooo!” Haha

  21. Ikr it’s always Hereditary or any other A24 movie. And god forbid you say that you’re not a fan of those movies or slow-burn movies in general, you will get bullied into liking them LOL

  22. Telling someone things like “cheer up” or “positive vibes only” when they’re dealing with some serious issues.

  23. Yeah these days you have to sugarcoat every comment so someone doesn’t get offended. You’re not even allowed to express your frustration with something that’s personal to you without getting a ton of people who misconstrue everything you say, blame you or act like they know everything about you and your life.

  24. Every thought that maybe you're picking the wrong men? Check your list of friendzoned guys. You'll usually find the guys that really care about you and would be willing to pick you up on there.

  25. No need to victim blame. It’s usually those “nice guys” who are like woe is me, no one gives me a chance who turn out to be lying, manipulative, misogynistic, you name it. Trust me, I’ve tried giving the “nice, friendzoned guy” a chance and it turned out to be a huge mistake.

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