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  1. I'm enjoying watching all his simps talk about how it was six years ago.

  2. Conservatives are always so desperate for celebrities, they're explaining him paying her off lol. "If you had that kind of money, you'd just pay people off even if they made fake accusations!"

  3. He’s gonna die. It’s impressive but you can only get away with that so many times before you’re a fine pink mist.

  4. I've ridden like this before. It's super fun but you're completely reliant on moving fast enough that if anybody changes lanes without signalling you can squeeze past them before they complete the lane change. I stopped because yeah, it's only a matter of time, and the track is way more fun anyway. Any schlub can go fast in a straight line, knee dragging is where the real excitement is.

  5. I’d love to have the skills to really push a sport bike on the track. Unfortunately I can only really afford a dual sport and 87 gas atm.

  6. I did a school, rent a bike and they instruct you. It was amazing.

  7. The heat tastes good too though. Cooking on charcoal is very zen as well, slows everything down.

  8. The conspiracy being that it's about government control and always was. Not about keeping people safe. After Monkeypox there'll be something else. Then another thing, and another and we're all perpetually in lockdown while the government strip our freedoms one by one.

  9. Government control of what? Why? What's the end game? Does it make sense?

  10. People. The end game is to turn the people into obedient dependant slaves basically. Yes it makes sense.

  11. Lol there is zero evidence of price gouging and this bill will just further increase gas and energy prices.

  12. Companies bragging about record profits during "inflation." That's not how inflation works.

  13. Assuming it’s real bro just threw away his career to say jesus

  14. Believing any group of people unconditionally is categorically ignorant.

  15. All we need is a single woman to say vogue is full of shit and it will become true because we have to believe her.

  16. What if you genuinely enjoy your job and it truly fulfils you?

  17. That's an enviable thing. Personally I still wouldn't choose to do that for 60 hours a week. I don't know of any job where the good parts make up for the bad parts enough to dedicate nearly 12 hours a day not including commute times to though. If you had all the money you ever needed, enough that the job doesn't even make a noticable difference, would you still work that much?

  18. I won’t claim it’s a common situation, but if you love what you do, it’s easy. I’d just be doing it in my downtime anyway, just for no pay :D

  19. There are longer videos and she claims that she uses "Pledge" and "Donate" as synonyms.

  20. It's obvious why. With a pledge you can get all the good attention and still keep the money. Why would she actually give away that money after she's already gotten what she wanted? Why not have both?

  21. To be fair he did say that he did not get into the article so I don't get why people are so upset

  22. So why make any statements about it? Maybe he should just shut the fuck up if he barely skimmed the headline?

  23. cause he wants to. he can talk about whatever the fuck he wants

  24. And people can criticize him for it. And you can whine about it. And I can whine about you whining about it. Say something interesting.

  25. News flash, insane people already have guns. What new gun laws would prevent a situation like this from happening again?

  26. I don't live in America, I'm crazy and shouldn't have a gun, but would own one if I could.

  27. He needs exposing? I thought we all already knew this

  28. Nobody who needs to watch this would ever listen to a word John Oliver has to say. In fact, if anyone they would listen to said it they'd be cast out and ignored forever.

  29. The Video is fucked up. He points a gun at a guy inside, realized he’s white, and says “sorry” and walks away. They better label him as a terrorist. Awful.

  30. I was speaking more to his motive. Obviously this was racially motivated but he's also just a nut who went postal.

  31. Because why does it matter if immigrants are outbreeding white people? Who cares?

  32. ...And it appears he had political beliefs from BOTH sides of the aisle. This was surmised from their reference to the ease of buying a gun despite repeated institutionalizations. Thus we assume they thought gun laws were too lax.

  33. He had the n word written on his front sight, I don't think he was a bleeding heart who would respect your pronouns rofl

  34. Weird he didn't kill anyone until he turned into a right wing racist.

  35. I’m from australia every year we have 1-2 consecutive weeks were it’s 40-45 degrees a day, followed by numerous oldies dying from the heat. It’s bad but I’m expected to work like it’s not that bad. It really is.

  36. If it gets to 35 here in Canada I don't go outside unless there is a lake nearby.

  37. It's pretty insensitive to compare the intelligence of the mentally disabled with farmyard animals.

  38. It's insensitive because equating someone who's mentally disabled to a cow is rediculous. Do you think someone with downs syndrome has the same intelligence as a cow? They're that stupid in your eyes?

  39. Nobody is mad at grass, they're mad at you (i.e. simps who think lawns are cool)

  40. This whole subreddit is karens screaming at grass. I mean, you do you, but calling other people stupid is throwing stones in a glass house.

  41. So ironic. Nobody asks to plant wildflowers in their neighbors lawn. But neighbors love pushing and trying to guilt others into having a mowed grass lawn

  42. Just... Say no? Wtf even is this lol. It's just grass dude, try redirecting this energy to something that matter more than being anti-lawm culture rofl. People just wanna be mad at something.

  43. Why is clear coat being applied less now?

  44. I can assure you that (unfortunately) those who bought cards for mining have already paid off the investment for some time ...

  45. Yeah I bought a 3080 and a 3070, been mining with them since release and they were paid off over a year ago. Not technically, I cashed out. I'm fine holding what I've been mining since and I'll just keep mining.if BTC goes to 0 I'm out a few hundred bucks for electricity.

  46. Real Talk: Is there a good/right/best way to approach the secondhand market for GPUs right now? I'd love to build my dad a budget gaming rig. He used to be huge on Age of Empires, but lately I'm struggling to get him to engage with me, even for things that I know he has cared about in the past.

  47. Most miners protect their investment by making sure the memory doesn't overheat. I keep my memory at 96°. Mining isn't really harmful to the card at all since it's easier on the hardware to have a steady temp rather than fluctuating temp constantly. The only thing I'd bank on is maybe having to replace the fans in a few years which is cheap and easy.

  48. Worst part is that whenever i bring it up to him, he turns it into a joke. "Isn't it funny that I have this buckle from my other car??"

  49. I don't know your dad but speaking from personal experience he may be passively suicidal.

  50. The whole "trump dodged the draft" shit during his administration was the stupidest liberal opportunism I've ever seen... I don't care if Trump dodged the Vietnam draft, so did Ali, and I certainly would've if they tried throwing me in the jungle... fuck that

  51. Yeah there's nothing straighter than doing a fashion roast ya fruit.

  52. If you want to gamble, that's fine. Don't just try and cultivate a generation of gamblers and bombard us with ads. My grandma was a gambling addict, I know what that shit does.

  53. Gambling is one of the worst addictions. You can only do so much heroin before you pass out, gambling has no limit, you can lose everything.

  54. I’m glad I watch the way I watch because I see zero commercials

  55. Yeah I had no idea this was going on. Really cements my decision to cut the cord. I'll be sailing the high seas for the foreseeable future.

  56. Wow. Also, please teach her the difference between there, their and they're. Reading that gave me an eye twitch.

  57. People who type like that come off as stupid, even though education and intelligence are different things.

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