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  1. It’s not that any of these numbers are correct. It’s that they (data vendors) bypass automatic computing and insert false numbers which opens the door to human errors.

  2. 3rd party vendors probably sending correct data 😂

  3. F sec. Every action shows they are complicit and not protecting retail at all but the opposite

  4. SEC complains about not having enough resources to regulate properly and they do this shit.

  5. AMC was still losing money, GME reported net profit for the quarter

  6. But that’s irrelevant, you’re expected to be losing money, and they still were, if amc reports net profit it 100% would rally

  7. The company did better than expected. That almost always results the stock reflecting that.

  8. “DTC Chill” can occur when there are issues with trading or clearing transactions. Maybe bc of the issues with FTDs? Who knows but the stock is being looked at closely. Which AA has requested.

  9. They reduced position back before August. You can look and see that was their position as of 8/9/2022. And Vanguard increased their position more recently.

  10. Yea. AMC apes are a lot louder and more numerous. Let them do this and I can most likely guarantee anarchy. Not advising anarchy. I just believe it would be inevitable at that time.

  11. Once the lawsuit is resolved they probably expect the immediate reaction of amc to drop and ape rise. I think once the suit is done with it drops quickly then they both rise.

  12. Agree, but its part of fiduciary duty I believe, of a CEO to look into it if shareholders are concerned about it.

  13. When he said “that’s not our problem” he was referring to the company improving its fundamentals. They have a good business model but they lacked movie production since covid. This year they are getting an increase of 75% in production. He points this out because as long as their books looked bad, shorts would continue to attack the company. But with now ability to raise capital and the increase of movie production, the company will not face bankruptcy (bc of proposals passing) and has been showing continued increase of revenue. The short thesis was dying and is now all but dead. We’ve gotten to the endgame for shorts and yet some here are at peak fear and like to spread FUD.

  14. Yeah I guess if that’s the case it’s the percentages that matter on AMC common. Just bothers me that we are supposed to have 4 million battle hardened apes and the majority did not vote.

  15. A lot of people literally just buy, then hold and don’t even pay attention to much else, probably didn’t even know voting was going on.

  16. If you take them at their word, their plan is to spread negative sentiment while they wait for 50% - 100% gains on their position so they can break even and cash out.

  17. Yup they all say the same sort of thing. They want to install a sediment of settling for crumbs.

  18. Somebody called that sh!t yesterday too...used for the votes and now get rid of them is what it looks like to me 🤷‍♂️

  19. Isn’t it obvious at this point? Assholes control the price, we control the exits. That’s it. The rest is just fucking waiting.

  20. How much money will they raise because of this vs hoe much are they in debt?

  21. Depends on how much they feel they need to pay off to become profitable. They don’t need to pay it all off and they’ve also been able to pay it off at a discount.

  22. Yes voters think todays price action is a good thing are delusional.

  23. You’re concerned about an immediate reaction? Shorts want to push amc down to ape instead of ape moving up. The only thing I expect is volatility.

  24. It leaves extra space to shake the YooHoo prior to drinking.

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