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I have never seen an attractive person wearing transition glasses

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Reddit has become haven for gangs of bullies with snarky, smarmy, smug attitudes. This is straight-up demonic, anti-human behavior, and evil, yet they pretend to be on the side of good. Pull your massive heads out of your own asses: being a bully doesn't make you right even if others join you.

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  1. He'll, I had a "friend" like this in high-school. They're just narcissists. They have little to no knack on empathy. They take advantage of people's good nature and often don't have many other friends. They, like my friend, likely havr a long, continuing line of relationships based off of bad choices which is their main source of socialization

  2. It's not my religion, but I wonder if people might be offended by someone getting laughs for the religious scripture they used to roll a j. No one here seems to care though, so what do I know?

  3. Not fully Catholic or fully Christian, I share a lot of ideals and see the Bible as holy in a sense that a series of someones added to a bigger something. To me, this is mostly funny, but also beautiful, because it'd bring him closer to 'God' (universe) since the words intent so. It might even kick him in the ass with some life lessons as karma.

  4. Through dreams mostly at what seems like very random timing. I've seen the energy of deceased pets as well as felt them. They always come back home, don't let anyone fool you otherwise.

  5. Not of people/relationships, but yeah. I've had readings where what I was told would actually then happen within hours, even days. I've had long term readings just as accurate.

  6. 1 screams power, 2 screams artsy academic, 3 just clashes

  7. Those posts are so easy to recognize that it isn't even funny. Just fuck with them.

  8. Gorgeously done! May I ask if the blanket is cozy? I considered buying the same one a year back, but wasn't confident of its quality.

  9. 1st outfit. 3 is also good. I don't think the frills fit your vibe as well as those do

  10. Theyre both nice but in all honesty, the right outfit screams NCIS Los Angeles crime show.

  11. Huh, very informative! When AP'ing one time, I had seen this library (intentionally exploring the lower realms). It was gated.

  12. White is more cheerful and welcoming while the black is more of a defined elegance

  13. For me, it happened after being under hypnosis. I wasn't trying to open it or anything. I was going through a lot of confusion and pain in my life and I really needed some guidance from my guides. I didn't go to a hypnotist or anything, I just laid down on my bed on my back and allowed myself to just sink in and see what comes to me. What I saw was quite profound. During meditation, I ran into a person sitting in the lotus position who turned around and was my exact carbon copy. It's when I realized that all of this was nothing more than a simulation. Of course I was shocked to see another me turn around and interact with me. They held me and hugged me. It's like they knew how much pain I had been suffering down here on this simulation. The meditation ended when she firmly placed her thumb between my eyes and left a white dot of light right in that spot. I didn't think much of it. I thought it was all symbolism or allegory. I had asked "Please, I need some kind of guidance. What is my purpose?". And I was given the word "midwife". That's it. When I got back and opened my eyes, nothing had changed. But something curious happened after a few months.

  14. I've always labeled this as scrying the universe. You put it tangibly, thanks 🌠

  15. I used to think it'd be 100% bad to do or try this, but it really depends how you'd use the $ and if it fits within one's universal lesson plans.

  16. I think culture should serve biology not the other way around. We become enslaved by the conditioning of what we perceive of as right and wrong, given to us by cultures such as morality. So yea age and sex would tie into that etc. I think humans are already naturally connected and when we start living according to what some culture says we should do, instead of listening to our hearts, we become slaves to someone else's idea of what's good and also lose touch with the spirit between us and become robotic and disconnected.

  17. Preach this forever and always. Individuation vs the modern world.

  18. I was about to say that. But i need to correct something.

  19. Listen to them. Don't acknowledge it. Don't move in.

  20. Unfortunately, once it’s on your property it becomes your property. I’m retired fire marshal and dealt with illegal dumping all the time.

  21. “They’re not bullying the right kind of people!!!”

  22. You lost me when you said demons, don’t dehumanize. These are humans, treat them as such. Don’t apply theistic terms to real human actions.

  23. I was all for the spirituality, but it became "pointing fingers" when mentioning the Bible.

  24. 2. While 1 is gorgeous, it has light colors. Periwinkle is your best option.

  25. Try a nice periwinkle drape dress. That would compliment you, I believe.

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