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  1. Shame about the electronics tomfoolery you had to go through to get it to work, but the outcome is really great!

  2. Yeah, was frustrating but it was a learning opportunity, I guess... I am glad you like the project. Thanks!

  3. I think it’s very cute, but more importantly, the kids seem to love it!

  4. Next time you cut glass, use Diamond hole saw bits, playdoh, and water. Make a reservoir where you will still, then start the bit on its edge and while drilling (this makes a notch that keeps the bit from walking) tilt the bit up to vertical. Light pressure and full speed will get you through in minutes, not hours.

  5. Thanks! I looked into hole saw bits but was afraid to get a poor quality one. A lot of people comlain about that. But, yeah, my way sucked!

  6. Quality is almost never the problem. People have trouble with heat. Diamond burns. Hence the water. Or, they don’t know to start it on the edge and bring it upright so it walks all over. It’s like sand paper, there is a difference in quality, but if you are going to do it once, it doesn’t matter. Someone should probably make a video about that, lol.

  7. You must be right. I am tempted to try this on some broken glass or something. Might come in handy if I wanted the whole set of coke fountains :D

  8. What do I have to do to make purple/cyan/blue/pink light light? I wanna copy the feel of the game VA-11 HALL-A.

  9. Will you come build one of these in my yard? I will make you several homemade cheesecakes! I'm also really good at giving backrubs!

  10. Great video and entertaining to watch :) I bet your kids are excited!

  11. Do not look at the "resolution" (=minimum layer height) spec. It is meaningless. Most printers can print far thinner layers than officially specified.

  12. So when choosing a printer, how do i compare them if I look for quality? Users' feedback? Certain brands over the others?

  13. Yes, pretty much. A big part of print quality is the settings, model and filament. An experienced user might get much better results out of the same printer than a beginner. An important aspect of the construction of the printer is how rigid the frame is. Another is the quality of the linear motion components used, e.g. if there is a lot of play in the bearings you're not going to get good results. Unfortunately, none of this is quantified by the theoretical steps per mm and such.

  14. Love this! I'm a beginner coder, taking a break from trying to get my mind around JS and learning about the IoT. Been watching videos about Pis and Arduinos, and trying to decide on a holiday lights project (among many other project ideas!)

  15. Are you coding for fun or a course or sth? JS is not usually something anybody starts with

  16. Did a bootcamp last year, it covered a bunch of things in a couple of months. But it did focus on JS/React.

  17. I think it looks very nice. I like the color scheme. The boys are adorable

  18. Very nice design! Though I definitely would have added a wood stain to give it a more finished look. What happens when it rains? How to do you keep the sand from getting wet and full of insects?

  19. Thanks. I have cut a large square from a thick plastic membrane. I cover the box with it to keep the rain out. As for the bugs, haven't had that problem yet. Hopefully, it stays like this!

  20. Added bonus: Covering the sandbox will also prevent neighborhood cats from using it as a litter box!

  21. I think I said that in the video :D in fact the neighbours have 4 cats which poop in my gatden every now and then, so the lid was a must

  22. I love everything about that video. Nice job on the lamp, the video, and what appears to be a great attitude in life.

  23. Pretty cool dude! just a note, due to cte differences between the solder and wires the joint may eventually fail. I'd recommend using either a lineman's splice or a butt splice for a robust connection.

  24. Thanks for the advice. A few people commented on the soldering. I wasn't worried about the quality as this is was a low current design but I suppose I should have been!

  25. Hey i have that same POS clothing rail!! It can definitely hold the weight of a camera better than the clothing items I tried!!! Great work repurposing!

  26. Funny, I bought the rail for a guest who was supposed to stay over for a couple of weeks probably 4 years ago; she ended up never needing it! So I was surely happy to give it a better life :)

  27. That makes me happy to hear it could be reused! After “The Great Clothing Collapse 2019”, I thought it was the end of it. But I got some duct tape & hot glue and went to town.

  28. A few weeks ago I posted a question here about brazing and I only got one reply to my question. Either brazing is not very popular or other people did not have the issues I had. In any case, I thought I would share my experience

  29. The backs of my legs are searing just looking at this thing! How is it that so much pain can still be associated with good childhood memories?

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