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  1. CH 101 is notorious for having really shit lectures that teach you nothing so you're gonna have to tough it out and do a lot of work outside of class. Attend office hours, specifically with Professor Abrams, who is amazing at explaining concepts. It's okay if you dont have his section, I think you're allowed to visit any professor during office hours. Do textbook readings in advance so you can get the most out of the lectures. Also don't be afraid of reaching out for tutoring.

  2. Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely look into getting in contact with Professor Abrams if I can and seeing what I can understand from the textbooks off of libgen. Also, hopefully I'm a natural genius at chem but I (highly) doubt it. Thanks again for the help.

  3. If your brain is as big as your heart, you'll easily make it. I believe.

  4. Probably the silenced officer imo. Everyone just hates on its practicality during a match that they forget that it's the best weapon to improve aim

  5. It'd be cool if when hunters unexpectedly attack the horse to shut up, that monster would emerge and begin attacking the hunter. Would probably do bleeding damage. It'd also be cool if it didn't attack unless you attack it first. It'd also be interesting if it was triggered by proximity too but I think the triggered by attacking thing is better tho.

  6. I believe that Gunslinger does not belong in Hunt. First of all I think it betrays those who took the time to learn Hunt's unique control scheme. I also agree with your statement about how Hunt isn't a 'run and gun' game and I believe it should never become one.

  7. Sorry I'm not quite sure what you're asking for. I'm just going to assume that you're asking for advice on how to play the game. Here's some tips.

  8. The USE server, in my opinion, gets better treatment since it has a larger population. I mean you guys have the option to choose contracts instead of always playing random ones. This is my opinion though and it could just be that you are a very lucky person.

  9. They should add a reconnect feature when, if you get disconnected, you still could get killed (you wouldn't be invisible or invulnerable)

  10. I totally agree but if you got disconnected during combat then it'd still be just as bad. You could still be revived, though, so I guess it wouldn't be that bad.


  12. I was going to upvote but then I saw the count was at 666. Then I remembered the Thanos knife meme. Then I smiled and cried at the same time.

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