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AITA for not giving my daughter her education fund money?

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  1. Find out what you’re getting into first (work or volunteer at a vet clinic) and make sure its what you want to do. Im 31 and in 2nd year of vet school, and I know of people in their 40s and even 50s in vet school. It’s never too late to follow your dream!

  2. Not the asshole. You have no responsibility to interact with clients on your personal social media, and I’d argue it’s a breech of boundaries that they contacted you without sending a friend request first aka without giving you the opportunity to accept or decline the interaction.

  3. You suck and I’d be pissed if I was your daughter. You basically don’t think she deserves financial support because of her career choice.

  4. I missed my whole day of lectures and labs today because my dog looked sad so I stayed home with him. Trust me, it’ll be ok.

  5. Write a glowing review on every internet and social media platform you can find. Name the team members, specifically, who helped you and your pet. Give them 5 stars and say all the nice things you can think of. And then send some fancy donuts and a nice, handwritten card.

  6. What was the worst part for you in first year?

  7. Anatomy labs, being taught contradictory information by professors, and lots of material that is not important (minutiae!!)

  8. Ugh contradictory information between classes is concerning and is such a pet peeve of mine. Can I ask what vet school you attended?

  9. Yeah the profs were even sending out emails trying to correct one another, really unprofessional. Sounds like youre in the US. Im at a Canadian school, so you’re in the clear! 😅

  10. I fully support a woman’s decision to have skinbabies or furbabies or no babies. Just leave people tf alone and let them live their lives. So tired of this back and forth over who is morally superior.

  11. It’s been like this since october

  12. Poor pup and family. Not sure why you highlighted that bit.. surely you’re not making fun of them? The client is clearly doing their best to make sense of a complicated internal medicine case while seeking funds to get their beloved dog the vet care he needs.

  13. I’m still a baby vet in vet school, hearing stuff like this scares me :( How do we protect ourselves?

  14. I think we as vet students need to get comfortable with the idea that clients are going to threaten and/or follow through with taking legal action against us at least once in our career. All we can do is practice good medicine, document everything, and keep our cool/remain professional in the event that something does happen.

  15. What colleges/courses? The profs are massively different across colleges

  16. Are they though? The u of s does not attract the best and brightest faculty.

  17. I’m an alumni and yes the u of s is terrible. I can confidently say that they are, however, very consistent in their poor quality education. Ive heard nothing but complaints from nearly every college at the u of s campus, including medicine (the only med program in Canada to be on probation twice), vet med, pharmacy, nursing, etc. There’s only a small handful of good profs but most shouldn’t be teaching.

  18. Yes, but 0neir0 didn’t understand. They mistook ability to do something with the act of doing it.

  19. I didn’t understand because they said their “ability to brown-nose” tanked their grades, not their inability, implying that brown-nosing tanked their grade so I wanted to clarify as that was confusing. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up.

  20. Clinicians like to have their egos stroked

  21. Yeah thats what’s I was thinking, too, so I’m confused about what this commenter is saying. Their grades dropped because they brown-nosed clinicians or because of their inability to brown-nose?

  22. I like the chart but not so keen on the message: even if your pet is healthy, let us test to find out if there are some issues we can find and charge you a bomb to try to fix.

  23. No, if your pet seems healthy, screening is still important so diseases can be caught and treated early for better prognosis and improved wellbeing. My seemingly healthy 15 year old chihuahua was recently found to be in the early stages of heart disease, pre-clinical, thanks to routine health screening. He was started on meds to slow the progression and hopefully he’ll live a couple years longer than if his heart disease went undiagnosed and only started getting treated when symptoms arose.

  24. I mean.. look at veterinary medicine. $200-500k tuition for vet school, 8+ years of education, rigorous training to work in a demanding, difficult profession, all for a humble $100k and an increase risk of suicide. It’s unfortunately not a financially sound decision, it’s a calling.

  25. How many articles of clothing do Shein workers have to make per day to make their daily wage?

  26. Bold of you to assume they have something even close to a wage.

  27. You're gonna lose your mind when you find out milkweed produces milk.

  28. And that flamingos, pigeons, and penguins produce a type of milk in their GI tract called crop milk.. then regurgitate it into the mouth of their young.

  29. maybe we should should call it "slaughter house chicken" ...

  30. What if we just called the new lab grown meat “meat” and reclassified the meat from dead animals as “slaughter house meat”

  31. Which word would you like me to look up? I understand all of your jargon perfectly professor.

  32. This is what I get for commenting here. Some incel who thinks women are sufficiently impressed by large penises that a realistic analogy to makeup is men stuffing their pants to make their dicks look bigger. Ffs

  33. You’re really good at avoiding points. Bravo. That level of denial and diversion is hard to come by.

  34. NO. Never. This is incredibly unprofessional.

  35. In the perfect world, sure. Too bad we don't live in one, so I'd say probably not. The fact that you said you want to pursue her as a long-term relationship and you don't even know her makes me feel weird about you already. Sorry buddy

  36. In a perfect world he wouldn’t have to ask this because he would have flawless professional ethics.

  37. thanks for your comments guys. i would maintain my ethics not to pursue her during work. didnt mean to be a pervert or anything but just genuinely unaware of implications of such actions. really thanks for your advice.

  38. Please review some ethics and professionalism courses asap if you are a practicing veterinarian. The fact that you had to ask this tells me you may have to adjust your current behaviour.

  39. I don’t see how it wouldn’t be ok if you do it politely. Maybe asking her out for coffee or something. As long as you aren’t being pushy or anything… just keep in mind that if it doesn’t got to plan your practice might lose a client.

  40. This is incredibly unprofessional behaviour for a veterinarian to engage in. No, full stop.

  41. Didn't another systematic review show that the health effects from meat were exaggerated and likely caused by the bias of the people conducting the individual studies?

  42. You mean the ones funded by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association? The same studies that medical schools use as examples of bias (alongside dairy) in nutrition studies? The one that had to be publicly corrected for weak evidence and low-certainly?

  43. this is a scoping review. data discussed includes those from previously conducted systematic reviews. the difference is a bit nuanced, but imo, a scoping review sort of lies between a narrative review and a systematic review in some ways.

  44. True. Higher heterogeneity due to more comprehensive data coverage. Still a great way to synthesize evidence and considered a high quality assessment.

  45. I just want them to live longer. Why can’t dogs live to be like 20-40 instead…

  46. honestly, im probly only alive today because of my little buddy...thereve been plenty of reasons/methods, over the last 8+ years, for me to...shall we say, "Log Off, permanently"...but then i think about my cat, and how sad he gets just from me leaving for work-- i couldnt bear to think about how he'd take it, if i Never Came my "plan" (when he was still like 3) was to basically wait until he passes, and then id be able to Join him...

  47. I know it can be hard to hear this but what your dear cat would appreciate most is for you to continue loving another cat. Not to replace them, because that is not possible. But you’ll still have so much love to give when they go… and you’ll be here carrying all that grief which is all the love you have left to give but can no longer.. so redirecting that love to a shelter cat and adopting them, giving them a beautiful life like you gave your beloved cat… I believe that’s what they would want from you.

  48. So.. the US is basically a bunch of Black Mirror episodes all happening at once? Gotcha.

  49. If you have predominately large animal experience and express an interest to go into large animal or food animal medicine they’ll probably weigh that higher than your admission average, especially if you apply to an animal ag focused school. /s but not really

  50. I'm not crazy about the terminology of soy/almond/coconut milk. Because it's not milk. It's an artificial milk-like product but is not necessarily advertised as such. Splenda is not advertised as sucralose sugar, because its not sugar, even though it effectively serves the same purpose.

  51. No, it IS milk. It’s not breast/mammary milk. It’s not a mammalian lactation. It’s not the agricultural “food” product known as dairy products or “lacticinia”. But as far as culinary purposes go, plant based milk IS milk, and it’s the only milk many people can digest.

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