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  1. There is. Since everyone has to get up to let you out anyway, put the armrests up, but scoot over the one or two other seats, then get out into the aisle.

  2. My last flight, I was in the aisle and the aisle-side armrest wouldn't go down. I'm athletic and flexible, but tall and I couldn't get out without at least a slight pull on the seat in front of me. I'd imagine it's much harder for less-nimble people.

  3. Yeah I dig it. Sometimes you can only do what you can do. Aisles with immovable armrests shouldn’t be a thing (nor should the horrible spacing!)

  4. No, I’m on IR Adderall so I don’t need to taper and I don’t experience withdrawals when I don’t take it.

  5. Thank you. My child is a teen now, but in all seriousness she is now the kid version of that, and what you described is her future without the medication that has been allowing her to function for years now. But magically when she’s 18, it’s “not the right solution” anymore? Wtf

  6. Santa wants to take down Godzilla by shooting death rays from his eyes

  7. yeah agreed -- feels unrelated but still worth a follow up

  8. I wonder if the university indeed had a reunion on that date. It would seem easy to check. If yes, that could spur follow up for sure.

  9. Oh hm. I realize now that I assumed when this creep said “attended a reunion” that it was at the university, but re-reading it, that was just my mind filling that gap. You’re right - I guess it doesn’t say where. (At least not in that comment…)

  10. I want to preface this by saying I (30M) agree with you and the power dynamics can get really toxic and abusive when one person generates all the income within a couple.

  11. I know a few families who have taken the SAHD route for similar reasons — mom happened to have the “better” career (such as a physician or similar, requiring a lot of a schooling and knowledge or was well on her way up the executive ladder already), and she is often the larger earner. Other times I’ve known a few where mom didn’t actively want to be a SAHM, while dad rather liked the idea for himself. Some families tried the SAHM thing for a bit, while others knew right off the bat that their path to being their best mom self was to be a working mom, so they made a 180 on the SAHM plan.

  12. She has stated she has bipolar. Just leave her alone, mentally ill people shouldn't be featured here for us to gawk at.

  13. They also need to understand when their behavior isn’t acceptable because they lack that inner mirror to evaluate themselves by and think things are normal that clearly are not. She asked, the world provided.

  14. Wants “the scoop” so she can post monetized videos and post click links like on most of the crime subs (including this one) and be paid for cajoling you into clicking it. (Pro tip: they have no good information, and there’s nothing in those videos that couldn’t be typed as a text response, like wild suppositions and theories, so don’t feed them by clicking them)

  15. File a hit and run with the police. Let them know you’ve got footage and a verbal admission.

  16. I’m happy to be the owner of #10. And I can’t help but wonder if it’s only #10 because many of the older ones haven’t even been in production as long as the #1s and 2s - meaning we haven’t been able to find out yet and need a few more years to mature.

  17. Looks to be about the size of a highlander if you opened it up behind the second row seat. I like it!

  18. Alright. What’s a smartshield? Some kind of windshield coating or protective film or something?

  19. Some kind of paint protection or upholstery protection, most likely. It’s one of the things that is being crammed down people’s throats. Spray $3.75 worth of scotch guard around (or don’t even, because no one will know anyway), charge $800 for it.

  20. Was the hold music this banger? Cisco systems hold music is the best!!!

  21. I’m having flashbacks from the waiting lobby for my company’s webcasts.

  22. I guess it depends. Financially of course it’s worth it. But are there other siblings to end up hating you forever and/or trying to contest it - or what if one parent outlives the other by a long time, and the ability to move in is delayed significantly? Are those worth it? Only you can answer those.

  23. So, that branch doesn’t have safe deposit boxes unfortunately. I’m hoping to avoid a big National bank, but so far am striking out. The credit unions nearby don’t have them either. Boston credit union only has them in canton and w. Roxbury.

  24. Aww darn. Our primary branch is on the north shore, so I didn’t realize that. If Brookline is okay for the safe deposit box part (since that usually something you don’t go in and out of a lot), it could work that way, I suppose

  25. This looks like either Salem (my first guess because I believe I know the specific house) or possible Newburyport. I live between both, and I know I’ve seen this exact place MANY times.

  26. Not only do the people on this sub not know 95% of the pertinent facts that LE and the parents know. They don't know 50% of the posts that have been deletes by the mods. This information was posted several days ago by a friend of one of the victims. They posted quite a bit more info. Had 13 reply all of which said they shouldn't be posting the info then it was deleted. It was a good post and included info I haven't read before or since, I don't know I'd it was facts but it sure sounded like it to me.

  27. Are you able to share the general sense of what that contained?

  28. Ha yeah I agree - I just figured it would get deleted if it got too in depth.

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