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  1. I can’t even find Harry on here. Am I missing something?

  2. Luna. She's sweet, but some people basically enshrine her as the best character in the series. She's not that great.

  3. These are some of the coolest Harry Potter things I’ve ever seen!!

  4. Yes we are in it for the money. Only people that aren’t are kidding themselves.

  5. Boss status! Hopefully that got you even for the year or higher :)

  6. Could they? Imports are heavily regulated for starters. Mandrakes could also be a native plant not grown elsewhere (I don't think we know either way?). There may not be an exporter of mandrakes, e.g. if they are rare. There could also have been limitations based on preparation - do mandrakes travel well? Do they need to be brewed and the potion used within a short timeframe after picking? If you try to export them live and potted do they throw a tantrum or get upset or something that makes them spoil?

  7. You guys are over thinking this. Even Rowling doesn’t know the answer lol

  8. I want to know if they murdered the mandrakes or what?

  9. Percy and Hermione have similar values in my opinion. Makes sense he’s in Gryffindor. But I could see him in Ravenclaw or Slytherin

  10. I can see Wednesday Addams hearing about Draco Malfoy bullying her new brother and having absolutely none of that. Morticia makes sure he’s always dressed as dapper as can be. Pugsley is glad to have a boy his age to play with. Uncle Fester gladly lets Harry test all manner of destructive spells. Lurch and Dobby bond over their love of serving kind families.

  11. Have no idea what the hell you guys are talking about.

  12. With those cheekbones a Bellatrix cosplay was obligatory! Nice work!

  13. The memes of Rowling. Although I have an unpopular opinion, I always thought of Dumbledore as gay. It is such a simple reasoning given his implied relation with Grindelwald which may or may-not be one-sided.

  14. Lol... Well color me surprised... The airdrop is delayed.... Again... What a joke

  15. Nope, it has been delayed... Again... This time, after 2 years, they are blaming the exchanges

  16. What a joke. Nobody else seems to have these kinds of issues with airdrops. Am I right?!

  17. Ginny if we are talking book Ginny.

  18. No one. He is traumatized by everything he's gone through. He has a rough few years, couldn't handle working at the ministry after what they put him through and their continual messed up policies before Hermione is in power. One day he is sitting in the Hog's Head waiting on a hooded gentleman to sell him some powdered dragon claw when McGonagall sees him. She is stern but caring and eventually tells him to sober up and apply for a teaching job up at the school. Says she heard from Luna and Neville about what an encouraging person he was as a child teacher in Dumbledore's army. Harry cleans himself up and secures a job as the defense against the dark arts teacher. He teaches the children of his old class mates and tells them stories of their parents when he's invited over for the holidays. But his true home is hogwarts. The only place he ever felt he truly belonged.

  19. PulseX/PLS launch is a major bottom signal, throw all your dry powder at the market when it’s released

  20. We’ve never had $30 trillion in debt before. $300 trillion in global debt. Watch what happens this winter. It will start in Europe.

  21. The airdrop won’t get moved now, if it does they’ve lost all credibility. Granted they have moved it a few times but there’s never been a time it’s been moved in which we’ve been given a TDE date.

  22. It won’t move because they’ll lose all credibility. They’ve already moved it multiple times…they have no credibility to lose.

  23. Can't we stop with these weird insinuations about delays? This team really know what they're doing - just relax; they've been in the postponing-business longer than most large companies combined!

  24. Doesn’t seem like they know anything about airdrops

  25. I went almost a decade without reading anything outside a random comic here or there. Finally got back into it when my wife bought me a fire tablet and signed me up for Kindle unlimited and comixology. Haven't stopped reading since and I'm so sad I went that long without.

  26. It's wonderful! I just finished his Stormlight Archive series and I'm working on the second Mistborn series now. They're so good and I love the way his magic works

  27. The first Mistborn series had some of the best twists in it I’ve ever read. Love that series so much!

  28. What a great father figure! Harry should be happy he had someone as kind as he who must not be named.

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