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  1. Killing foreign kids for big oil and then celebrating it is gross.

  2. Didn’t know the Civil, War World War II etc was about big oil

  3. Many places in Ross, along McKnight Road are currently hiring

  4. That dated giant eagle decor looks like the one I go to

  5. You can get the same jacket on eBay

  6. 5 of them : Josh Bell (2), Darryl Ward, Gerrit Jones and Pedro Alvarez

  7. You can find it by searching for “OTB at the Boathouse” on Pearce Mill Road or Cadence Clubhouse on Kummer Rd. Both spots are on the 5 mile loop. Once you find one of those, follow the roads that outline North Park Lake and you’ll be on the 5 mile loop. There are a few slopes but it’s relatively flat for the area. It’s a beautiful place to run and pretty safe from vehicular traffic!

  8. There is also the smaller loop up by the pool area

  9. The plane that disappeared in the Mon

  10. Professionally-organized races like this have crews just for cleanup, and most runners do what they can to help keep the trash consolidated for easy cleanup. I've been on a volunteer team for a local-level race for 20 years, and anyone involved in the sport treats the area better than casual passersby.

  11. They had on the side streets a few dozen recycling cans set to be placed on the route

  12. From what I see on Facebook many of the departments in the north hills have training on Monday nights

  13. yes, isnt it on like 1/2 of a subway platform or something

  14. As a very and I mean VERY casual baseball fan, what is this about?

  15. The owner basically tanked the team so he could move it to Vegas so the fans hate him and wish someone could keep them in Oakland

  16. He only lasted 6 months in Florida, wonder how long h will be here

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