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  1. Are you trying to replace the Magic Eye tube with a green light?

  2. The Magic Eye gave a visual indication that the station frequency was exactly centered or best reception. Frequency selection was variable, not digital back then. Cheers

  3. Poor gullible fool wasting hard earned money for shit like that.

  4. Go to YouTube and watch locking picking lawyer, worth it.

  5. Maytag. We've had ours since? I know it's been over 10 years, 15 maybe?

  6. Trouble is appliances are vastly different than then

  7. Research other makes and models, read a lot of reviews. Whirlpool has a good one, as does Maytag. I have spent a month researching and reading before I decided on an item. It will give you a more informed decision in the end.

  8. When I was in prison 30ish years ago, there was a guy in there for necrophilia, his nick name was Cold Cuts.

  9. They would wave a double ended dildo if it had his name on it, they knew.

  10. The majority of it looks good. Sand it, seal it and embrace the imperfections.

  11. That was my thought but I'm by no means an expert. I wonder if the floor guy is worried about it being a perfect job and that's why he'd want to replace it

  12. I'm no expert either, but there is no way I would replace what is not needed.

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