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  1. Wow it’s INSANE that since then they have had 3 MORE KIDS. Who’s the little one in killz arms? I thought that was eddy boy

  2. Romeo. I had to count the kids and work it out.

  3. Which is why there are only about 10 people who post regularly (now that Leslie is gone, used to be 11).

  4. Easy: Alec's followers are "organic". He's a genuine celebrity and well-known public figure. People followed him because Alec participated in a lot of cultural output that people are fond of, has had a long career, has a large network of people he has worked with and others who have followed his career and others who followed him for lolz when he started doing the Trump impression. A lot of people probably just have a soft spot for his work and probably don't know much else about his clusterfuck of a life and assume people are attacking him for entirely political motives

  5. That's strange. I use Pillow and it just started breaking up my results like that in the past couple of months.

  6. Have you tried GABA? Helped me alot when I was struggling to sleep for 4-5 hours a night when in bed after Covid problems with heart

  7. Came in to say the same thing. After years and years of tracking sleep - GABA made a difference!!

  8. There it is! Thank you for the information.

  9. If they lower the price (they started at $30M) to around $19M it will likely sell - not swiftly, but within a month or two.

  10. It's not worrying. It's just Entin doing more of what he does.

  11. Which, I believe, is a form of snark.

  12. Hillary is such a liar and instigator. What do either of them say to each other after seeing the footage?

  13. My God, sooo many things ppl keep track of, about why they don't like others. Must hafta have like master lists; ok >> any body that disagrees w/ this stuff - we don't like.

  14. Have you ever been attacked or harmed by people out to get YOU?

  15. Honestly I don’t think most of them will get an education. They’ll be like Ireland.

  16. Ivy League and other big name universities want more than celebrity.

  17. And? Are you suggesting an actor has never been away from their family? I hate these people but a Facetime screenshot proves literally nothing.

  18. Well you can look through his insta and see him sitting in it. It’s also owned by him and pepinos have posted the floor plan.

  19. That would be very useful for forensic science. How the family viewed his life from all of their points of view. Maybe we could find his disconnect

  20. I doubt we'll learn anything applicable to other cases. My grandfather was (apparently) a depraved criminal, but the family acknowledged it. His own mother knew it. All of his kids cut him off. His own mother once took up a weapon against him, out of fear, when he was 19.

  21. This breaks my heart for them. They don’t deserve to get fired because their brother is being accused of murder. They had nothing to do with it. I really hope this isn’t true and that they just took a break for themselves. Or something along those lines. It’s bs if it is true.

  22. I hope so too - but PA is a right to work state and the way the world is right now, people get fired over very small things.

  23. Well, you escalated fast. Pretended to be sweet to the new mods.

  24. Have you noticed when you upvote someone when they reply to you, it's immediately downvoted? I mean dam I know Pillz and Killz don't have nothing to do but thats downright PATHETIC!!

  25. Has 20 windows open and marches down them, refreshing as she goes.

  26. How do we gain the freedom you seem to have, dude!?

  27. Didn't all of you have one regular name, and then a different vacation name growing up? Like... your name is Vicky, but when the family is at Six Flags they call you Vendalya.

  28. And when you go on a family trip to Europe, you get a different name in every country you visit. That's the way it works, isn't it?

  29. Yes, of course. That’s why my parents named me Theome Cielito Doris Francoise Lucia Natasha.

  30. I thought they were suggesting Discord (the social platform) as the Plan B. But I don’t know for absolute certain, I’m not the one who wrote that comment.

  31. Since we have this convo and the Discord answer about every two weeks, pretty sure you are right.

  32. That we can meet on Discord, like proper redditors do.

  33. Yup. Way over her head. This is big tyme. She’s small town & IT SHOWS. ✌🏻

  34. Yeah. Because big towns are so honorable. Rolling my eyes

  35. Typical New Mexico! Clout chaser with no substance and nothing to back their shit up. Same tune; different song.

  36. Si. Estamos de Espagne, todos de nosotros.

  37. I think he was just in jail. Rather different.

  38. He hasn’t posted anything personal for around a month, and slowed down on the personal posts after he begged for people to follow HB the first week in January. HB has significantly reduced her posts too.

  39. It may be the first time in his life that he knows there's a chance he could have real consequences.

  40. No I just didn't make the connection. When I say her name in my head I say Hilarious, which her grift is to me and I already have an inside joke with someone around the Larry. I've see the name used but figured it would be revealed somehow.

  41. But if they’re prosecuting you… Then it’s obvious I think you’re guilty. So I’m still a little confused.

  42. Yeah, that's not an ethical violation for a prosecutor.

  43. I guess the attornys have to challenge everything and anything. But wah wah wah they said something that implies he was guilty when Aleek has obviously told everyone he did not pull the trigger and someone is guilty but it’s not him. Gun, hand, Baldwin, point directly, Halyna dead - seems pretty obvious as to who killed Halyna. He needs to be thankful they are charging manslaughter and not murder.

  44. Each of these challenges is costing Bankrupt Baldwin approximately $10-20,000 or more. Probably more. A court filing costs hours from several lawyers/paralegals and virtual appearances are billed at the regular rate (all he's saving are the travel costs).

  45. We can speculate till we are blue in the face but basically there are multiple reasons for dumping trash in a neighbor's bin and none of them have criminal implications.

  46. I was just thinking with the amount of time he had to clean his car and whatever else ,that he may of been able to get it all.. I understand the clothing and receipts, phone stuff and whatever else playing in to his guilt.. I was just curious. Especially with the reports of him being so meticulous about being clean and separating his trash and stuff .

  47. He could have wrapped the gas and brake pedal, the seats, console, steering wheel. He could have ripped off the outside clothes and stuffed them in a bag outside the car, changed shoes or removed shoe covers. He could have thrown out mats, vacuumed every day for weeks, changed out air filters, cleaned the interior dozens of times. I think he could figure out how to keep DNA out of the car.

  48. I agree. Would also explain his late night activity in Pullman. But he may have missed a thing like the interior of the seatbelt parts. Also matters how bloody he was. His purchases start to matter too.

  49. Even on the inside of the seatbelt clip and the porous surface of the foot pedals? Odd no one saw him tear his car apart that we know of.

  50. I don’t know what she’s doing but it’s definitely not getting help. Boston Mami is incapable of self reflection and self improvement. My bet is on No 8 shortly reaching 12 weeks gestation (so to be announced) or more surgeries. Or, both.

  51. Getting help can be non-insight based.

  52. I think the attorneys told her get off the Internet or you’re gonna lose everything. And I suspect they have a battalion of people cleaning up her previous posts.

  53. And at least one person following her around, grabbing her phone away and wrestling her to the ground, if needed.

  54. It's strange she NEVER talks about her sis-n-law...Hillary seems to be unable to get along with family.

  55. Well, since she made everyone sign NDA's, I assume that the family wants the same in return.

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