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When I was a junior in college, my friends were severely injured, one murdered, by a killer who targeted their house. It took over a year to catch the murderer, and he wasn’t a thought in any of our minds. What can we learn from what happened to my friends, and how it applies to the Moscow Murders

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  1. I guess Aleek didn't like your commentary.

  2. Well, yes - as he is the putative father of these children and has some responsibility.

  3. Think more in terms of blood spatter/hurting yourself as well. Stabbings are very rarely clean even if something absorbs it. The person who committed the acts would have some on themselves!

  4. Splatter from a major artery, caused by a stab wound to a prone person, would likely get blood over the murderer's own torso or chest or face.

  5. When tips start to slow down, usually six or more months into a heinous crime, it's a good time to offer a reward. By then, all the good and willing witnesses will have come forward.

  6. Perceived slights or insults that any normal adult would allow to roll off them, are often at the core of these senseless acts. They only make sense inside the mind of the murderer.

  7. I thought rich people had the doctor come to them. Your poor is showing again, Larry.

  8. That town is on overload alert with good reason. However, what are the odds the killer strikes again in the same area?

  9. I’m just giving you a hard time. But almost everything I can possibly think of has been speculated about here and on Moscow murders. Try searching specifically in the subs with keywords it will do wonders for your curious mind

  10. Same here. It’s just that many of the photos of the baby show her eyes to be, put charitably, odd looking. As though she isn’t focusing. (I’ve had 3 babies so I have some experience.)

  11. Does it seem to you that this baby might have less ability to turn her head (while lying on back) than some 2.5 month olds? I have a picture of my own 3 month old from years ago and she is already able to hold her head up while on tummy time and to turn her head to precisely focus on many nearby objects (and faces). She's also smiling in all of her pictures, and there are a lot of pictures.

  12. tbh, big larry has to keep the sound off because their toddler’s are still being infantalized and have limited vocab

  13. And, also, so that the nanny can't be heard.

  14. More than 20, actually. People have had online discussions since 1983; they were called newsgroups back then.

  15. Ah...usenet! I got involved in Big Drama on alt.marriage, ha. Someone doxxed me (really unpleasant) and so I did my own sleuthing and got to be a much better sleuth. I took the high road though and did not dox back nor did I send her unwanted magazine subscriptions.

  16. She wants attention. But further she LIES to receive attention and then attempts to MONETIZE it.

  17. And as long as she tries to make herself into her own "brand," we're entitled - as media consumers - to say what we wish about her.

  18. I hear you. I spent 318 hours on here. It's pretty crazy!!!!

  19. If I spent more than 1000, do I win the internets?

  20. This sub is good for my nervous system. A lot of my regular work is a bit grim, sometimes - or least not happy-making.

  21. This is kind of off-topic but I think the point you’re making kind of relates to how a lot of people are misinterpreting police communication. Police can’t say anything with 100% certainty. Bc they don’t and can’t ever know anything with 100% certainty.

  22. The police website uses language like “not believed to be involved”.

  23. Nannies give bottles. This is a performance.

  24. And to think we were all just saying, "maybe Mami shouldn't have an infant out in public during RSV and flu outbreaks," and now they're sick.

  25. And maybe Mami should restrict her own socializing, as she's a likely vector.

  26. I interacted with someone claiming to be Kirstie right here on this very forum, just after the Rust shooting. We wrote briefly via DM after several pepinos said a particular screen name was her - Kirstie was tweeting identical words under her blue check account.

  27. It was a yoga high, a natural high. Still a high.

  28. She did not reference her body in any capacity but to say she was less practiced. Did not pump! Class was cheap so she’s not doing it for the money, that’s for sure

  29. $770 is going...somewhere. Some to rent, of course, but the rest is going...somewhere.

  30. It always annoys and weirds me out at the same time. It's like something out of a children's book, which I guess is on par with her emotional intelligence.

  31. No. Why ever would she actually accomplish the thing that qualifies her to do or be something?

  32. Ignore them. Only person whose opinion matters is McNasty's.

  33. There's what looks like an apartment complex right behind it. Why does he say the suspect didn't drive?

  34. A little bit of shade for the lazy subject line of the post

  35. Oh - you're right. I totally missed that. Very poorly chosen subject line. Makes the profiler's statement sound worse.

  36. She also needs to have all filler professionally dissolved before she puts anything more in her face

  37. You are not wrong, but she will not read and process your post. That "professionally dissolved" piece in the middle of a sentence will not register with her.

  38. I think it's partly because now her eyebrows are lower (almost like they were in her HS pictures), but no longer as arched.

  39. I could see it as a standard seating option if it were on the patio. Why is it in the location under the railing if the upper balcony??

  40. $10 for a yoga class in NYC sounds like a bargain to me. What’s the catch?

  41. It will be very very VERY crowded. And no one will be wearing masks.

  42. It’s the same location as Yoga To The People, which was donation-based classes. So I’m assuming they’re trying to keep the same mentality. They also completely overpack the classes. Its hard to avoid touching your neighbor. Larry taught at YTP before it went under.

  43. Some of those classes had 50 or more people in them - so they're making about $550 an hour gross, paying some small CC fees, and paying the instructor some part of that.

  44. No way to transfer karma. New accounts are limited on some subreddits, whose mods think there's a good reason for doing that (I don't think this subreddit does that).

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