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  1. The reason why I enjoy Lagavulin 16 yo so much is that it is a subtle combination of whisky aged in bourbon and sherry casks. The production of most other peated whiskies that involve sherry casks usually results in a much more pronounced sherry influence, like Ardbeg Uigeadail or Laphroaig 10yo Sherry Cask.

  2. This is the scenario for Russia to be suspended from the United Nations on top of all of the other violations that they have committed in Ukraine, Syria, and Georgia, as well as their clear violation of the Budapest Memoradum. Once suspended, it would be time to strip them if their permanent seat on the Security Council.

  3. Beast, Butcher, and Block on Manchester in the Grove had the best Italian beef that I ever had when they weren’t firing up their bbq pit a couple of winters ago. It was just a temporary item but I’ve seen some one-off items added to their menu now and again since the COVID pandemic caused many restaurants to take off the wall measures to stay open.

  4. It’s only a matter of time before Kirill also promises a hundred virgins in paradise.

  5. Sam Smith pubs are great for the buildings and the prices. They are terrible for atmosphere and beer. Most of their pubs don’t even have anything on cask, if they do it is their bitter which is rubbish at the best of times.

  6. I saw that pattern with the Samuel Smith pubs regarding the beautiful buildings and the fact that the price of a pint was cheaper than any other brewery tied pubs, albeit for a markedly poor example of an English bitter, during a month long stay in London twenty years ago, and I’m not surprised to hear that it hasn’t changed. IMHO the food at Samuel Smith pubs was consistently better though…does that still hold true today?

  7. I’d say the food is poor relative to other pubs too, though variable. I’d say you have better chances of a decent meal in a Wetherspoons. And you’d definitely get better beer in a spoons.

  8. I like to sing “Don’t Fence Me In” when I poop in public places and this seems a much more appropriate venue than a shitter with a Euro toilet door.

  9. Bamberg is one of my favorite cities here in Germany. I’ve stayed at Fässla myself for a trip when we finished our third year of our brewing apprenticeship. It’s a very special place for me and I make sure too visit when I can.

  10. Interesting to hear. I don’t think you can really ruin Karneval. But I also don’t think Oktoberfest is ruined. The majority of the people there are from Munich and the surrounding area. It’s just a massive festival, and Munich has marketed it too the outside. It brings in a ton of money. I think we just like to put an old style charm on these things that seem better in our memory then they really were.

  11. Every German friend that I have has agreed with what you’re saying, so I have to believe that what those strangers told me was just a joke and I was in no way offended. Besides, it’s not just Germans. I had a pub owner in Dublin tell me the same thing, and then I see his son in a video about well regarded Irish pubs!

  12. Civil Life is such a great place for a session that it’s really hard to understand why it’s still under the radar, but it most definitely is.

  13. Mystic Cafe in the CWE. That place was an institution.

  14. If you’re referring to the Majestic Cafe that was on the corner of Euclid and Laclede, it was most definitely an institution. Losing it was painful, especially after Duff’s closed down. The CWE lost two great brunch places.

  15. The list of things that “the GOP doesn’t get” is too long to fit in a normal sized Sunday edition of the NYT. Maybe it deserves it’s own subreddit?

  16. I was fortunate to have had an Ayinger Fest Marzen from a small wooden cask at the bar of the Speiss und Trank restaurant in Munich a week or two after Oktoberfest. No artificial carbonation and at room temperature….it was, without a doubt, the finest, most delicious beer of that type that I have ever had.

  17. Jefferson Barracks was once proposed as the new site for the US Capitol and National Mall shortly after the Civil War. Washington DC was a muddy mess, having been built largely on swampy land with poor drainage and perceived to be too vulnerable to attack. The eastern edge of JB is situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, similar to how the Missouri State Capitol building is on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River, and that location was considered attractive. POTUS US Grant appointed a corrupt machine politician, Boss Shepherd, to the post of Governor in DC and he overcame the drainage issue, making DC more livable and the proposal was dropped.

  18. The Benriach Smokey Twelve is amazingly delicious. I’m currently working through a bottle of the cask strength Arran Quarter Cask NAS and it is so enjoyable that I just bought a bottle of the Arran 10 yo, but I won’t open it until the Quarter Cask is empty.

  19. Yea, the smoky twelve is amazing. It’s simple and complex at the same time and sort of just ticks all of the boxes for me. Haven’t had anything from Arran yet, but I always hear how great their stuff was so I went ahead and picked it up.

  20. I was fascinated by how well Torabhaig captured a maritime essence that made their whisky, in some ways, similar to Talisker, but definitely not Talisker. I was a bit disappointed that the initial release wasn’t very peaty, but I understand that subsequent releases will be. I would love if they could approximate the light peatiness in the Benriach Smokey Twelve, which is the most sublime that I’ve tasted.

  21. It’s obvious that it’s for tourists / not the actual TV set. It’s still epic to walk down those iconic stairs and have a mug of lager in a place of such TV history.

  22. I’m happy that you were actually able to enjoy a beer there…what was it?

  23. Honestly dude, not trying to be harsh, but I think at this point your downvotes are coming from being so worried about fake internet points…

  24. Downvotes are meaningless in themselves except when they’re used to discredit a fact like the one explained by

  25. Amusing how the roof just pitches up then stops

  26. Houses with only one slope roofs are called a flounder houses in the US. 277 founder houses were catalogued in St. Louis where some of these houses were built by immigrants in the 19th century in anticipation of building the rest of the house in front as the family acquired additional funds, but failed to follow through.

  27. There is no ‘declassification’ information and never was any. Nothing was ever declassified. They can’t disclose what doesn’t exist.

  28. Decided to do my first review on the last pour of this bottle. Maybe not the best circumstances to review under, but here it is nonetheless. Drank on an early autumn PNW night, reading The Blacktongue Thief.

  29. I think I am getting some hints of peat fatigue (usually I have an ardbeg or two open), so looking to branch out more. Do you have any other compass box that you enjoy?

  30. Peat Monster is my go to, but I also enjoy the Glasgow Blend, which contains grain whisky that makes it a blend and not a blended malt, Spice Tree, Flaming Heart and No Name.

  31. Great beer and an even better glass to pour it in! That’s a beauty!

  32. Besides being newsworthy, like most everything else regarding the MAGA movement, it’s also hypocritical since tan suits were prominently included in Ronald Reagan’s suit rotation during both of his terms, and we didn’t hear a peep from any GOPer.

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