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  1. Hi there! Yeah, I am getting paid way less than I should be. I’m a data analyst and just had my role expanded- yet no pay increase. I do get good benefits at my company though. My goals are to be independent and live comfortably. I’d like to go down south but I really am ok with going with the flow. I would like to continue to excel in my career.

  2. Saw this. Apply to government roles… salary would be a modest increase, then move to consulting and cash in.

  3. I agree with this. Any ideas of where to look? I work completely remotely so I would be able to go wherever. Plus I may be getting a significant raise in June.

  4. Scranton, Allentown, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh… climate will be slightly more mild yet not unfamiliar. Most should have some good spots to work and have cheap housing. Harrisburg has a KPMG and Deloitte office nearby (if you are hoping to use MBA). Pittsburgh has UPMC and other big companies that will hire MBA’s.

  5. Point the dingus down or he’ll pee out the top of his diaper.

  6. Yeah, I got all the poop off his bum and then found waaaay more sandwiched between his scrotum and thighs.

  7. Oh yeah I didn’t think about not having to worry about direction now. That will make things easier!

  8. Diet, eat less fatty foods… and just eat less. And I cycle like 4-7 times a week during nap time. I just go as hard as I can for 15-30 mins.

  9. I always remind myself this: what will bring me more joy truly… being Dr.RedditGuy or having a beach house.

  10. “Don’t come to my purple state that I want to turn red!” “Actually I live in a red state” “… yeah stay in the red state and vote blue!”

  11. I cycle every day really hard for 20-30 mins. You need a way to get that stress out.

  12. I was able to pull it off once our baby started taking longer afternoon naps. I work from home most days, when she goes down from 12-1:30, I go on my lunch break, get on the bike, ride fast as I can on a little hilly circuit (like <8 miles) and get back, take a quick rinse in the shower, eat, and get back to work. If I have to go in the office, I do it right when I get back.

  13. Not Christian schools, those might teach socialist policy. Only Republican-Christian Schools that teach things like, "to each his own," and, "better get yours first," and, "evil is the immigrant and the stranger."

  14. As someone who went to a Christian school, I wish more people took socialist ideas away from Christianity here in America. I think the evangelical types run the religion here and they are too tightly aligned with GOP.

  15. Sure! Before I was getting 19-26 (city and highway conditions) and strictly toggle between normal mode and sport mode. I’ll start monitoring any changes after the install!

  16. I also do sport mode. I get better mileage than eco in it, but I think it’s cause I ease off the gas sooner in sport

  17. My VO2 only gets logged when I’m walking. My vigorous work outs are cycling, usually 10+ miles in mountains in PA; is still refuse to believe I’m “below average”. Waiting for cycling VO2 max support— they test your VO2 in a lab on a bike

  18. Thank you! I actually did this on a cannon sale from the 90’s because I’m trying to ride enough on what I have before i justify investing money.

  19. Does water still come in the back doors when you open them and it is raining?

  20. Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, 538 Politics, Bill Simmons Pod, Mismatch (ringer), Majority Report, Nascar on NBC, Stacking Pennies, Old man and the Three, and The Watch (ringer)

  21. Does anyone know if they are announcing sponsors later meaning later today, or later meaning not-today?

  22. I asked for 140k and they said no problem? Seems good to me

  23. My brother used a brick to pin the inside curtain to the edge of the tub lol

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