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  1. OOP is the dude in the video. What kind of weirdo posts their own cringe..

  2. Is this Dream face reveal?

  3. Words said by people who don’t have a mortgage

  4. How is she in space, but her visor is reflecting the inside of an office?

  5. I mean the people right behind her are sitting right smack in the middle of the hall for a pic.

  6. ban_3ma7z9e3ygon89fw4r7m7ma1re3xzdfyiiu3j6w4gc7pg79m7e49qqcd8hqa

  7. What’s not important now?

  8. I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley

  9. God I hate that meaningless pseudo philosophical tweet so much.

  10. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about universal the record label and not universal the theme park

  11. RCVentures just disclosed its selling its stake in BBBY

  12. Why are you getting downvoted for stating a fact? Lol

  13. It's not a fact, he is not selling his stake in BBBY.

  14. he literally sold all his BBBY shares, but ok lol

  15. A real man drinks a cold tall beer, or a whiskey with that meal, not some girly ass frozen fruity drink

  16. Guys guys! I think Founder and CEO of GME Ryan Cohen is sending me cryptic messages…

  17. I think we’re all getting mansions for a Xmas bonus

  18. Bullish on Rooms to Go if true!

  19. He seems to be legit also, look through his insta and he has about 20k followers

  20. Hahaha the Chinese is literally 劫財 - to rob money

  21. New Shrek reboot looks kind of weird

  22. I thought GameStop is in incredibly good shape. Why do they need support of the Apes to get rid of their shit?

  23. Didnt you hear? A great man once tweeted, “ask not what the company can do for you, but ask how big of a bag you can hold for your company” or something like that

  24. The end game of the brick and mortar stores. Kind of seems like they’re trying to empty their stores before they close them off. But what do I know, I just ride the short ladder to work 🤷🏽‍♂️ can we get a wrinkle here? 🤔

  25. Not financial advice btw, but also buy drs hodl!

  26. Why did it have to be such a huge number lmao. That seems like something a very young child made up.

  27. Also anyone asking him if he’s an ape is most likely already an ape. I am willing to bet normal everyday people have no fucking clue what an ape is besides the actual animal. So why would they need to be convinced to buy gme shares?

  28. You should look into installing a kill switch in your truck. Even if they manage to break into it, at least they wouldn’t be able to turn it on

  29. Did I miss out on something good? When and why did this happen? Miller time?

  30. Yes, it happened because of miller, and I believe this ape sub was made either the day of his banning or the day after.

  31. You all are sad pathetic, desperate lonely fucks. Just waiting for people to post to talk about it, if only you worked or had jobs as much as you sucked each other off on this sub reddit you wouldn't worry how others spend their money.

  32. If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to be a “guy”

  33. Dude probably gives himself nicknames irl

  34. This shit is mad corny

  35. Realistically, how would anyone know this was going to happen? Genuine question for anyone who might know the answer.

  36. Have you tried asking the Mayans?

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