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  1. That’s an early 2000’s Halo X-box edition had one and gave it to my nephew a long time ago. But, seriously do you have before pictures of the room before it was cleaned?

  2. Didn’t this was posted a few weeks ago claiming he has returned home on leave and had a grenade with him and decided to use it?

  3. Harry Potter??? Lord of the Rings??? Are they afraid of noseless men and small men or smth?

  4. When you have Sauron governing Florida, he doesn’t want a blueprint on how to take him out available to the public.

  5. When I put my ps2 in storage. I forgot to take the batteries out of it. When I found the box a month ago. The batteries had blown and drenched the poor controller in battery fluid

  6. Was that one the 1st person shooter where you could make yellow snow?

  7. Based on line up and the price this was launch or close to launch. I still have two of my original long box games. Those were made of carton I still have Philosoma from that era; the second Gen long box cases plastic. And boy did they like to break at the hinges. I still have the fist Ace combat from those days too.

  8. Just got one of these, works like an absolute charm. This takes 4 rca inputs, and has one rca out. They also have 8 input versions but with how many consoles you have you might go with 2 of the 8 ins and use both of your rca inputs on your tv. You can spend a ton of money on rca switches, but imo this does the job and does it as well as any of them. It’s super cheap and doesn’t require additional power. Just fill up the inputs, connect the output to your tv, select which input you want, and you’re good to go. Quick word of advise, this does not come with a separate cable so you’ll need an rca to rca connector, also available on AMZ for super cheap if you don’t already have one.

  9. Still have mine from my ps2/Xbox days. Those work perfect

  10. The first Santa Claus movie will always be a classic. The sequels are absolutely garbage, guy fights Jack Frost cmon.

  11. I only got to see the first one. Didn’t pay any attention to the rest. Kind of forgot there were sequels

  12. Wonder if they take off with their payload armed. Doubt they have a safety way of landing with live payload.

  13. And I stupidly erased it trying to get some space on the hard drive before I upgraded it.

  14. I started doing this thing where I’ll hang a couple of boards for a while, then skate them and replace them with new boards to hang as I find shapes I like or a killer deal. Kind of like a rotating art collection. It keeps things fresh.

  15. Same here. I keep them in rotation. Sad part is that I did do almost any skating in 22. Hopefully I can rectify that in 23.

  16. Even the ones performed by Ron Allen. He does them uniquely.

  17. Ha. I will out do him and be ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA !!!!!

  18. Ha. I will out do him and be ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA MAGA!!!!

  19. Bears get all the rights. Imagine if we could arm chairs with Crab arms! Or any arms. Now that would be a fun arms race.

  20. I had the other Logitech Bluetooth one. Worked perfect.

  21. Interesting. I only remember seeing the Logitech ones in the US, and we had one of those. It was fine, but it would've been nice to have one more Sony-shaped like that.

  22. You are right. I only remember the Logitech ones and still have them.

  23. Silencing bad reviews/reviewers is common practice. I don't agree with it, but I can see why they do it. People will also block you on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.. you name it. It happens.

  24. Not only that; they are overpriced but also they state that they clean and recondition the consoles. And time and time again it has been proven that they don’t do anything at all.

  25. GameStop used to try that shit, then tons of YouTubers called them out for it. Hiking prices for "refurbished" consoles that, half the time, weren't even opened.. let alone cleaned.

  26. Hilarity if when DK places their warranty sticker on them too.

  27. The PS5 in vertical position just have the vibes and enough sinisterly character to be a bad guy in any story.

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