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  1. Don’t you need a liquor license to sell alcohol?

  2. My guy on the *right is taking advantage of the situation lmao

  3. LA Prius drivers. Can they not see we’ll out of the windows or something?

  4. You may benefit from a hybrid or on-site role tbh.

  5. The home we leave is not the same we come back to.

  6. Sorta sounds like the theme from the newer mad Max film.

  7. Honestly surprised no one got shot. Shit is wild in LA.

  8. Arab (Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, etc.) food. Can’t seem to find a good spot here. My partner is Turkish and the ingredients are just different enough for me to yearn for food from back home.

  9. That looks overcooked. Was it a different type of batter?

  10. Pizza was $25 salad was $19 so on the pricey side unfortunately

  11. Ooof, that is a bit too pricey for a salad.

  12. Yeah, that’s not right either. Honest but professional works best.

  13. Ferris Deli has some good shawarmas / kebab. Depends on what you’re looking for though tbh. I disagree with the Nate’s recommendation and Anatolia is expensive. The places near 130th and Lorain are good but you need to go on Friday in the afternoon (after Friday prayer) — Arab Village Market or Assads will have some good stuff around that time. You should make some friends and see if you can get an invite though.

  14. People kind of conflate The Greater Cleveland area with Cleveland proper.

  15. They’re kind of straight forward definitions imo. What’s confusing to you?

  16. I’ve been doing this for years /s

  17. Probably need to have good credit and no debt too.

  18. She lost her other daughter to a car accident. Hope she’s able to make some impact on the driving issue here. It’s like crazy taxi or GTA sometimes.

  19. Why are so many ppl leaving? Cause there is no rank? Me and my friends have a blast playing this often

  20. It’s not fun or easily accessible for casual players.

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