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  1. For Schengen countries, they will not recognize bilateral agreements between other countries (i.e., we have one with Poland, but when I go to Austria they apply the Schengen regs regardless). So you could probably reenter the bilateral agreement country, but if they're Schengen and you go to another Schengen, they are under no obligation to honor the bilateral agreement and could say you're outside your time.

  2. It's gonna be roasting/steamy, but I'd say NOLA

  3. I generally don't care for them, especially when companies use them; however, recently I was in a small town, and they had one posted prominently over the entrance to city hall and that did touch my heart.

  4. That's a really old term that just means a person acts more masculine. Used by both gays and lesbians.

  5. My friend with PCOS was put on a gestational diabetes diet (ADA) during her pregnancy and when she was trying to get pregnant, and she found it to be quite helpful for her.

  6. I think they will be much better executives after they do this. More companies should demand that their execs see the company from the bottom side. Whatever excuse they came up with to force 'em to do it, bravo and well done because it's a very solid business move.

  7. Yep! Should be a regular thing IMO. Important to see what the conditions and situations are like for the workers

  8. No boat trips needed. Plenty to do on the island. Most of the beaches are quite calm.

  9. Romania has some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world. Very inexpensive. Easy for English speakers. Lots of positives. Serbia and Hungary were also quite good.

  10. On a closed-circuit cruise, you don't need a passport, so I'm pretty sure they aren't checking that closely in Cozumel. One of my American friends has a DUI on her record, and she has no problems getting into Mexico via airplane. Pretty sure you'll have zero problems.

  11. No way I'd trust one of those ferries. Far too many sinkings.

  12. Michoacán for sure if you'll be in that area

  13. The US State Dept advisories are quite often histrionic and just CYA motivated. I have never canceled a trip because of them. However, do keep in mind travel insurance may not cover you if you go somewhere with an active advisory.

  14. anyone following US travel advice would never go anywhere but disneyland.

  15. Actually, I think there was an advisory for them, too lol

  16. Freedom of speech is often misunderstood in America. The constitutional principle is really only aimed at the government meaning that they can't pass laws, etc., which interfere with freedom of speech.

  17. The Gulu Gulu cafe in Salem is nice for a light lunch/snack. When we went in 2011 there was a restaurant in the old jail, still had cell bars between booths - likely gone now sadly as was pretty quiet when we went - good food though.

  18. The food is pretty lame at gulu gulu. Ledger is in an old bank and has amazing food.

  19. Nope, not a prude. I don't send nudes either

  20. I gave up on dating because I couldn't find anyone who wasn't a shmuck, who would communicate, and/or who wasn't interested in more than a FWB situation. It is def complicated to find someone when you're also fiercely independent. I even had a guy tell me he needed to be needed. Yeah, I'm not that kind of dude.

  21. Because it is a shared space, asking for him to communicate that with you is completely fair. It's also fair to say you want quiet time in the home after work. So perhaps ask where you can both meet in the middle so both of your needs are met.

  22. 3 stones here before diabetes as well

  23. I used to use Couchsurfing for meetups. Used to also have good luck through social media. Have also utilized Facebook groups to get connected with locals. But really that was mostly when I knew I'd be in an area for a while. If I'm just going for days to a week or two, I'm really not going to put much effort into trying to meet people. I'm there to explore, etc.

  24. He wants to be in your life. Culturally this is a HUGE challenge for him. Perhaps just say something to the effect of look I know we see this differently. I am who I am, and I'm not going to change. So it's probably best that we just don't discuss this topic in future conversations.

  25. Absolutely! While I'm gay, I generally refer to myself as queer as I don't like being put in a limiting box.

  26. Riga would probably be the best one for all of that. Bucharest also has a lot of what you mention.

  27. I choose comfort over fitting in, even in Paris. ;)

  28. Can be a difference, but at that price I doubt it

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