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  1. Damn.. the Williams news just gets worse and worse. Basically going to need two pay drivers and whatever sponsors they can get just to stay alive and not hit the cost cap, ignoring the top pay and marketing.

  2. In this case, I'm surprised Andretti just doesn't want to give a proper offer to buy Williams. It could be cheaper for him insted of build his team from scratch.

  3. He chose that over driving an F1 car around Bathurst? Not gonna lie I'm judging him a bit here

  4. His management want him to be a sport celebrity in the US. So thats why.

  5. And Alpine's "plans" to add as well.

  6. Yes but with better PR department.

  7. So Sky will do after remiving Herbert and di Resta ? Replace them or just Sky squad will be smaller ? And if they will be replaced who will be favourite ones to join ?

  8. If they introduce weirdness to race formats or race weekends, removing classic tracks (mainly Europeanones) and more paywalled content that they can lose ground in next years.

  9. I wonder how Mercedes and other share owners will react if Russell will be truly better that Lewis (outperform him). How they will justify hefty salary for Lewis if he will be outperformed by George ? That could be interesting to see especially when Lewis is negotiating new contract.

  10. And that's the difference between Williams and other driver academies from Alpine that when they see potential talent they put quickly talent into F1 and Alpine keep talent on bench.

  11. I doubt DC cares about this. He earned his money at Red Bull and still has job at Channel 4.

  12. People would call it a clownery if this was Alpine and Otmar instead of McLaren and Brown.

  13. In this is a perfect case about PR.

  14. Why ? DR poses no threat to Checo. In hierachy to potentially replace Checo there are AT juniors and regular drivers like Norris. If Daniel drove for Haas or Williams and potentially drover well that could be risky for Checo.

  15. I'm not expecting a real car. We will probably see the RB19 only at a shakedown (likely on Silverstrone) or before pre season test.

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