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  1. That ain’t the same one that killed Johnny Cash’s brother is it?

  2. Just put feathered wings on them and the catholics will eat it up.

  3. Leave them off and the priest will…🤪 I know it’s a bad joke.

  4. Just when I thought I had my setup dialed in, Valkyrie comes along and makes it look like a toy. 🤣 I have SO many tweaks to do🤓

  5. VGoodiEZ has 2 in stock. Edit: This is entirely my fault. I’m slow and I don’t hurry. He buys them as fast as I make them.

  6. The B1 is an injector head made by Cannabis Hardware. The air is heated as it flows through the head.

  7. Would you be able to post a pic of the entire setup?


  9. I thought that initially because of the smell but it doesn't look like any hickory I've seen.

  10. There’s 12 different species of hickory in the U.S. with around 10 being local for you. I’m seeing old pecan hickory.

  11. Good taste, thanks for the banger.

  12. Holy random! Years ago following you on Instagram when you made one as a gift. This is insane how it’s developed, looks amazing!

  13. Thank you 🙏. Currently all of my vape sets can be purchased from VGoodiEZ and they are keeping me busy.

  14. I have not tried enough to have a non biased opinion. But I do enjoy the cool thick clouds from my ORB before I shut down for the night.

  15. “Been looking for this since the Nazi stole it.” Just keep showing it off and maybe you can hear those words directed at you… Beautiful piece by the way. Enjoy it and never compare it to money.

  16. Yeah I like to take my B0 and ORB Set when I go places. Just to show off but even it isn’t enclosed. Transportable but not “Child proof “.

  17. VGoodiEZ is selling them. I’m just a maker. They show sold out because I am working on a batch.

  18. An oil feed system for your used motor oil and small chunks of wood will make that a great shop heater.

  19. These are just really bizarre giant rats. Opossums are cute though.

  20. Learn Are opossums a type of rodent? The answer is: No!

  21. The whole head is hot not just the coil. It doesn’t matter if it’s exposed like the B0 or covered like the B1. The head is hot the coil is unsightly but I still love the B0.

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