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  1. how about I recommend you another kamen rider series that's also battle royal but the show is ongoing so you benchwatch it

  2. well, the problem for that is Tamaki's actor still share same screen time with Hana's actor near the end of the series. it wouldn't make sense for to put the actor that harassed the other actors in the same screen together.

  3. I'm going to break down why everyone in the main cast is unlikely to have done it. (This took place early on during filming)

  4. with all that said, you left couple of guys from the early season chameleon's actor and Yujiro's actor. the allegations did start back in around episode 3 aired so these two might be the possible co-star

  5. I wish more series had the form changing motorbike thing OOO did.

  6. Being honest, I just can't wait to see these kamen riders interaction especially those share animal themes( we don't get that much to see talking between these kind of characters) so I can't wait for kamen riders like Ouja facing Jeanne, Evil/Live meeting with Knight, Buffa and Zolda tag team. Or even better Buffa with Empere because the kamen rider that kill Buffa friend has similar helmet silhouette as Empere. idk, I just hope we got interesting interaction between these characters.

  7. honestly makoto should have been the main guy

  8. I think just about every Rider in Ryuki is more capable than Shinji.

  9. when you say " capable" in what terms? fight other riders? he's from the start always hard time killing other riders. fighting monsters? he's quite natural in monster killing.

  10. Masashi Taniguchi today roles in tokusatsu are "old warrior who's more aggressive on fighting"

  11. I'll never understand how back then a recolour of another suit is some how an actual good design than today's suit recoloring

  12. Zero-Two. Design wise, is another amazing design from Zero-One franchise but the purpose being a final form always bother me because later on they use that form to became Izu official kamen rider form

  13. any Heisei or Reiwa kamen rider suits that has a strong inspiration of showa suit is clearly favourable amongst many fans

  14. Banjou Ryouga(Cross-Z): I just love his existence was just to polar counter Sento, him being the brain and Banjou being the muscle creating the best match duo

  15. Just to clarify, not all gay relationships involve honor killings. Sometimes we’re just petulantly dramatic. 🌈💫

  16. I like more Calibur and Rekka just because I found sword to be cool

  17. Chalice, Hajime character always felt depth about his story arc but his suit always felt weird and my answer is purely based of childhood because as a kid I always thought Leangle was the third and Chalice being the forth this reason because Chalice suit looks totally different than the rest even the movie special kamen rider look like they were from the series

  18. let's wait together mate but I'll be waiting for quiz. I'm not sure if I'm going live see Kikai

  19. goddamn he has! you have no idea how we wait for three just for us to be rob and have Revice and Geats instead

  20. Eiki, Sabaki and Danki. These guys felt like the rest of minor characters in Hibiki. Danki just the guy who spot these monster and report it, Sabaki is victim of the hero set up their plot by getting beaten by monster and Eiki was the only getting small love by having his own triple attack with Todoroki and Ibuki

  21. did I mention that Eiki was also having more personality within two episode and already winning my hero by being more charismatic

  22. I've never seen Magia face up close and I thought Bat's face was based of Geed

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