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  1. Why are a lot of tanukis so scary this year? There's the ninja tanuki with a nasty inner demon, and then there's a space tanuki with a killer slam dunk.

  2. is there a pocky add that shows Kaitou playing with the banana pocky? If there isn't then is a miss opportunity

  3. there was a bit error animation near the end where ace about run but the dash animation already pop out. it was still good non the less

  4. Aruto, Touma & Ace after using their super form debut: *exhausted*

  5. As cool as it is in the show, "Dangerous Zombie" is the most generic name ever.

  6. they probably want to go as generic as possible to have audience understand what game that their power base of and to avoid copyright. Imagine if they name it after Dying light or Contagion

  7. to be fair, a lot of the game names are name after old games and older game names are usually generic and straight to the point like basketball and baseball, Kingdom and Empire and of course what might possible perfect knockout was name after knockout

  8. seriously, people actually wonder who would win between a cyborg ninja and a dark titan? anyway which dark trigger they picked?

  9. I'm imagining boost mk lll being like Build genius but instead of bottles it's just exhaust pipes

  10. that's it, I'm going lie on my bed listening to "Time Judge All" while looking at this picture. I'm probably gonna cried

  11. What other rider series was he in?! I swear i've seen him before

  12. this is the most accurate picture of Fuwa's front side. Nice taking picture skill man

  13. is almost 15 years after the series end why do we discover this now? THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS DETAILS!

  14. is it wrong for me shipping him with the Kazuraba sister. I mean they interact once but is not out of the possibility for them to be together. I mean Kagami from kabuto gets to married Tendo's alien somewhat biological sister even though she dies afterward

  15. To be fair the last person that he probably hugged was also the one who tried to kill him.

  16. that's why you should always hug the first person that doesn't want to kill you

  17. maybe, debatable if Lobo is good enough character to get her own upgrade

  18. Vulcan and Lopo are paired with feline-themed female Riders.

  19. "this is what happened when you let Ace use Boost. she will beat you like a tsundere."

  20. After discovering i have a violence reaction when i consumed caffeine i don't drink soda anymore.

  21. can you describe this violence reaction. this is fascinating to me because I've never heard such thing but it easily interest me on hearing about

  22. “Yuusuke Godai. Do you know what this means? It came from Ancient Rome. A sign of affirmation a gesture for those who have done the proper thing. You should aim to be someone worthy of this. Losing one’s father is certainly a sad thing. But because of that.. for your mother.. and your sisters smiles.. become a man who will work hard to preserve them! Become a man who can always protect everyone’s smiles! Don’t you think that’s truly a wonderful thing? I.. I, as your teacher.. think.. that it is!”

  23. In fairness there’s not a lot of one liners that define Kuuga there’s a lot of paragraphs that do however

  24. the Ace one, back when I was a kid and first watch it I was trill about it so much that I walk to my nearest convenient store, mind you it was 30 house away from here but I walk it off and reach and ask to buy those ultraman gum just for them to tell me that don't sell it yet

  25. to our defense, super sentai and kamen rider are both way too different to be call power ranger. one it's a team of heroes with various different colour for each suit while the other a solo hero story with grim colour suit and overly portion face

  26. hey, the last part is true though. they have overly portion eyes, ear and many more

  27. we just want all shows to be available to all country, why is that so hard?!

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