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  1. Its only harsher because Ty is a replacement driver. Docking him driver points is literally meaningless.

  2. not only is it meaningless, it’s impossible. He doesn’t race for or earn driver points in cup.

  3. The points hurts the 23 team. I doubt denny will pay 75k for Ty Gibb’s penalty. The money will hurt gibbs for sure.

  4. That’s assuming Grandpa doesn’t pay it

  5. I thought Gragson wasn't doing any more Cup races this year? I was honestly expecting Grala or Hemric in the #62 tbh

  6. Believe Hemric is in the 16 this week.

  7. Thought he didn't want to run any more cup races due to risk of injury & to focus on the Xfinity playoffs.

  8. “Doesn’t want to” and “obligated to” are different things. I assume he signed deals before the season started. And even though at this point he doesn’t want to, he is still obligated to.

  9. Flaming hot take: Run the Daytona 500 on Super Bowl Sunday at noon or 1pm

  10. Tbf, it also was a 500 mile race. There are only a few 500+ mile races on 1.5 mile tracks. And this stat eliminates the coke 600. So it seems a bit misleading. Yesterday was a shit show. 16 cautions. Not arguing that. Just the stat wording is kinda ridiculous.

  11. we have had it happen in the lower series a lot, from 2013-2015 the Penske 22 won the Xfinity owner championship but was a ride split by cup drivers

  12. I think it happened last year as well. I don’t think Hemric was in the final 4 for the owners title. I think the JGR 54 was? So Hemric won the xfinty drivers championship. But the 22 won the owners title.

  13. I think allmendingers season is more impressive, 24/27 races he’s finished in the top ten, including 2 stretches of 9+ in a row

  14. To each their own. And I’m biased. But I disagree. Noah has more wins, more t5, more stage wins, more laps led. And all of AJs wins have been road courses.

  15. Noah is really consistent. If he has a top 5 car, he will usually bring it home top 5. In the 2020 xfinty playoffs he had one finish worse than 3rd. And that one finish outside of the top 3 was due to a wreck with Cindric.

  16. I was surprised that Kaulig had that many races for Noah during the playoffs in the first place when they announced

  17. It makes sense for a competitive stand point. Put their biggest competitor for the xfinty title, in cup. And hopefully he gets worn out. Meanwhile for the most part their xfinty drivers are only focused on xfinty.

  18. Noah not puking this time means only one thing....

  19. Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby

  20. The photos are from when she performed at the i Heart festival 10yrs ago. It’s not like they posted old photos just to do it. The photos are literally from their event.

  21. I’m convinced she was supposed to play when “Me” came out because the stupid talking part was on a football field but she couldn’t get out of the Coke contract and The Super Bowl is a Pepsi show. Then she took that part out when the deal fell through, which is why she scraped the talking part of the song eventually. But yay!

  22. Didn’t she also release Me! at the nfl draft that year?

  23. Can I get a Fun. reunion in place of the bleachers special guest appearance?

  24. Sweet. And then how do we find you? Is it a where is Waldo type thing? Lol

  25. Fwiw Taylor’s last tour, she opened it up at the cardinals stadium. And rented the stadium out for like 2 weeks prior to do full on dress rehearsals and stuff. Idk if she likes the particular stadium, but she probably has pretty good familiarity with it. So, if she does a Super Bowl halftime, it may be this one, or one at the cardinals stadium.

  26. Did anyone else notice the way she kinda smirked at the end as the video was fading away? Lol

  27. You can see the goal post on the far right

  28. It’s at the raiders game. But at the same time the Las Vegas Aces won the WNBA championship

  29. No it wasn’t lol, where did you get this narrative from? They were showing the end of the Aces game on the big screen but you can clearly tell that’s not what’s on the big screen during the video the girl posted on TikTok

  30. The aces clinched the nba finals sometime during the 3rd QTR of the raiders game. Which this screenshot is during the 3rd QTR.

  31. The fact that she unveiled “mastermind” as track 13. And this whole theory, If true, would be a mastermind of a plan. I can see it happening lol

  32. I legitimately have zero clue who does the radio for Raiders games this year after they got rid of Brent, which thank christ because he was fucking horrific.

  33. I believe his name is Jason Horwitz or something like that. I don’t think he is real good.

  34. I’m not totally sold on RCR winning. Toyota gets Reddick who can be a bonafide contender in their cars for the next 10 years, as well as opening another seat for Ty Gibbs who is showing real talent. They also still have Bell who is showing he can be a champion in his own right.

  35. It’s all what if’s right now. Kyle has won championship and several races in multiple years. So you know he can do it. But can he do it again at his age?

  36. I think he's solidly mid pack at best. Look what Reddick and Byron did in 1 year each in the same JRM team. Then look at how Reddick and Byron did as rookies in Cup with better equipment than he's getting.

  37. Gragson arguably was better in his first year in the 9 than reddick was the year prior.

  38. Well Kyle Busch backed into one in 2019 so I wouldn’t hate it tbh.

  39. Kyle was the regular season champ that year, and had 5 wins. They weren’t strong in the playoffs. But idk if would call it “backing into a championship.”

  40. You are scoring a GW TD. Why even throw it in celebration? Hang on to that shit. Take it home with you.

  41. I assume they would merge with Front Row to do so. Obviously some time down the road

  42. I think the charter system needs some serious work done to it, everybody wants to expand or enter the cup series but nobody can do it at the moment without spending a fortune

  43. But this is exactly what the owners wanted. They wanted something that had value. Charters clearly have value. So they got what they wanted.

  44. It’s not what the fans, drivers, teams, crews, or sanctioning body wants…it’s what TV wants. If TV wants 36 points + 2 exhibition races, they’re gonna get it.

  45. Nascar is like the nfl in the sense that’s it’s a once a week type sport. So when you are a once a week sport, and you are competing with the nfl, it’s a big deal.

  46. I really think people are overlooking that we have only had Allen for a half a game this year. Dude is reliable on 4th down (3rd down too). If 13 is on the field, I think the 4th down decisions might be different.

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