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  1. You can say he is the favorite for the title right now. Sure. But that doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing. Odds fluctuate. Let the season play out, let’s get closer to the playoffs before the “favorite” really even matters. Also the favorite in may, I feel like, doesn’t typically win the championship anyway. So, if you want that curse, fine by me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. He was in contention to win Talladega. I know it’s a super speedway and all. But if he ended up winning that, he’s a playoff driver. As a rookie. In lame duck equipment. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him up front again at ATL2 or the regular season finale at Daytona.

  3. Looking at his Cup Stats, he struggled a lot with the 16 and 62 teams that he raced for a lot last season. Top 5 with the Beard Motorsports team due to it being the Summer Daytona race and maybe 6 like cars finished. His short time filling in the 48 for Alex wasn't that all different compared to the other races in 2022. It just takes time to get used to this car. Some people just got it, some it takes time.

  4. He stated last year that he wasn’t giving it 100% in cup down the stretch. Because he didn’t want to get injured and risk his shot at the xfinty title.

  5. I understand that, but being further punitive in “first offense” situation is over the top. A suspension can be punitive enough, and I believe is, especially in this situation. Even with a waiver, chase isn’t exactly a lock for the playoffs, and I’d say there’s a good chance he misses it anyway given the pace he’s had this season.

  6. You are honestly looking too far into it. First offense Or whatever. It shouldn’t matter. The rule is “attempt every race.” Nascar suspends a driver. Basically saying “you are not allowed to race.” Therefore the driver didn’t attempt every race. There should not be a waiver in that situation then.

  7. There’s a difference between choosing not to attempt every race, and not being allowed to attempt every race.

  8. So, if someone gets suspended at work, do they still qualify for “perfect attendance” at their job? They would have gone to work the days they were suspended, they just weren’t allowed to.

  9. Update: I might fly to vegas for an away game and just see the watch party. Are the watch parties at the T mobile arena?

  10. I watched game 1 of the SCF vs Washington in front of Tmobile arena at Toshiba plaza. It wasn’t an official watch party. Because the game was being played at T-Mobile. But there was probably a few thousand fans out there watching

  11. I'm trying to remember, when was the last time Vegas was up 3-1 in a series? 😏

  12. Round 1 vs Winnipeg 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Does that mean the chargers own Sofi? Cause I’d be cool with that?

  14. They do play a minimum of 82 games versus 17, so I'd hope they would win more

  15. Game wise yes VGK has won more because they play more games. But since they’ve been in vegas raiders have made the playoffs once. Meanwhile VGK has made the conference finals 3x (just since 2020). VGK has been a more successful team.

  16. As someone who visited Vegas last February and attended my first NHL game at a Knights game; I will agree that going to a game is fun and enjoyable. Definitely worth the price of the ticket. The entertainment there was fun. I’d love to go back to another game. I’m worried that I’d be disappointed if I ever attend my local team’s games and it’s not anywhere near as fun as a Knights game. Lol

  17. Wasn’t just how the team honored the victims. But literally hours after the shooting, the players we showing up at blood drives and supporting the community. Like the team hadn’t even played a regular season game yet. There was no connection to the city for most of the players. Cause they all literally just moved there mere months before. Yet, they showed that this was their city. That was huge.

  18. I honestly love the OG shield with LA in it.

  19. Fuck ESPN, TNT is so much better they give us long, entertaining, informative post game shows, and ESPN is just like time to watch wnba sorry hockey playoffs get off the screen

  20. Tbf that’s just an espn thing. I’m pretty sure they go to an SVP sports center right after MNF.

  21. Well, the idea is that they’re the fourth ever franchise to do this in their first 2 games like that. The point is literally that it’s 2 games.

  22. Technically the title of the post says “first two or more” meaning it could include more than two games? Idk

  23. If Bryce Young isn't the week 1 starter, I will eat an entire can of spaghetti-o's, cold.

  24. Ok but will you do it sober? No alcohol or narcotics ?

  25. Doesn’t some of the thanksgiving teams play back to back Thursday games anyway? This isn’t anything new. And the rumor is Seattle is playing thanksgiving night. So it just seems to be another occurrence of that

  26. Tyler Lockett says the Seahawks are playing two Thursday games back-to-back.

  27. Tbf usually the teams that play on thanksgiving either play the Thursday the week before or the Thursday after. So it wouldn’t be the first time someone has played back to back Thursday games

  28. Not quite. In 2010, after the first 8-year cycle of every team playing every other home and away, the NFL switched the travel pairings for NFC and AFC West teams… for the first 8 years the pairings were SD/OAK, DEN/KC, STL/AZ and SEA/SF. This led to some years where some teams in a division had 3-4 west coast trips and some teams had only 1. So to even out the travel, the league changed the travel pairings in 2010 to KC/SD, DEN/OAK, SF/AZ and (at the time) STL/SEA, so that teams would play fewer cross country games on the west coast in a season. That led to certain teams playing two straight meetings at one site, like KC and Detroit (but there were several other teams affected).

  29. That pissed me off so much. It’s an issue for east coast teams to go west. But west coast teams can have plenty of trips east in a single season. So why protect the east coast teams? When there isn’t a way to make it better for west coast teams?

  30. Problem is there’s only 6 “west coast” teams plus Denver, while there’s so many east coast teams that you can’t really avoid giving us west coasters multiple cross country trips. I do wish they’d give us all late afternoon road games on the east coast though.

  31. And they could make it all late afternoon games for teams traveling west to east. That would at least be something. But it annoyed me that they had to figure out how to help east coast teams going west, but did nothing for west coast teams going east.

  32. I like how this doesn’t even include last year’s spring Vegas race where he also got beat by Bowman in a GWC lol

  33. Vegas last year should have been Kyle Busch or truex honestly

  34. Give the man some credit. He has an average finish of 18.9 this year.

  35. They run in the top 5 virtually every week. It would've been a bigger story if they struggled noncompetitively with ill-handling cars.

  36. Exactly this. The 5 and 24 have been arguably the fastest 2 cars just about every week.

  37. I don’t know if it’s as big of a worry as it used to be. Noah’s sponsors just got more exposure today than they have all year. Look what Josh William’s sponsors did after his incident. Sports culture has changed and excitement is eyeballs.

  38. Tbf Noah was upfront a good portion at Dega and was contending for the win with a few laps to go. So his sponsors (Wendy’s in that case) got a good amount of exposure

  39. Ross’s life is gonna be difficult for a few weeks - Noah might not be fast right now in the lame duck LMC cars, but he will definitely be able to be in the way. Add Newman to next week and a few others, not gonna be a good time.

  40. Noah said on the radio, that they aren’t fast. Ross usually laps him about twice a race. So he has 2 shots every race to fuck with Ross lol (I’m paraphrasing)

  41. They say someone gotta go whoop his ass. Then someone tries whoop his ass and then Ross whoops right back. Man's a fighter. Ross is the guy you now don't want to mess with both on and off the track. Wow

  42. Tbf Ross threw the punch and then someone got in between them as Noah was trying to swing back. Let’s see Ross actually take a punch and see what happens. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  43. This stuff happens all the time. It’s not like it’s exclusive to Ross. He isn’t the first driver to be super aggressive and stuff. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. But I don’t think he single handed is gonna “save nascar.”

  44. Tbf the reasons the raiders are hated have nothing to do with vegas.

  45. I honestly think joey loves all his charitable work more than he loves racing. And I think he really really loves racing.

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