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  1. And here's the penultimate finale. Funny story, with all the rage with ChatGPT lately, I decided to give it a try. I asked it the yesterday's quiz and it scored 0/6, then I asked it to generate a quiz and it was so laughably easy (even after I encouraged it to make a harder one) that I have no doubt you will all score 6/6 haha. So, this quiz is 100% AI-free lol.

  2. The international break provides the perfect opportunity to better understand the endless club vs country arguments we see on this site.

  3. As if our chances against France weren't slim enough..

  4. Nunca habrá meme futbolístico mejor que el mesi chiquito

  5. Wow, what a starter. More people participated in yesterday's 00s opener that in the entirety of 90s Era! Let's hope you guys want to play today as well. There was one question no one got - Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, England and Italy are the only countries that in 00s had both teams in their respective Champions League final, with Mexico (5) and Brazil (2) having a "domestic" final more than once.

  6. Let's start the penultimate Era before the Clash of Eras tournament - 00s. If you want to earn your spot, now's the time!

  7. This is so sad Alexa play Taps on kazoo

  8. AMSTERDAM - Gerry Hamstra (52) will become the next victim of Ajax's disastrous season after Alfred Schreuder. Taking much of the responsibility for the appointment of Alfred Schreuder and the failed transfer summer, the technical manager has indicated to the club management that he will leave. Ajax and Hamstra are currently negotiating the dissolution of his commitment, which runs until the summer of 2024.

  9. Why does this keep getting re-uploaded?

  10. because everybody had published some random Tweet instead of the article. This one will stay.

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