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  1. There's a tent set up in Grimes selling Trump shit. Stuff with Trump 2024 (even though he hasn't filed to run) and Trump/Pence stuff (even though Trumpers wanted to lynch him). Also no one loves wearing shit with Biden's name and face on it more than Trumpers lol.

  2. I'm convinced democrats purposely did nothing in order to show us how bad things are under republicans, in hopes they take back the House and Senate in November. But that might be giving dems too much credit.

  3. I didn't think I would.. but I'm definitely getting Disney+ fatigue. I'll watch it when I watch it. I enjoy it, but I'm two episodes behind right now.

  4. Love that but I’ve applied to over 6 and have interviewed at 2 and heard back from NIETHER in over 3 weeks.

  5. Interviewing and job hunting is a nightmare right now. I do think a lot of these jobs are paying less than $20/hour. White collar jobs aren’t hiring or are being super selective. It’s annoying.

  6. So don't be mad employment is cut. Get to work bums.

  7. There aren’t enough workers to fill the jobs….

  8. 95% win probability. My goodness gracious.

  9. This is so fucking annoying

  10. If you want blown saves and games, just sign me, Twins. I literally cannot do worse.

  11. I want off the Pagan Experience™️

  12. Dude went pandemic->album->tour->album->tour, filmed docs and music videos and a hell of a lot more. He needs a break, man.

  13. Maybe his blood clots flared up? That’s what he battled in 2018, right?

  14. We already do. We’re just not in everybody’s face about it.

  15. That’s not what we do, tho. That’s why you don’t see Biden shirts or signs up. It’s why republicans thought the election was stolen because they don’t understand why we don’t treat Biden like an idol.

  16. The "budget" one is going to be closer to Glen Oaks. They have to deal with us poors hahahaha.

  17. I love Finn. Dude keeps it real and brings visibility to small bands and artists.

  18. If Tom really wanted to grift successfully with To The Stars, he'd put all his resources into BCR merch.

  19. Guardians of NOTHING. Twins by 10.

  20. I wanted to share A Day To Remember touring with Beartooth but it got removed since Beartooth isn’t pop punk. I love pop punk bands like Stand Atlantic touring with some harder/heavier bands. Great exposure all around. I’m also stoked I Prevail is back.

  21. I’m still laughing about the Blue Jays having to wear one. It never occurred to me how silly it is to make a team from Canada celebrate our Independence Day.

  22. If that’s the case most I would do is say internet isn’t working and that I took a screenshot just in case it all comes down to the worker so the best is very old people or fucking stoners

  23. I can’t remember for sure if it was MGK or not, but they explicitly said they won’t take screenshots or printed out tickets. It had to be a widget from your lock screen (like using a mobile airplane ticket) or straight from the app. Network connectivity or not, I think it still cycles every 15 seconds.

  24. If it's Ticketmaster, I believe for some concerts, the QR code

  25. Punk Band Reunion at the Wedding

  26. I went to a concert in Chicago, before the final act I went to get a few beers for my group and a glass of water, they refused to give me a cup of water from the spigot and insisted I had to buy the bottled water they were selling even tho I was buying like 30 dollars worth of beer. It was a bad experience because I feel like water should be free at these events and that it should be provided for free

  27. Was this a LiveNation venue? Went to one in April and all they had was Liquid Death water for like $5. Our bartender said it was dumb to charge that much and gave us well water. Went to the bar on the other side later in the show and they charged us for water and said there was only a 1 drink per person per transaction limit.

  28. Yeah I was just at a festival and liquid death was the only water option at $4 in 90*+ weather. There was water fountains and you were allowed one empty water bottle in the venue, but the price of water was still a mess. After awhile security stopped passing any out too so it was brutal for people who didn’t want to leave their spots up front or who didn’t plan accordingly.

  29. The entire episode was an abomination

  30. Grew up in Northwest Iowa, Vikings were in our TV market. My grandpa was a huge Minnesota sports fan and Daunte Culpepper’s touchdown arms roll sold me as a Vikings fan.

  31. In the words of Bearings… you’re so damn wrong

  32. You can call the store and they’ll ship to you!

  33. Yes, unless they won’t do it for limited release items like this

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