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  1. Slowly meaning it takes forever to load or the frame rate is really low?

  2. S3 has lots of good things about it, but response time has always been okay at best. Easy way to check is look at the waterfall chart.

  3. Your sales on a Mac will be much lower. The graphics APIs are different. You need to own a Mac (more or less).

  4. This assignment will be mostly coding. If you are not very good with coding, this assignment may be very difficult.

  5. There’s a book on Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom. I have a copy of it and I’ve looked through it, but I haven’t taken a long enough look at it to decide if I like it or not. It does have good reviews.

  6. ActionScript is dead and gone. The people who used to program in ActionScript are using other languages, and there’s not a good replacement for Flash.

  7. Edit: I stand corrected, don't use Unity. It learn c# if you want to learn Unity.

  8. JavaScript in Unity has been deprecated since 2017. I think it is very risky to consider using it for new projects.

  9. You have no idea about how big the Unreal Engine's code base is. If they decide to re-write the whole engine in Rust, that will take more than 10-15 years to be working properly, with every feature that we have in C++.

  10. I do know how big the Unreal Engine code base is (≈2MLOC for the main part), and I’ve also worked with much, much larger code bases.

  11. It sounds like you are trying to come up with some clever data structure for ECS. I don’t exactly understand the details—there’s some kind of counter, you keep the array in a certain order so that you can iterate over it.

  12. Thanks, yeah I'm not even planning on using any sort of ECS, or building an engine, just fooling around mostly.

  13. Yeah. Design patterns, in general, are not something that you’ll learn by fooling around or doing things on paper. In order to really understand them, you’ll want to see them in context.

  14. Could be a virus scanner. Virus scanners keep files open to scan them.

  15. I do remember that there is some kind of secret energy bonus the AI gets which they can use to rush production, and there’s some condition which triggers it. If you want to capture an AI base, it’s like a million times faster if you have two units. I send in a defensive rover to capture bases once they’re empty.

  16. So, should I look at other methods to smooth out my models? Even characters? Is this just something I have to do manually, for example, due to current technological limitations?

  17. I think the other answers here are not so good. The only things that matter here should be:

  18. Yeah, I’ve done a bunch of this research, and I find a lot of people using their own personal guidelines. The article says “-16LUFS for gaming” but I don’t know where that number comes from… the author could have made it up for all I know, and when I look around to other sources, I get different numbers. Sony requires -23 dB LUFS for certification, I think. I’ve also seen other numbers like -18 dB.

  19. I mean without citing studies there are dangerous sound levels and even laws about how loud commercially sold media can be. So I think the industry standard comes from a combination of common sense and aesthetically pleasing sounds.

  20. So in other words, you got nothing? You claimed to have a mountain of evidence, not me.

  21. Okay, since you don't have time nor access to the resources you would need, can you atleast tell me why exactly video material is less than optimal for learning? You seem to be knowledgable about the subject, so surely you remember some of the key points as to why (and what?) works better.

  22. I’ll talk about the problems with video tutorials and then talk about the problems with YouTube specifically.

  23. is it too late for me to put it in my email now if it happened on oct 7th?

  24. It’s not too late. It’s just that the sooner you record it, the better your memory is.

  25. Queue up the inputs and handle them on the next update.

  26. The smartest, best programmers I know write basic code that a beginner can understand.

  27. Yes, just make it big enough and resize it later. There’s a good chance that you’ll want to make an asset bigger or smaller on-screen after you make it, so it’s nice to have some extra resolution to play with.

  28. Ease of hardware support. In the last 5 year AMD and Intel has released 6 microarchitectures and number microcode updates. The amount of additional staff you would need on hand to maintain and updated and OS everytime Intel and AMD release a cpu series would be cost prohibit vs the performance gained. This isn't accounting for gpu optimization and driver integrating.

  29. You don’t need to update your code for new microarchitectures. That’s the whole point of “micro” architectures, as opposed to new “architectures”.

  30. You don't have to but there are different optimization made per generation that require changes in the OS to take advantage of. Example Zen 1 and 2 had 4 core per CCX along with a separate IO die containing the I/O component and 16MB of l3 cache per CCX. Zen 3 and 4 change 8 cores per ccx 32mb of L3 and single IO die. Windows scheduler had to updated to take advantage of the design changes. yes the cpus run fine before the update went live and wasn't critical. But it is performance.

  31. Right, but if your code works well on the latest microarchitecture, it usually works better on future microarchitectures, even if you’re not taking advantage of the differences.

  32. I'm on a Mac and running it in VMWare Fusion. So, I don't have a Print Screen button. I will see if I can work it out, but it'll have to be later, sadly. Work now. =(

  33. Screenshot on Mac is command-shift-3 or command-shift-4.

  34. There are a ton of different things out there called "BSP files". There are various BSP decompilers out there but you need one for the exact type of BSP file you have. Search for BSP decompilers.

  35. I wish that rule applied to homework, taxes, gas prices, annoying people, or literally anything else in existence lmao.

  36. Unfortunately it’s a constitutional issue.

  37. If it's any consolation, I'm guessing that this may be a print on demand kind of deal, so I'm doubtful that many people are seeing it. Also, if you were to file a small claims case, you'd probably have to do so in their jurisdiction.

  38. Small claim courts don’t have subject matter jurisdiction for copyright claims.

  39. Planet takes exception to being repeatedly busted on.

  40. Which is why it sends out free, juicy mindworms for you to harvest?

  41. For most games, the only issue with hitting your desired frame rate is performance.

  42. You can rent Azure/AWS/GCP computers of all sizes. That’s basically the whole idea—any size computer you want, you can rent it. The cost is very fine-grained (something like per-second).

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