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  1. A year is a short time to learn a skill like 3D modeling. It may take you longer to develop your skills. This is normal, this is ok, you have plenty of time to work on your skills.

  2. Correct. There is no point in getting angry it is just a knee jerk reaction. Yes it goes away quickly, when I envision who most likely downvoted.

  3. I wouldn't say unable, but I would say it's unusual, and a special thing when it happens.

  4. I don’t think I have enough life experience to be able to judge it as “unusual”.

  5. Are you saying the two options are updating the position and rotation of every object every frame and then the other option is just doing it in a shader or whatever? Yes it's in theory performing the same calculations just at different times, but the first option is absolutely awful for performance and simplicity and like 10 other reasons

  6. First option is what most games actually do.

  7. You misunderstood. I'm pretty sure he was saying that you'd save all transformed coordinates in memory between frames and update them every time the camera moves

  8. I think you misunderstood the OP. Whatever.

  9. Thank you for your answer! I guess I'll go with GBC. Whats the discord server's name?

  10. C sharp is "interpreted" in the same way that Lua is "interpreted".

  11. Thanks, I was using JS sandboxes in my job a long time ago. It's a good solution.

  12. If you want sandboxing, then there’s UWP (Windows), the App Store (macOS), and any of the mobile / console stores. These options sandbox the entire game, so any scripts or extensions are sandboxed as well.

  13. Erm , Windows 2000 was a completely different OS which caused DOS based program issues, not because it became to strong. Windows 2000 was from the NT branch and was called Windows NT 5.0 until a late rebranding (XP effectively being Windows NT 5.1) .

  14. The “too strong” comment is about how some games run faster on more powerful CPUs. If your CPU is too powerful, the game runs too fast and you can’t play it. This is why DOSBox has an option to slow down the CPU.

  15. Don't you at least have to use blueprints? That's coding... it's just visual, instead of text.

  16. Blueprints is Visual Scripting. It's the most powerful Visual Scripting known to mankind by a large margin, and thus approaches the functionality of Coding, but it's Scripting.

  17. “Scripting” is also “coding”.

  18. There is Sword of Moonlight but it's over 20 years old at this point. It included a license to all of the King's Field assets.

  19. I’m using Lua as a C library from a package manager so I have interoperability. I’ll clarify that in the post

  20. Here, "interoperability" means being able to exchange information between Lua and C++. It means that you can call functions or pass data across the boundary. It has nothing to do with package managers.

  21. What are the alternatives? I wanted to explore enabling modding for a game and the only language I found was Lua

  22. There are millions of alternatives. Lua is well-known, so you can find lots of information about it. Note that some of these alternatives are not "sandboxed", so mod code can do anything it wants (mess with your personal files, etc) so beware. This applies to Lua as well, depending on how you embed it.

  23. The history and cultural differences are complicated. There's not going to be a good, simple answer to the question.

  24. Interesting, thanks for the response! So, if someone already fully knew how to develop, how long would it take to make a Brawlhala-type game?

  25. Is there a reason why the answer was not enough? If I answer this question, are you going to continue asking about different types of games?

  26. You said stardew was reasonably complicated, so I picked Brawlhala thinking it’s less complicated than stardew and therefore might take less time

  27. Start by making a game like Pong, Asteroids, or Space Invaders.


  29. Are you just playing devils advocate here because it's reasonable to do so? Or you actually think the voxel only version is better? I'm going to have to generate mesh on the frontend either way because I don't want a blocky foreground appearance.

  30. I’m not advocating anything here, I’m just trying to help you clarify what your options are for doing this project.

  31. ok as usual, thank you I appreciate it. I watched the hashDAG video, 3 gigs for that small citadel scene. I know I cant send that size tree, and SVO is worse than hashDAG. so I have to come up with some optimization option

  32. The Hash DAG demo is a tech demo, I think you would probably want to use something lower resolution for your game, at least to start out with.

  33. I think I know what you mean. In a college class I used freestyle (cut down version of a cakewalk) running into a Roland proteus and freestyle had this feature where all the different midi channels were layered over themselves in different colors. Made it SUPER easy to work out polyrhythms. Ableton sort of has that feature now, but it’s not nearly as clean or intuitive.

  34. Google is a cool thing to have on your résumé, but Google does tech so differently from everywhere else that you will have to relearn a lot when you change jobs. So if you are a good engineer and constantly learning, you’ll be fine. If you get too comfortable at Google, you may have a hard time leaving.

  35. No. GLFW is very simple. There’s nothing wrong with GLFW, but game engines like Unity and Unreal support a wide variety of hardware and software combinations, and provide extensive features that require integration with tons of different APIs provided by the OS—more than what GFLW provides.

  36. If it’s “extremely easy” like you say, can you write a simple demo and post it on GitHub? That would make it a lot easier to understand the details of what you’re proposing.

  37. Search for “beat detection”. This has been discussed to death on various forums.

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