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  1. hell of a story. no idea who this kid is but lfg.

  2. do we have an explanation yet as to why it was in a fuckin pool? lmfao

  3. fuck yeah grant and rajah teammates!

  4. an unsuccessful hurrah, but jimmie at the end of the 2018 roval.

  5. Yep, especially after Stewart hit and killed the young driver his head wasn’t in the game anymore at all.

  6. dammit. i would expect better from a ross fan.

  7. nice. it was cool meeting portnoy at talladega in 2019, hopefully he’ll come around again.

  8. allen bestwick and wally dallenbach.

  9. i’m going to take ayahuasca and believe that gus malzahn is still my head coach.

  10. another dirty tackle by packers

  11. first decent episode of the season

  12. Y’all are just haters, Beth has every right to be mad at Jamie tbh

  13. to the point of killing his child? uh huh.

  14. on friday i got told by one manager i was getting fired and another manager that i wasn’t. got thrown into a huge mind war about it trying to figure out which one was lying. got extremely drunk that night and was violently hungover yesterday while watching auburn get creamed in the iron bowl.

  15. obligatory fuck alabama forever. fuck gary danielson. fuck refs. and honestly, fuck auburn. beyond tired of their bullshit.

  16. i’m violently hungover and awoke to the news that hugh fucking freeze is gonna be our next coach. and i was told i’m getting fired yesterday.

  17. game would be 10/10 if we had a huge fight. however i’m a generous man. 9/10.

  18. Just heard about that. Doubt he’s coming back, probably offered a couple million to revive the interest in the show for a 2 min scene.

  19. show fell off a fucking cliff after S5. prince is so incredibly uninteresting and it affected the rest of the cast.

  20. now this. this is a fan of nascar.

  21. can halftime shows until there’s some decent fucking shit.

  22. There treating her like some big superstar who's won 9 championships 3 Daytona 500's and 92 races, when they could be treating Chastain, Larson, even bell is alright looking and have actual talents.

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