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  1. het maakt mijn Nederlandse afkomst trots

  2. electric cars continuing to ruin car culture

  3. Nah. Gatekeeping snobs like you are what's ruining car culture.

  4. sure, let’s take away one of the hallmarks of great cars and just accept it as normal. i can’t wait to enjoy the sound of a V8 fucking battery pack.

  5. someone commented on something similar with a website a few days ago that’s exactly what you’re looking for, i wish i remembered what it was

  6. Shucks. I’ve been searching and can’t find anything and it’s driving me crazy. I’ll probably end up just going to Lowes and eye balling the colors?

  7. also the last guy that dale flipped off.

  8. I dunno about Sweet Biscuit, but there is a place in SC called

  9. i like “Pelham (also known as Sugar Tit)”

  10. I'm done watching the RIGGEDCAR Cup Series for this season. See ya'll for the Daytona 500.

  11. rich as HELL from a chase elliott flair

  12. Harvick gets DQd and 17 makes the playoffs nocking out the 12.

  13. bell would have to get DQ’d too

  14. Richmond kind of a stinker this year

  15. if only i had a titanium throat

  16. this weekend will seal the fact that richmond is the worst track in nascar.

  17. please tell me bret got the free pass

  18. just here to support my man bret holmes

  19. After hearing about smoking at Daytona, I’m actually hesitant to go to the 500 for my first race.

  20. yup. i’m indifferent to rap but the same country sounding shite gets old

  21. I don’t know if he’s trying to mislead us or what, but Noah did just post a picture to his Snapchat showing he was in Grafton, WI.

  22. but it was 2 years ago from his memories. tricky noah.

  23. i want noah to be in cup but i’d love it if a completely random name showed up. drew dollar.

  24. it’s slightly interesting but we’re covered now. music groups wear nascar merch, cool. done. covered.

  25. why’s it have to be kpop groups to wear nascar things and not rock groups

  26. hmm. maybe kurt’s scheme this weekend is based of this announcement considering the jordan brand is his sponsor.

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