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  1. the only unique and fun thing texas had.

  2. i think it’s Huell Babineaux.

  3. i miss alon day, wish he’d get some more opportunities.


  5. prophesize a win next week please

  6. there’s a race thread for a reason

  7. huh mike? bubba won that kansas race not reddick.

  8. Ross gets a top 5 after intentionally stopping on track to bring out a caution

  9. should’ve watched his onboard and realized he was trying to fire it and it wouldn’t.

  10. i get off work in 19 mins and live 10 mins away, will i see any of the race?

  11. I rooted for chastain but after he got that first win my dislike of him grew. Anyone else tired of the stupid watermelon thing? I get it his family are watermelon farmers but it’s been overdone to death.

  12. that’s a fantastic image. new wallpaper material and i’m not even a zane fan.

  13. Now that I think of it, Jeff Gordon ran RoC in one of the outdoor dirt years.

  14. carl edwards too maybe? don’t remember where it was just that he beat schumacher and the announces made every excuse in the book as to why he lost.

  15. When that 3Chi hits and you got the munchies.

  16. and now i want to take my last two gummies that i’ve been avoiding for weeks.

  17. jim clark, dan gurney, and juan manuel fangio. saved you a click.

  18. can mike PLEASE stop shilling so much.

  19. corey fucking lajoie is going to win one of these things soon. and i’m already hyped for it.

  20. The Logano hate is insane. The dude is a good guy, good husband, good father, fun in the booth on Saturdays, a great racer and respectful when speaking to people. So he throws a block every now and then, who doesn't? Keselowski just blocked for 30 laps straight, who cares? Had the best car, led the most laps, avoided 2 wrecks, and cleanly finished 1st.

  21. my reason is that every time i driver that i want to win has a chance at the end of one of these races, it’s ALWAYS joey that takes it away.

  22. i can’t wait for brad to finally break through and win at roush. that’s gonna be a great day.

  23. fucking joey logano man. always spoils a good winner.

  24. This is where we blame Chastain for Aric’s tire blowing right? /s

  25. apparently everything is his fault so yes.

  26. now that’s the damned truth.

  27. utilize your vision and watch the replay again bud.

  28. nascar just adores cucking the lifeline of its sport, the little teams, over the billionaire, no personality, daddy’s name and daddy’s money teams. what a farce. simply a farce.

  29. in my opinion and the opinions of most other fans, yes he was. he was involved in a wreck and a piece of the big tape fell off his car and for some reason nascar officials parked him for the race claiming he tried to cause another caution, so he straight up parked in on the frontstretch and waved at them. legendary move honestly.

  30. One of the dumbest things I've ever seen someone do. I hope he gets suspended for the year. But it's still fucking hilarious

  31. good for him for standing up to nascar’s fucking joke of a policy.

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