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  1. Good question! We only used to video call each other and saw each other every month and things were a lot more intense. Now we are living together, the urgency that we had isn't there so much. Still love each other like mad, but there is a sea change in how we are with each other.

  2. Depends where you are from. Grammar nazi.

  3. Definitely living. Noone wants a zombie Einstein at the dinner table. Might lose a finger in the soup.

  4. No potential at all. Shit.

  5. Just started an ig acc.

  6. My experience is that crazy can’t hold crazy in for longer than 6 months. Date for the first 6 months with your hand on the escape hatch

  7. A plumber actually turning up.

  8. I'm sorry you had to endure that, and the effect is has had on you. This person obviously has more problems with themselves to have to denigrate someone to bolster their own self worth. Not your problem. Treat them with the same disregard they have you. Brush it off your shoulders. You are sensitive enough to recognise it but strong enough to not let it hurt you. Take care.

  9. Thank you for your reply.

  10. Thank you for your reply.

  11. Thanks. I've been in construction all my life and used to repetitive heavy lifting so hopefully all should be good. It will be a complete change of pace.

  12. It’s a decent job, quite an easy number to be honest. If you finish early you can go home, no managers on your case when you’re out and about, different scenery, long breaks, pay isn’t awful, however.. it’s physically demanding, trays can be heavy, flats with no lifts, parking can be a headache in harder to reach areas, the Tesco sat nav is absolutely shocking so I’d advise using your own.

  13. That's great, thanks! Useful info. You could finish early?

  14. What finger? I think you have the wrong picture.

  15. 🎼Spongebob Square pants!!🎵

  16. I’d love that dripping on me

  17. How about next time you come to ours, we make that happen?

  18. Now that would be amazing 😜

  19. ES already knows, that's definitely on the list!

  20. Cum in mouth and then a shared kiss would be nice!

  21. Listen, take care, be aware.

  22. Love to see you suck it. X

  23. I'd munch you like that if you let me!

  24. Where is the cum shot?

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