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  1. Always gorgeous Maddie. Clothed or not.

  2. What happened to him? Please tell me his arrest is on film?

  3. What the flip has gone on?!!

  4. Long story short radio presentor is a supporter of Paul she even tried to get him on her station she then contacted Quirky’s work place (thankfully it was the wrong place!) lying something regarding Paul trying to get Quirky sacked. not sure what was said haven’t found it yet still lookin.

  5. Wow. Thank you. What is she thinking!! What an enabler.

  6. I've seen concrete burn to the BONE!

  7. Congratulations!! Well done to you. Be happy. X

  8. Mate, you're not ugly. Not Moe ugly, not any ugly. It's how you look. Embrace it, play to your strengths. You are the same as everyone else. You see a flaw and are obsessing over it. What you see, others don't. You look pretty strong, well built. Confidence is key here. Be confident. Fake it till you make it, whatever. Just don't put yourself down. There are plenty in the world to try that shit. Self worth and Confidence is what women want. Be sure of yourself, own it. Have a great day. And for fuck sake, smile! 👍

  9. Why is it just the old one from 2014 and not the shite everyone else can see?

  10. Plenty of dogging spots up there: Corton cliffs, Kessingland beach or go across to Hales layby.

  11. Where is Hales lay-by not familiar with it. Unless you mean actually in hales near loddon on the b1136

  12. Congratulations! You're doing great. 👍🫂

  13. Is the PIP helpline automated or manned? As she suffers with anxiety speaking to people. Tx

  14. Both. It’s automated to start with, and the automated system should be able to tell you what she’s been awarded.

  15. Shadow ban on his main account, can only go live atm. He posts again, mass reporting happens. Rinse and repeat until his account finally gets the chop I guess

  16. Thank you. How is is allowed to still be on the app is beyond me. Vile creature.

  17. What happened for him to disappear?

  18. What in the jimmy Savile universal credit is this!?!!!

  19. Is that carkeel homebargains?

  20. I think there's an O Farrell in there as well.

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