News from 57696c6c

  1. Somewhere, out there is a rattler waiting to strike you.

  2. Do you regret not taking care of your Boneitis?

  3. Yevgeny Prigozhin suddenly falls out of a window.

  4. 1, 2, or 3. No, you won't; your masters own too much of your platform, not to mention they influence the content and decisions of your platform. I've administratively blocked access to TikTok on all of my kid's devices.

  5. Yah, the lack of horses is concerning; the city clearly has a lot of room for recovery.

  6. I suddenly want her to teach me about my constitutional rights.

  7. Congrats, now you get to take the Greyhound of the road instead of the Greyhound of the skies.

  8. You miss 100% of the shots you take.

  9. Very nice; let's see what Paul Allen's lawn looks like.

  10. The plastic chair covers. Chef's kiss.

  11. Tim's wife cheated on him. Tim is now on a misogynistic mission serving Missouri and Kansas.

  12. Stuck in traffic commuting, yup, you have definitely made it.

  13. How do you clean that in the interior? Hose it down?

  14. When driving, it's essential you have it set to drive and not reverse. Driving forward matters more than going reverse. Especially on the highway of your visions and future, driving forward trumps going back in time when going in reverse.

  15. He looks like the grownup version of a former boy band member that's now on LinkedIn.

  16. When I was five, I got bitten by a cat with rabies. Shots through the belly button.

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