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  1. I thought the same thing ... have I been urinating all wrong all these years??

  2. Next you're going to tell me you don't use a poop knife.

  3. Hah, we had to do this numerous times with our son's poop during potty training, though with an unbent hanger. He'd hold it out of fear for several days. Finally, his body would overcome him and the result would be a very large, very dense piece of crap. We'd sit there and flush, and flush, and flush, and flush...but it would never budge. So out would come the hanger.

  4. George Clooney did something similar to an old roomate. Cleaned the litter box as soon as the cat shat for 2 weeks, then put human shit in the litter box. Roomate thought hos cat was dying or something...

  5. This is really sweet but I'm somewhat conflicted. I've been told firefighters recommend leaving doors closed while sleeping to impede smoke and flames during an overnight housefire. That and it's crazy how much protection just a shitty, run if the mill door can provide.

  6. This is a good point, and you are correct- it is much better to leave doors closed in case of fire. But with a doggo like this, i think this is a better solution. i am sure he'd alert the owners in case of any trouble.

  7. And putting it on reddit!!!!. At least endorse a product that's good

  8. San Francisco has plenty of bears, just not that kind.

  9. Agreed. But Watermelon juice is crazy delicious if done right. i delivered a tugboat to Mexico 20 years ago. Us Americans had all kind of processed foods and bottled drinks to live on. When we got to Mexico, the Mexicans started loading just bags of fresh fruits and vegetables, with some frozenmeat. We worked together for 2 days before we left, and the food was incredible. For cooling down, they made this watermelon juice which IIRC was just watermelon juice, lemons (or limes) and maybe cilantro? It was ridiculously good.

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