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Putting my dog to sleep today

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  1. I can’t believe he did the exact same thing twice. What a dope.

  2. If the blonde is the 18, then great job!

  3. Dammit Bruce! This is why we can’t have nice things.

  4. “Struggling with blackouts” made me think I was in a different sub.

  5. I have posted this a few times, but this REALLY helped me when I had to put my dog down.

  6. Yeah it’s me lol. Jk I’m opening for Chicago on the 18th actually.

  7. That’s actually really cool. What’s your bands name?

  8. I hear ya, but I’ve been a TM customer for years and they’re the least shitty of all the options. It’s actually been a decent experience. YMMV.

  9. Understood. Hence the YMMV comment.

  10. Can you imagine being in a relationship with her and getting into an argument?

  11. Watch that door lever mine knows how to open that lol

  12. Right? I have to keep it locked all the time. They’re too smart!

  13. This reminds me of the “I’ll give you $100 after I can crack these two eggs on your head” videos. You crack one egg and then you walk away without owing them a dime.

  14. To be fair, that room is filled with main characters. She’s just the most egregious.

  15. I have no idea what your title means - but that woman looks like she enjoys her work.

  16. That looks amazing. Can you share your recipe - amounts of sauces, temps, and time?

  17. I paid a 1/2 cent and there were actual 1/2 cent pieces.

  18. Ja boet. Used to go to the cafe and give Mr. Agmat a 2c coin and walk away with 4 chappies. Sometimes he’d pretend not to notice that I had 5.

  19. TBH I didn’t notice her hair and I’ve looked at the pic a lot. 🤷

  20. This is not the way to convince people that it is an amazing country

  21. I'm thinking of adding a Buffalo Trace and a Bulleit next.

  22. Agreed on the BT but for the Bulleit, I prefer their rye. It’s delicious.

  23. Some random woman approached me on the street when I was walking my dood, and started telling me why it’s so bad that I bought a doodle because of the breeders. I let her go on for a few minutes at which point I told her that I rescued him from a shelter.

  24. I love the Eagle Rare 1.75 bottles. I need one of those big bad bitches for my bar

  25. That last sentence sounds like a rap song

  26. This is big city pricing. Looks like this fairly upscale bar/restaurant is in Seattle, and so it’s not surprising at all. (I’m not saying it’s worth it, however!)

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