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  1. Do they still offer scholarships for Fall 2023?

  2. They told me that I'll only get it if funds are available, I'm not sure whether to spend on the application fee and the SAT score. Do you know anyone who's gotten it recently? When did they apply?

  3. 1 cr / year net profit? Honestly could live like a king here, why do you want to leave?

  4. Excluding my jobs outside the tech industry(which I'm good at, but do not enjoy), as opposed to service industry(which I'm ok at, but enjoy immensely):

  5. Ah, good ol academia dick-measuring

  6. Oh no someone deep fried our sweet Ferris

  7. A monospace font for programming with serifs, just what was left for this world to see.

  8. No, I’m not! If I were, I’d mention a short section of a cylinder between the bases of the two cones.

  9. Between two cones or two hemispheres?

  10. The title reminds me of the Doctor Who angels story.

  11. cue hyperfixation on trying to predict the next drop instead of doing actual work

  12. What is this? An apple tree for ants??

  13. It has to do with the fact that they’re resistant to Trypanosomiasis(sleeping disease), from what I know.

  14. Cap. There's clearly one sleeping in the 3rd panel.

  15. The confidence on this dude to just yeet his phone like that.

  16. Skrillex announces album and then we get this meme? Coincidence?

  17. Santa doesn't specify he's using the Gregorian calendar year. He could very well be using the Clausian calendar that begins right after Christmas Eve.

  18. How do you know the resulting decimal is rational?

  19. The first thing that made me feel weird in all these years of reddit. Glad I wasn't eating anything.

  20. "Thou shalt not change the semantics of the code"

  21. Someone nuked the middle east

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