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Episode 9 Post-Credits Scene

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  1. It’ll most likely be for DAH 2 also if this is a leak because it is (I clicked on the link it took me to Xbox & page wasn’t available so yes it’s a leak) again it’ll be on DAH 2 I hope it’s cross play so my brother sister & I can have fun all together.

  2. I highly doubt that since the images show areas and skins taken straight from DAH!1. If it is from DAH!2, it'd be quite weird for them not to include a single new piece of content. The page was just taken down because it wasn't supposed to be announced yet

  3. Never said it’s from DAH2 I just said it’s a feature that for sure will be added on the second game just how “transmogrifying” was a DAH 2 thing implemented into the 1st game. Now I heard that skins all skins from the 1st game will be added to the second game (DAH2) now if that’s true it’s safe to say that this “game mode” will also be added. Do you get what I’m sayin now?

  4. Yeah I see what you were meaning, just interpreted your comment differently

  5. Channeled abilities turn off energy regen over time effects (Limbo's rift being an exception in certain cases).

  6. This looks like one of those Easter egg advertisements that they hide in the background of some episodes that hint towards the episodes sharing a universe.

  7. Millionaires are the new middle class, they can't influence anyone as much as they used to

  8. Dudes got the lips of the bad guy from Monsters vs Aliens

  9. Idk, this series is messed up beyond belief. I don't think there's any saving it

  10. I'm almost certain this scene was in the teaser trailer

  11. The older I get, the less old “old people” look. Fucking depressing haha.

  12. it's just Adam who has one less rib, if humans inherited lost body parts we wouldn't exist

  13. Imagine that one guy that got his dick chopped off and ruined it for his entire bloodline

  14. Kid that held his phone with a photo of the backrooms under the hole: you know, I'm something of an editor myself

  15. It amazes me how many people can't come to that conclusion lmao

  16. What I know it’s just editing but it looks really good

  17. You know how you can leave your warframe in Operator Mode? Well get ready to leave your operator in soul mode! Soul mode provides minor buffs to the operator that are vital to complete the new content, but are immediately lost when you return to your warframe.

  18. Almost certainly not a new game. Might not even be anything of major significance. Companies trademark names for all sorts of reasons.

  19. Its Star Citizen thats one of the latest ship that was added

  20. Is the Bengal finally flyable for players? I remember years ago first seeing concept art and wondering when we'd get it

  21. Whenever I want to look/sound busy at my desk, I just type

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