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  1. Okay you fucking hillbillies this ain't the 80s anymore wear your seatbelt, and don't be a weirdo.

  2. I want singing guns and roses.

  3. Oopsie I wonder what Candace been up to with Trump and his goonies.

  4. That's some fucked up shit is all I can say.

  5. This is what you wanted and now you complain?

  6. Actually I'm subscribed to anarcho-nato-bidenism 😤

  7. We all work for the same goal.

  8. If it was official policy to segregate the busses, then yes it would be apartheid. However, if you actually read the article past the first paragraph, you would see it was just some racist asshole impersonating a transit official who threatened the bus driver and isn’t a typical occurrence. There is no such policy segregating Jews and Arabs on public transit in Israel.

  9. Denial of responsibility.

  10. No way they still can use the sidewalks don’t they ?

  11. Phew, I thought they were already throwing them into ghettoes or something.

  12. Farewell friends and strangers.

  13. Who ever made this gives a "writes with their poop on the walls" vibes.

  14. You will submit to they/them, and we will dress you in unisex clothes you pathetic piece of shit.

  15. 8-36 says:

    Relevant video subtitles on:

  16. 8-36 says:

    My brother in Christ not only your side has catchy phrases to throw around.

  17. Their headline spelled “Entitled French Tourist Camps in Polar Bear Habitat; Gets Polar Bear Killed” incorrectly.

  18. 8-36 says:

    French and southern europeans are the worst.

  19. 8-36 says:

    You see the smaller and weaker hands of the female with the need of apply make up every 15 minutes, and the constant texting with the Chad all contribute towards the reality and the fact, that they will perform worse than men in rocket league.

  20. Your phone is broken and tries to turn the font into comicsans holy shit

  21. I heard rumours that if their demands are not met they will start to post Destiny memes in 48 hours.

  22. Don't waste your time with these GenZeDong fuckers.

  23. Society too complex would rather shovel shit and pay so much taxes, that I have to sell my family to slavery to just survive the next winter.

  24. Just remember to watch Vaush on a laptop on duty.

  25. I don't even question if this is real.

  26. Wtf is a work place book club, and is it mandatory?

  27. And that’s exactly why we will never recognize them, unfortunately. As much as Americans like to think they’re an economic powerhouse (which to be fair, they are), the sanctions and threats that china would lay down upon us in the event of official recognition of sovereignty are enough to scare even the least corrupt congress member.

  28. China would collapse while the West would just experience a very bad recess.

  29. I bet it was a rack full of switches in a closet somewhere in the third floor with only ventilation holes and no fan in place.

  30. Depression prevents the feelings of anger.

  31. Some high quality beef jerkey party.

  32. Isn't this just asking for infected ears and people who do shit like this live in a trash can that they call home.

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