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  1. I sent back to coinbase. When I was trying to bridge it would only bring up my eth and not the polygon. Coinbase was easier. Ill make sure i put it on polygon network when i send it back. Thanks for all your help

  2. What do you know about validating Trust wallet? Getting all these messages that seem suspicious. All the links want my key phrase. I'm not falling for that. I just use trust for fast transactions when I don't have my ledger

  3. Do not answer any of those they are all trying to get your 12 word phrase it’s all scams every single last one of them. Do not answer any of them or click any links.

  4. Pretty soon we’ll never have to hear one of his opinions again

  5. I use HiveOS as my mining platform but I mine with ravenminer. Last 2 days has been barely any until this morning

  6. Not if Russell Terry from Wayne’s World says it to you

  7. I don't think Judaism ever forcefully converted any large group of people via torture and murder (could be wrong though?), and Judaism hasn't exactly had it easy the past few thousand years.

  8. Isn’t the history of Israel’s founding (in their text) based on them escaping Egypt and taking over an entire territory by slaughtering the people there on God’s command?

  9. No idea. But I said forceful conversion, not wholesale slaughter, so.. 🤷‍♂️

  10. He gave federal employees 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, up from 0

  11. During a shutdown, federal employees aren’t paid. The budget passed after has to have a provision to back-pay them. It always gets added after but the employees have to sweat it out.

  12. Why am I reminded every few months about this show just when I’ve forgotten about it

  13. I love how he throws in right at the end that they’re from a conservative country. Classic AH move

  14. Have you tried signing in with a computer and access it by browser? Just a guess but perhaps it blocks two vaults in one app (I know different accounts, but still)

  15. I think you can only access vault on mobile. Don’t know if they changed or not

  16. Another day, another crypto/crypto entity with a weird sounding name that I’ve never ever heard of has been “hacked” and funds stolen by the dev team hackers

  17. Nah, she probably was cheating long before she admitted

  18. Way longer. Banging randos and coworkers without a doubt

  19. I was reading in the beginning thinking it’s AITA and I was gonna say “NTA, she’s cheating on you” then I got to the update update and I was right. Damn

  20. I'm trying to stake 99 matic tokens and they want a $61 fee?

  21. Gas fees fluctuate depending on network traffic. Wait until a time where the traffic is less

  22. We’ll meet in the middle. Both send to me and I’ll send you each others’

  23. Ah, they are going to use those capital gain losses on their records to get a tax return from Uncle Sam. 😆

  24. And it’s in the law, that’s the sad part

  25. That guy is so detached from reality. I think he needs to be put behind bars with only supervised prison phone and face to face meetings with family members and lawyers.

  26. In the US it’s less than $100 to file in small claims court for up to $5000 I believe at least in my state. It looks like you’re in Canada so you’ll need to check with your province. If she changed provinces that could make it more expensive.

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