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  1. This should automatically disqualify someone from being allowed to conceal carry every again. There's no "accidental" shooting, just negligent shooting.

  2. This blatant inequality is going to blow up in our faces soon, and it's gonna be ugly

  3. Same here. I had a few party wipes because my heals just weren't going anywhere. It's not as bad as yours but it makes playing fast paced jobs very difficult.

  4. Is there some setting that was recently changed in the game that causes a GPU to overheat? I've never had a problem with this until about two months ago where the whole computer suddenly shuts down.

  5. I swear it's something with the patch (6.0 or 6.1 I forget which). My computer gets so hot now and my game runs poorly afterwards. Nothing else changed.

  6. I just unlocked Dun Scaith, but spent over an hour in duty finder as SCH with no luck. Never had such problems with the first two raids in the series. Is it just because it was early morning? Or is this raid unpopular? Would I have better luck letting the roulette eventually put me in there? Do I need to use party finder instead? Other tips for getting into this raid?

  7. I have no issues with using roulettes to get Dun. My guess is it's just time of day.

  8. Yup, i've finally given up working extra after many years.

  9. you should download benchmark from here

  10. Ugh they don't have a Mac version of the benchmarks :/ (Then again they haven't even gotten us a working launcher since macOS 12.3 and the community ended up building it's own so I'm not sure what I expected.)

  11. if someone is asking if specific hardware configuration will run the game, there is almost 0% chance they will install macos on that machine

  12. I know but it would be nice to see how well certain configurations of macs run. I’d love to see benchmarks for the various m1 chips.

  13. This is what people don't seem to get. I think too many of the people siding with Epic here forget the enormous expense and time sink it was to have a virtual store back before companies like Apple/Google/etc had places where you could put your software products for sale.

  14. People need to stop believing this. I haven’t had a issue at all for months and now Randomly I am missing GCDs now or dying to Act 2 due to pauses now. This is no coincidence it’s on their side. My internet hasn’t given me issues. Any other game of application it’s fine but ffxiv the past week? Gcds not registering. When it comes to networking issues they will never take the blame for the most part and say it’s your ISP. Which some people do indeed have shoddy ISP or setups in general but this? Nah. This made our raid nights unbearable and just go play something else instead

  15. I'm glad I'm not crazy! I've been experiencing this and I live in North America. Yesterday was particularly bad.

  16. In Preferences > Navigation, Set "Optional Navigation" and "Double-click Navigation" to "Uses Separate Window".

  17. Create a Behavior to hide the toolbar, sidebars and extra editors — see Xcode > Preferences > Behaviors and press + to make one. Give it a keyboard shortcut, then use it after you make a new window.

  18. I've used Xcode since version 3 and I never knew about Behaviors...Thanks so much! I'll look into this. (I really should look up some kind of Xcode tips and tricks, I'm sure there's plenty I don't know about.)

  19. How long would it take to get a blue chocobo?

  20. It takes about 3 minutes of feeding and 6 hours of waiting.

  21. My recommendation would be start with WAR as your tank, SMN as your DPS, and when you hit level 70 see if you vibe with SGE as a healer

  22. Same. While I get the reasoning behind the other variations of rainbow they're just...ugly. Very ugly.

  23. of course). Props for trying something different but yikes.

  24. I like Void Ark...except for that one time where I DCd. Everyone stopped, the enemies stopped, and I asked why everyone stopped and got no response.

  25. Don't know if you already have, but turn down your spell effects. It helps you actually be able to see things.

  26. Yea I just realized that I didn't have it toned down for all party members (or something, it was only set for one group of people) but I haven't run a dungeon with it since. I hope it helps out.

  27. The guy I was dating was playing it and got me hooked. Sadly he doesn't play anymore :(

  28. I enjoy that subreddit, but I guess I don’t really consider myself an egg lol. I know I’m trans so I’m not really in denial of that. I also don’t mind being male either, and guess gender fluid is the term that feels like it ‘fits’ best for me. Sometimes I like being male, and other times it’s fun to be female.

  29. How I wish something like Fantasia existed in real life. I'd probably use them to look like my XIV character in real life, go on a shopping spree, and try on cute dresses, skirts, etc at home to have a mini-fashion show for myself lol. Then switch back to my 'regular self' when I need to go to work and such. I guess for now, I'll just be happy to try out new glams in-game.

  30. I'd be happy to have my characters legs in game. IRL I look like I skip leg day but I don't, it's actually my favorite :(

  31. BLM gets much more mobile as you level up, honestly. We get so many on demand instants, I think it works out that we eventually are able to move without loss for a greater proportion of time than RDM can.

  32. I just unlocked Xenoglossy last night and began fangirling. It’s making me enjoy BLM again.

  33. I'll have to try it! I usually play healer in MMOs but started as dps to get my feet wet. I was thinking of trying ast but I'll give sage a shot when I swap to healer!

  34. I have both and love both. AST is more of a “reactive” healer that dishes out larger heals and buffs. Sage is more of a preventative healer that dishes out smaller heals (for the most part) and damage mitigation.

  35. Uhhhhh. Were you unaware of ERPers until that moment? 😅

  36. I knew it existed, but I didn't realize that dressing slutty made you a target. Definitely naivety on my part!

  37. "i didn't realize dressing slutty in Horny Jail, the MMO would make people thirst for me"

  38. Learning how to play healers properly and I have a few questions...

  39. I only died twice, bur might have been because I was a tank so could take hits. But foe the most part I grabbed adds, avoided circles on ground, seemed to work fie the most part. But yeah had no real understanding of the details

  40. I had a much easier time as healer (although I still died) verses my Black Mage (poor thing just couldn't stay still long enough to cast unless Swiftcast was up). I haven't tried it yet with my tank but he's my next to level so I'm sure it's going to pop up.

  41. If you already have Blizzard 4 and Fire 4 what is the purpose of using transpose between pulls? (I know Umbral Soul exists and that's important to use between pulls, but I can't use it in dungeons yet due to being MSQ locked).

  42. The question is not very clear, but my shot in the dark answer is that before Umbral Soul you have to use Transpose to maintain Enochian between pulls, which is eventually going to be your obsession in order to build job gauge. If you end a fight with low MP in fire, it’s also a no brainer to transpose to regen MP

  43. I'm 79, and it's rare of someone mentions transpose but it does happen. It just happened yesterday for the first time in awhile which is why I thought to ask the question.

  44. I sand it! That’s the only really good way to get rid of lumpiness in the clay and get the results you’re after.

  45. Ugh why didn't I think of that...thanks so much!

  46. How did you get the clay so smooth? I always wonder if I'm using the wrong kind of clay, mine is always lumpy no matter how much I try and smooth it.

  47. Sounds like A7. You are supposed to kill the heart before it touches the boss, but attacking it shouldn't do anything to you. Sounds like you died to something else. Maybe one of the balls or one of the beam attacks that get aimed at players?

  48. Thanks! I'm not sure what it was that got me. I saw nothing but my health chunked away and I was dead after three chunks :/