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  1. They should also rename Slave Pens => Subjugation Pens.

  2. yes we gave them the ultimate freedom :D

  3. Ah okay, i didnt know there was a penalty for leaving. I just assumed there isnt, bc ppl do it so frequently. But if the penalty is not account wide, it sure is easy to circumvent.

  4. nah you are playing a dps spec, people will tolerate a low dps in leveling dungeons just fine. Maybe if you are ass pulling every second pack but you'd have to have a talent for that :P I think you just might have been really unlucky with groups. At end game there can be some abandoning of mythic dungeons especially higher ones if its clear you wont make it in time but than you are only doing dungeons for mostly score and bragging rights, I've barely seen any leavers in mid level m+ 10-15. Theres some of course because toxic people will be toxic, but not a lot.

  5. The game is too complex to break down to a single tip.

  6. if you want to be serious about crafting and investing in df 100k is pocket change. I'd count several mil to be good place to be prior to new expac, since all the new mats will have banana prices.

  7. will my collection of materials be meaningful? this makes me worry about bot farming.. I have chose mining/herbalism instead of any crafting professions because of what ive read about the upcoming changes in dragonflight. No more crafting locked recipies anymore.. all professions can craft everything for everyone else (that they used to be only to craft for themselves).. So it seems obvious to just gather materials as both professions

  8. no one will really really care about your collection. As to professions - I doubt there will be no bonuses from crafting professions at all. In general serious raiding guilds will only care that you have professions that give best boost to your perf in raid. Gathering professions were never the choice for raiding. More casual guilds will not care at all. If you worry about professions for gold making - gathering profs are not the way to go because of the bots.

  9. If I understand what Blizzard said officially about DragonFlight profession changes is the only real difference in all professions, wether gathering or crafting is money per playable hour i guess. It seems there is NO disadvantage other than income to min max for raiding/endgame gear. As in EVERYONE can get BIS for EVERY profession class. If you have the funds.. hell you dont even need to pick a profession at all, if you can afford it.

  10. If that’s the case - great. But I read that as it will only apply to crafted gear. Not sure if it will apply to things like extra sockets from bs or whatever non-gear bonuses you could get from professions. In any case leveling prof now doesn’t help you in anyway since there will be new levels starting from 1 for ds. Nowadays for late expac/season I usually pick engi and herb on chars that I don’t care much about. Herb does give you a tiny bit extra cash while doing dailies and engi will give you access to ah in oribos. Other than that alch is great to make your flasks last longer.

  11. Usually a double shot just after waking up, than 1-2 americanos after morning stand up. Maybe 1-2 shots/americanos after/during lunch. Also lately after lunch americanos are often replaced with steamed iced americano :P

  12. Not gonna lie ~ I too have contemplated this as well ~ for the same reason ~ espresso SHOULDN'T be a JOB ~ and you have to admit ~ its a HASSLE ~ dialing bean every 5 days ~ waste waste waste ~ but fun too so i don't know

  13. Yeah espresso at home is not worth it if you dont love the process and want it to be your hobby

  14. This was my first exact setup! Honestly 520 is a bit steep, I'd give it 350-400 max depending on condition of grinder and gaggia.

  15. What would be the term for someone who doesn't know what they were doing, and just fucked things to hell? Because that would be me if I tried this.

  16. With fire arms? That would probably be dead or seriously injured, with espresso though thats another question :)

  17. Pretty sure a jet engine is quieter than sette :D

  18. This, and it may very well get worse.

  19. No longer pretending you know a language, now you’re pretending you know about architecture

  20. Yes! Just recently got new job, my first with senior dev title and I so much feel like it. Felt like complete scam during interview trying to discuss event driven arch and cqrs…

  21. I live in Oslo now for 7 years here is my opinion on coffee here.

  22. You are missing out. Personally I don’t like the texture of medium chicken, but medium pork tenderloin is amazing

  23. If you can find your OPV (over pressure valve), and it looks exactly the same and it's in the same spot, it's a very safe bet that MaraX instructions apply for you as well. If you're still unsure, I would just call a Lelit dealer, and simply ask them if it looks the same and is in the same place on both machines.

  24. Thanks, the piping going down from opv on mine looked slightly different so I just ended up asking Lelit insider in the comments and he confirmed that it’s the same and piping is due to slight difference how pressure meter is mounted in Mara x :)

  25. While butter is definitely the reason restaurant mashed potatoes and certain other food tastes good, rigorous prep is also a huge part of it.

  26. Yeah it's true that restaurants can afford to go much further to make their dishes taste amazing. However I think many home cooks just dont know about or refuse to do simple things that have huge impact. Seasoning is the first thing that comes to mind, some people treat even basics like salt as if it was cocaine or some poison that'll kill you if you add more than 0,001g . Another thing if a bit more complex - actually balancing fattiness and acidity. And probably my biggest pet peeve - making dishes "healthy" - mashed potatoes with just water because it's less fat and fat is unhealthy, never ever adding any fat or aggressively removing fat from meets, overcooking a lot of the food - as simple as poor broccoli that was boiled for 20minuts to turning a piece of juicy pork chops to leather.

  27. Someone already mentioned Haute Cuisine, another more recent movie from france about food which I loved - Délicieux which follows main character on his way to creating first restaurant in France. Also not strictly about food - A Good Year, great film about wine. And I also must mention Sideways as well.

  28. In Portugal too! Mackerel in tomate, olive oil packed tuna…. I bought back so many and gave them away as gifts and people lost their minds!

  29. Yay for mackerel in tomato - it's also insanely popular in Norway

  30. Uff da!!! Can’t wait to get to Norway someday!!! Black churches and fjords, ugh, gorgeous!!!!

  31. Who needs fjords when we have lots of lovely villages like Hell and of course nature attractions such as giant's kettle named Helvete(hell in Norwegian).

  32. I honestly wouldn't mind some sort of "smart" toilet that analyzed you pee and poo for irregularities and such. Gave you a nice little report after every dump. "you should eat more fiber", "cut down on the sugar jackass", etc..

  33. get a motion sensor and rig it to trigger rpi to play pre recorded audio at random - smart toilet done :D

  34. do the same thing. Ex-Microbiologist who worked at Nestle Nesquick Production line with an MPH here. I will explain to you why he probably will not get sick.

  35. Yeah he brings the liquid to boiling point and it should be enough to pasteurize it. What about meat and veggies in the soup their internal temp might be far from what’s needed for pasteurization. Also the research you talking about is in regards to liquids, solid food might behave differently - there is a reason that when using sous vide you want to chill food in an ice bath if you intend to store it even though sous vide results in pasteurization.

  36. I keep my Lelit Mara (PL62T) on from 30min(8am) before I wake up until around 4-5pm, if I want coffee later then machine is at least lukewarm so it doesn't take as much time to warm up.

  37. I owned 270 and now I have Specialita(afaik it's almost the same as silenzio sans the touch display).

  38. Thanks for the insight! Given that you have experience with both (I’m also under the impression Silenzia and specialita are mechanically the same), how was your experience with dialing in? I’m a bit surprised that a high end and well respected company like eureka uses a tiny little knob with no indicator to control the most important function. Was the BS270 much easier to dial in and adjust or is there some other benefit of the EMS’s knob that I’m not understanding?

  39. Honestly no 270 was a pain. After a while the micro adjustment ring loosened and would drift a bit over a couple of grinds from motor vibration, I had to put a piece of tape to hold it in place. The knob on the mignon isn’t great but it’s fine as long as you don’t switch grind size often. I can see how it’s problematic if you want pour over/aero press etc. and then you want to make a couple of espresso shots. But if you just grind for espresso without hopping between different beans all the time it’s totally fine.

  40. Buying an entire bottle of alcohol just to get the cork to make a WDT tool. Thats dedication

  41. Looking at prices of some WDT tools - it's not even that expensive :D

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