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  1. What's in the bag?!? Please, I gotta know. 😂

  2. I work at a Bank. Even ATMs that are serviced and refilled by Armor Car Services just stuff them with random bills they received the day before. No recourse. Maybe large banks or high value areas/client Banks MIGHT log starting and ending #s on shipments of uncirculated or new money, but those places don’t have drive thrus let alone outside ATMs.

  3. makes sense, it would be way too time-consuming to log serial numbers. maaaaybe the ATM has the tech to log serials upon dispensal. to deal with stolen credit cards etc. but that's moot if the ATM is compromised

  4. Iirc language studies in other primates is bogus. All examples of apes learning "language" are overintetpretation of the researchers.

  5. what you said is not language, it's semantics. you're nitpicking about the definition of what makes a language. even if chimps don't speak something you can add to the list of iptions on google translate, the fact that they are sticking words together is phenomenal. this was thought to be a human only thing

  6. nothing shitty about that. be grateful for that and enjoy it. i live in a city where the vegan pizza is plain dough topped with broccoli

  7. Smart move by both. In podcast years, Reply All is ancient. Other than TAL, how many scripted podcasts have had such a long run?

  8. That's crazy, I don't understand how people can be so selfish and callous. When my grandpa died, he left a decent chunk of money and a house, and it was supposed to be split between my dad, my uncle, and two aunts.

  9. sad how y'all americans keep having issues with medical bills. that shit don't happen in civilized countries

  10. He went to his wife's work new years party and got really drunk. He suddenly decided his wife was having an affair with her boss. A loud shouting match ensued and he suddenly pull out a gun. He shot his wife, her boss, and himself in the head. He and her boss were doa. His wife lost her vision but survived. They had 3 small children.

  11. reading this thread it's just fucked up how so many incidents wouldn't have happened without easy access to firearms

  12. Those strawberries aren't going to pick themselves

  13. This is false. I've been licensed since 1993. You don't talk politics on ham radio. It's one of the big no-nos.

  14. Mostly the hobby itself. That's what you're supposed to be talking about. A large part of ham radio is building electronic circuits, radio kits, antennas, trying different setups, etc.

  15. I don’t want to harm them just eat them. Can we figure that one out cause the animals are so tasty but I love them. Just give them a peaceful existence and a quick death? It’s how I’d want it to be for me

  16. plant-based meat is so authentic these days, it freaks me the fuck out. the plant-based whopper from BK for instance, i take a bite of that, and i'm like, whoa, am i allowed to be eating this? ditto for their plant-based chicken. it's incredible. tastes just like chicken.

  17. Keep in mind that english is only my second language. I've never quite understood the difference between basement and cellar but here we are. Basically: the first floor that you're allowed to live in has to be a certain height above the historically highest water level we ever had. Most properties dont have that elevation so there has to be some structure below the hut that can get flooded without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the hut/house. So it's storage below the first 'living' floor. That's a basement/cellar to me. Maybe not by the actual definition but yeah

  18. your english is hella fluent, until i saw the pics which screamed europe i thought this was in florida or someplace

  19. Read the Bible. Then realized that all the other Christians had not read it.

  20. what's wrong with that? they be cursing cheaters, seems standard

  21. Well first off adultry should not be a death penalty offense, especially in a society where slavery was big. You know fucking priorities. Secondly it is a terrible justice system. Third xians have a hard on for abortion and this really goes against that.

  22. there'd probably be a lot fewer broken families if adultery were a capital offense... which in some parts of the world it still is

  23. Did you know that the penis tip is shaped like a mushroom cause of evolution? Like it was a more beneficial shape cause it would scoop out the old cum out of the vagina before ejaculating new, so the shape stuck.

  24. Happened on a cruise by a Dutch person. In Malaysia by a Swiss person, and multiple times in Russia by Russians.

  25. in russia it was a term of endearment, think nothing of it. fuck the dutch n the swiss tho

  26. Israel. They seem to make a point of being as rude as possible.

  27. i don't post to that sub anymore because every single post, even the popular ones with 10k upvotes, gets removed because "the animal is not being a jerk"

  28. Supposedly the fish suffocated and this woman decided to cook them instead of throwing them out.

  29. oh really? that makes more sense. you got a link?

  30. Not sure if this is the story, but since it’s from 2021, it may be. 🤷‍♂️ But according to this article, certain people do eat it. Which also means your post could be accurate. Can’t find anything except for this article

  31. thanks buddy. seems to be a different story... but geez

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