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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - Post Race Discussion

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  1. Everytime i watch City, i have zero idea why they bought Grealish

  2. Great run from Lukaku there, shame he made a wrong decision.

  3. Personally I don't blame Verstapen. He is champion and deserved it based on the results so far.

  4. Toto twerking for an oil company that has committed war crimes. Not surprising

  5. Andre Silva scores and James Brown's "I feel good" plays in the background

  6. I really hope the championship isn't settled by a crash in Abu Dhabi.

  7. if they knew that it was a red flag when Charles crashed yesterday why did they bother with the safety car today? You cannot deny how suspicious this is tbh.

  8. Lewis and Max are so far clear of the rest of the grid lol Not even funny at this point

  9. Maguire Only turns up against Albania and San Marino

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