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  1. How has no one mentioned they did Mark Henry's theme?

  2. Stopped in 2013-2014 and as of recent just saw Rhea Ripley on tik tok and thought she was so interesting so I hopped on and found all these cool new storylines and now I’m back in

  3. I’ve heard that Khali wears pants in the ring because his legs are very skinny and it looks weird

  4. I never was able to get the PPV so I could only watch the YouTube clips after the event.

  5. I attend ASU. ASU does not have an ECE specific degree. It has an Electrical Engineering, and Electrical System Engineering degrees, both are ABET accredited.

  6. ASU is a pretty big school. EE is at the main campus and it varies based on the Professor. I’ve had both good and bad. Classrooms vary in size from 50-150. But get smaller as you increase in level.

  7. Rhea Ripley got me back into wrestling after 10 years. All it took was a strong goth woman. She’s also really good though.

  8. Fat cats on Recker Is my go since it opened. The one off Greenfield is also good. That one seems a bit more cramped in the arcade and bowling area. Fat cats also has a loyalty popcorn bucket that pays off after 5 movies. And all movies are $5 on Tuesday.

  9. Man I loved AMC 24 when I was younger. I still remember when they had both sides of the theatre open. I also remember when the second level was also open. I have so many good memories there. But unfortunately I moved from that area.

  10. Criteria wise this doesn’t fit but the Worlds Strongest Slam I think is a weak finisher for Mark Henry. I know it hurts and stuff but what’s separating it from a regular slam? I know he brings them up but if he brought them up high it would be a better delivery.

  11. The superman punch, there is never a single instance in which it actually looks like it connects and makes an impact. It's awful in every aspect.

  12. I like the move. But I agree it looks a lot like a flying jab more than a punch. I think the best one that Romans ever thrown might have been against Lesnar

  13. The Undertaker had to protect Kayfabe because his gimmick was pretty silly.

  14. Undertaker was so dedicated to Kayfabe that when I was 7-10 years old I really thought Undertaker was dead and Kane had killed their family.

  15. Cody Rhodes try not to get emotional challenge level impossible

  16. I don't understand why Disney has a problem with racasting a character. Do they really believe we are too stupid to understand that the same character can have different faces ?

  17. I don’t understand why most shops doesn’t do cross training/shadowing for engineers and machinists. What’s the downside in showing everyone why some parts need this dimension and tolerance, or what this tolerance is impossible because theirs nowhere to hold the part etc.

  18. I am currently in University for engineering and I took a class on machining. It helped a lot for learning tolerances and how to operate the machines themselves. Think more people should’ve taken the class.

  19. It is correct “No podría haberlo hecho sin ustedes” but please make sure to use Ñ in aÑos, because aNos means anuses and that would be embarrassing 😂

  20. Ooh good point totally forgot about that haha. That would be embarrassing for the ceremony. Thank you so much!

  21. So just to make sure, the full phrase would be “A mi familia, gracias por apoyarme todoS estos aÑos. No podría haberlo hecho sin ustedes".

  22. This episode makes we want to go to a mall. I haven’t been in years

  23. I like the show but I can agree that the season needed more episodes like 1 or 2 more

  24. Last year, The HR ghosted me for 2 months and then came a rejection. Don’t stop your search. They don’t give a shit about the applicants.

  25. Hey at least you got a rejection letter. I’m still waiting on mine from Microchip. It’ll be 2 years in June. I interviewed and everything lol

  26. ITT People listing names of people who aren’t even rated high

  27. I remember this from like years ago. Didn’t this girl have a really weird fetish for black guys that was all over her Twitter?

  28. So did you ask where and how they will be stored when not in use? Where they made in the USA? How will they be disposed of once they've reached their end of use?

  29. Someone asked about Ironing and maintenance and nobody responded to them so I have no idea

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