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  1. Our health care is crumbling here. Can you provide some insights as to why the on demand right in service in Florida for health care wasn’t good ? I was under assumption if you have health care coverage it’s a no brainer

  2. It’s not a no brainer. The grass is always greener on the other side until you’re on the other side and you smell the bullshit they used to fertilize it.

  3. Ah. I think I'd avoid that neck of the woods personally. Were there any positives of living there?

  4. You can use your phone to call the carrier and tell them you want the money.

  5. Yes. But he needs to sleep and can’t be expected to moderate at 2:15 AM.

  6. WHY is it always text? Who texts their boss??

  7. Before a mortgage is finalized mortgage lenders assess the property being purchased.

  8. Watch the marketplace episode concerning shady mortgages. Apparently what OP is saying is very real.

  9. Yes. That episode is great and people misconstrue the message.

  10. We need a runoff election. Just like they make us do in Georgia.

  11. Georgia’s runoff is frankly for racist reasons. They know they have strong possibilities of more than one Republican running for the same office in the general election.

  12. Ultimately, uplisting will be determined by the exchanges. I wouldn't rule out uplisting at this point as this will have to be studied after SAFE passes. There could be specific language added which would allow immediate uplisting, but who knows right now if that will be added.

  13. Very interesting seeing the editorial board explicitly linking the rise of these premiers and their disdain for norms and constitutional limits with the electoral system

  14. FPTP needs to come to an end. We are too polarized thanks to American political cancer metastasizing.

  15. Canada pays 6.88% of the annual NATO budget. Ranking them 6th in the alliance.

  16. There’s a pretty one sided documentary on the negative effects of brexit. Pretty sobering. Grown men literally crying. A lot of people woke up the next day and had major regret.

  17. Yes very easy to navigate. Call up Manulife and ask for guidance. They should be able to help with understanding their process and filling out their paperwork.

  18. Ok will do! We were using the online form so there was no way to proceed without filling it in but I guess we'll have to apply with a human.

  19. As a Liberal. No thanks. Minorities from now until the end of time.

  20. Why is the ownership the relevant stat? I was just thinking about housing cost relative to incomes. If you take home ownership, you’re including all homes that were bought before prices went up so high. The point I am trying to make is that if I need to choose between Toronto and NYC to move somewhere where I have a better chance to buy a home now, I am easily picking NYC and its not even close.

  21. If homeownership was easier in NYC homeownership rates would be increasing.

  22. I mean stories like this prove law enforcement is doing something. They typically don’t publicize their operational plans so they make news less often.

  23. Not suggesting they’re doing nothing. But focus on irradiating this market before we go after the legal market.

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