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  1. Portland beating NOLA would be double amazing!

  2. Idk how killing machine quickly is fun i mean thats what story or easy is for very hard is for the players who want to toy with there prey for a while since they have so much more hp in hard levels like dodging a thunderjaw charge and tail club one after the other feels amazing

  3. Plenty of people find time challenges fun. Get off this dude’s back, you’re being a jerk.

  4. You were pretty luck on the 2nd but you absolutely crushed the first.

  5. Yep. Why are Nico and Cuban getting a pass here? The issues with this team start at the top…

  6. Lmao how the fuck are they getting a pass Cuban is getting trashed everywhere in Mavs media.

  7. Mostly I see on this sub everyone trashing Kidd (which he deserves plenty of criticism too).

  8. Kidd can be dealt with. Cuban cannot be.

  9. Comprehension is gold these days… maybe they’re saying unless the crime warrants such a high risk pursuit. Risky to civilians, risky to the cop chasing. I’d get if if he was a notorious street racer or he just murdered someone or robbed smthg of great value… but if all that just for some petty crime is utterly ridiculous.

  10. How is that different from saying just let the criminal go? If that’s your point that’s fine, but don’t express your opinion and then lie and say it’s something else.

  11. “Let a criminal go” implies all criminals should be off the hook period…. My statement is conditional whereas yours lack optics. It makes me a criminal if I shoplift an oreo bar too… but you wouldn’t think it warrants a gta style chase would you? Like I said, unless the guy here has committed some serious crime that needs to be stopped immediately or it will affect others, there is no reason to put so many civilians at risk in such a chase. Just think about it. People here love their “hah justice served” boner tho.

  12. You know nothing about this criminal. So there is effectively no difference between saying you should let this unknown criminal go and let any other singular one go. Either way you are saying you are willing to roll the dice that this criminal is worth letting go.

  13. Maybe if it was 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 etc in the drafts lol

  14. Lmao that’s not my question but I think you ended up answering it anyway.

  15. We are trying to abstain from sex until marriage. So we are both on the same page.

  16. Why aren’t you responding to the abundance of comments saying this is not physiologically normal and he needs to see a doctor? He needs to see a doctor, and your not responding to that is concerning me that you are ignoring that portion of the advice you are receiving.

  17. Apologies, I don’t check reddit for very long! I didn’t expect the number of comments to come back to. I definitely told him he should go see a Doctor and he said he’ll go today :)

  18. Hah okay sorry if I was a bit brash, I tend to be that way sometimes

  19. Irving was a bad pickup… the team was better prior to the Irving trade…

  20. Wait wtf I thought Nick was black and now I'm all kinds of fucked up.

  21. I don't have Twitter - what does it say? It says

  22. It's age restricted because the Twitter bots didn't know how to react to Perkins actually having a reasonable take.

  23. Carlisle quit because Donnie was pushed out after the Bob drama

  24. If you think Luka didn't play a role in that you're insane.

  25. Okay so at first I thought your parents were culty and ofc that's what a lot of the comments assumed as well. After reading your comments, it just sounds like your parents are uneducated and ignorant. They might even mean well? So maybe just educate them that you cannot, in fact, lose your virginity to tampons.

  26. They happen in other places too. Por ejemplo Brazil

  27. Exactly my point. But thanks for the anecdote.

  28. Agreed on the first and third, but if you are implying the drug control is a solution for the 2nd problem listed but not gun control, that's fucking hilarious.

  29. Sixty years ago we had the same amount of guns in the country less gun control and less shootings. This doesn’t have anything to do with gun control it’s the breakdown of the family, drug use and other social issues

  30. All of these things are true and even worse so in other countries. But these shootings do not happen in other countries, certainly nowhere close to the frequency or degree as here. And there is one singular difference that ties those countries together and makes ours stand apart. Those countries have fewer firearms. What else do those countries have going for them that the US does not? There's nothing. Those countries don't have been access to mental health (despite what people on the left would tell you), there no fewer social issues or breakdown of the nuclear family (especially in Europe). The only other non-gun-proliferation thing I can think of is that maybe our sense of individualism causes people to be less sympathetic or something? But certainly many Western countries are individualist, and I have a hard time believing that differentiates us from any countries outside of Asia.

  31. I don’t know how this sub feels about Pink Flamingos but is this movie really worthy of being added to this list? I haven’t seen it since I was in high school but aren’t there some really grotesque scenes? Like a guy having sex with a chicken and a woman eating dog shit?

  32. You don’t have to work until then to retire. Ya ignorant buffoon.

  33. It lasts weeks if you blanch and shock it

  34. I'll try that next time, but it still won't last because it'll still get used up in a couple of days.

  35. Yeah weird addition, given that paganism doesn't really do the whole "gays are evil" thing that Christianity seems so fond of

  36. It’s not a weird addition you are just looking at it wrong. They don’t mean the paganism is contributing to the homophobia, they mean that the history of paganism in Naples means that Catholics there could be extra wary of actions or trends they deem pagan. Basically that to her it’s not just an isolated incident of girls kissing but a sign that Paganism is winning.

  37. That’s funny because I’ve taken a few Italian Duolingo courses and I basically understood what she was saying

  38. Why do we have to make a dumb assumption that we all know is false? They could not have traded Fox for the same return. It’s asinine to suggest otherwise.

  39. Losing the rebound battle by 21 lol...but Luka is the problem

  40. This team has lots of problems. Luka’s mentality is one of them. It’s down on the list for sure, but it’s maybe the one that caps our ceiling.

  41. We’ll never be a serious team under Mark Cubans ownership lmao

  42. Yeah that’s a good point we’ll never win a championship under Cuban…

  43. He took us to the western conference finals last year. So he has a lot of cushion right now to keep his job, and not just that we have also been injured pretty much all year. I want Jason gone, but best case scenario is he's gone in 2 years. Worst case is he's still here after Luka contract is up. Remember Cuban and him are friends so that probably makes it harder to give him the boot.

  44. Best case is he is gone next year, not 2 years from now

  45. For sure. I think there’s even a non-zero chance he is gone this off-season, but extremely unlikely.

  46. You’re both thinking of “Karma” in terms of our western connotation, neither of you even understand what the Hindu lad is getting at which is typical

  47. What the fuck else is he getting at in this context?

  48. that if you are poor, have a crippling disease, become disabled it’s because you deserve it. you can get out of it by serving the good ones who were nice in a previous life. the reward will be that you too will get a nice life in rebirth.

  49. Of course. But person I’m responding to is saying we are somehow wrong and missing the point.

  50. We all know the mock draft machines that have trade values broken so badly that you can easily stockpile early round picks. Apparently ESPN created those machines. To think jumping up a full round from early 3rd to early 2nd should only cost a 5th round pick is hilariously out of touch.

  51. Oh I brought this up during the summer and was downvoted into oblivion. When things are going well the Reddit hivemind downvotes any skepticism. When things are going poorly they vote down any optimism. It’s a fickle beast.

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