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  1. If that's what you think is "leftist", then you have a very, very, right-leaning "center" point to use as a reference. Then again, from the perspective of the rest of the world -- and reddit is an international site! -- america's political parties are right and extreme right. But the leftism of the rest of the world is neither communist nor anti-work; those attitudes come from taking "not-right" to its logical extreme, landing somewhere completely off the reasonable political spectrum, on an completely new axis of insanity.

  2. That shithole is a hate subreddit in itself. They are not beyond false flagging to get subreddits they don't want removed.

  3. I'm not sure if I want to know what unholy abomination would Apple come up with if asked to design a kid.

  4. Immigration is possible considering they border countries like India or Pakistan that can provide cheap labor. But more importantly, machine learning and automation will most likely takeover.

  5. I don't think China can tap immigration heavily. When it comes to that, it has many of the same issues as Japan, and then some of its own.

  6. If you buy a Playstation early in the generation, buy two exclusives for it, and then never buy any subscribtion or MTX? Chances are, Sony lost money on you.

  7. A surprising amount of people. Like, if you already have a gaming PC, why would you play on a console?

  8. -__- are you serious? Most Russians actually believe this bullshit? That’s depressing as hell. No wonder Putin been in office for so long…

  9. Not sure if "most of them", but propaganda does have a lot of sway. Loads of "Ukraine is USA puppet state right at our borders", "ravaged by neonazis who would beat you up for speaking Russian" (a lot of people in Ukraine speak Russian), etc - all funneled through the state media, which dominate the media field offline and try to accomplish the same online.

  10. Or just cheaper workers, in a jurisdiction where there's enough poverty and unemployment that they wouldn't dare to strike.

  11. Any idol or vtuber will have fans, which means they can deliver ideology and propaganda to people, like TV shows and games, and we all knew how CCP heavily regulating them.

  12. Things must have been pretty wild back then if they were just huffing various chemicals to see what would happen.

  13. Early science was something else entirely.

  14. Let this sink in… Gremlins, Temple of Doom, and Poltergeist are all rated PG (and all from the youth corrupting mind of Steven Spielberg). They contain graphic stabbings, shootings, death by blender and microwave, impaling by flaming shish kabob, poisoning, child slavery, torture by whipping, human sacrifice aka ripping heart out of chest and slowly being lowered into lava, death by falling, eaten alive by crocodiles, eating food with maggots, self ripping of face off, terrifying hauntings / possessions including a sinister clown doll, almost being eaten alive by a tree, almost drowning in a pit of mud with actual skeletons, etc. That’s just what I can remember off the top of my head. Shit was hardcore for kids in the 80s.

  15. He thought the box needed to be shaken... but lighting the box on fire works wonders too!

  16. They want that Warzone money, so they took the crappiest features from the game and thought it would just RAIN MONEY!

  17. Too late. Battlefield InfinEternal - a hero looter-shooter with hero gacha AND weapon gacha both! The game will NEVER get old with 4 new guns and 4 new heroes, all increasingly overpowered, releasing every season! Keep coming back EVERY DAY to do your daily list of wonderful FOMO-fueled chores and increase your excitingly slim chances of getting a brand new hero that totally wouldn't become obsolete in the meta in 2 months tops!

  18. The internet at large doesn't want to hear this, but huge portions of the "pop security" circles on the internet feel quite a lot like they are intentionally filled with bad information to trick people into having bad opsec.

  19. PIN over biometrics makes an awful lot of sense. By US law, you cannot be forced to enter a PIN. You can be forced to show your face.

  20. There's nothing wrong with leaders and that's very different from "rulers". The question is whether the leaders should get special privileges over those they lead, and many human societies have shown it's completely possible for everyone to have equal rights and no privileges over others.

  21. A leader already gets special privileges by definition - because he's the one calling the shots. That already gives him a massive advantage when it comes to the oldest political game of maintaining and consolidating power.

  22. You're dead wrong. In a healthy functioning society, those who are leaders would be elected and accountable to the will of those they lead, and the leading itself is not a special privilege but a responsibility with a lot of work attached. The way its mostly been done for the past several thousand years is bananas and wrong. You're used to "leaders" that are basically rulers because we've lived under class society for so long. Once class has disappeared there would be no basis for priveleged leaders. But even now, under our capitalist class society, organizational programs can be set to make sure leaders have no priveleges and are held to account.

  23. By that definition, give me an example of a healthy and functioning society.

  24. other comments are focusing on how many advantages the trio have been given compared to other practitioners. I basically agree, although I haven't read pact.

  25. You might be onto something. Trio got into Practice because they wanted to - which is more than what many Practitioners in established families might be able to say. They were able to choose their paths and roles. There might be a major difference in mindset here.

  26. Agreed on all counts, though I will point out Alexander's fatal mistake: it wasn't that he stopped thinking straight and overreached (some of that, sure); but it was his underestimation of Others that cost him his life.

  27. I feel like to a control freak like Alexander, "sent friendly Others home" may hold the implication that the Others in question are "friendly" because they are predictable enough or bound tight enough. Contracts written, oaths made. Which means that, once sent, they actually will go home.

  28. None of these "upper limit estimates" assume that very active garbage collection and pruning are occurring, which is silly to me.

  29. I think space garbage collection is an early enough tech that it can be discounted, for now. If it ends up proving itself and becoming economical enough to see widespread use, the assesment can be revisited.

  30. I think Musk cares a lot about the environment, but like everything else with him, that interest is projected entirely through the lens of his ego and his legacy.

  31. This. Elon Musk being an egomaniac and an asshole on Twitter, or Elon Musk working his people to the bone are not mutually exclusive with Elon Musk caring about environment and taking up projects that benefit humanity as whole.

  32. He makes it so easy considering how just a month ago he wanted to

  33. I remember him saying that he's up for solar and EV subsidies to get dismantled - as long as the same happens to fossil fuel subsidies. I don't see anyone taking him up on that any time soon though.

  34. I welcome you to try! If you don't already know Pick/BASIC it would definitely be a big help!

  35. That language sure sounds ancient and cursed.

  36. I don't think there are backups for anything StarShip. No abort scenarios either. I hope they pull this off, but the cynic in me thinks it's going to be messy.

  37. Yeah, that's what concerns me a lot about Starship. It does too many things Shuttle did, when it comes to safety.

  38. Really depends when you started. People got really good at this game within the first year. I bought it day one and got a ton of chicken dinners at the start. As time passed and I played less, I was doing worse generally and won less. If you bought it after 2019 you're just getting wrecked by people with thousands of hours.

  39. The same is true for pretty much any competitive MP game. You are far less likely to keep playing a game you get wrecked at, so the people that stick around tend to have more experience and talent the longer a game was running for. And as the skill floor and average creep up, the enjoyability for a casual player goes down.

  40. Are miners in any way relevant to you and your transaction though? If one tries to deny you a transaction, another will pick it up. If one wants to charge you an arbitrarily higher fee, the system wouldn't let him take more than the fee you committed to paying. If one tries to tamper with your transactions, the cryptography will stop any such attempt. And no miner can leave your transaction hanging indefinitely, with the money being "stuck" - as banks sometimes do.

  41. All crypto transactions are not only traceable, but fully public.

  42. This is true for most major cryptocurrencies, but not for all of them. Some have more of a privacy angle, trying to make their transactions hard to trace.

  43. Because the game developers are egotistical and think you should be absolutely immersed in their game and can’t fathom anything happening in life that could be more important than watching their cinematic cutscene.

  44. True, but I don't think it's good UX. The times it'll be user error will outweigh the times it's intentional I bet. Plus it can cause weird interactions, e.g. if in your game crouching aborts a conversation and the user maps it into the same button as "make conversation choice" they'll be very confused.

  45. It does allow for user error, but if the user has managed to map "run" and "crouch" on the same button, that's a user problem. And a rare one at that - most people either ignore the controls settings or know what they are doing, with very little in between.

  46. I don't give a shit about what criticism a bunch of doing-it-for-free powermods has to offer. They are a bigger problem for the platform than "hate speech" in niche communities could ever hope to be.

  47. Not gonna buy games from the homophobic David Cage who let's employees get abused in their workplace.

  48. Honestly, I struggle to find a fuck to give about yet another Twitter outrage bait. David Cage's writing is offensive to me though.

  49. Yep, this film is fucking terrifying. I should never of had children, I'm sorry my babies. 😭

  50. If you live in the first world, it really shouldn't concern you nearly as much as it does. On a list of countries that are going to get hit hard by climate change effects, your country would struggle to make it to top 50.

  51. Yeah, say that to all of the families of the passed away that died in natural disasters like tornadoes, typhoons, floods, heat waves and cold snaps because of climate change to this day in first world countries. And it's just the beginning. You're far from reality. With ale the problems that are escalating fast, those resources will be overwhelmed fast. There is no place on Earth safe from the climate change.

  52. Now add that entire death toll up, and compare it to the death toll of the so-called natural causes such as heart disease or cancer during the same time. Then count the orders of magnitude of difference between the two.

  53. I don't think Endbringers share their power well with Eidolon. His power is more like being able to activate them.

  54. But I thought they removed Herobrine in 2.1.0 update!

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