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  1. I would recommend Jenkins' What Love Is: And What It Could Be, which is a book on the philosophy of polyamory by a polyamorous philosopher.

  2. Does anyone have any recommended readings, thoughts, or musings on the idea of "truth"?

  3. This is a pretty big question. If you're looking for something very intro level on truth, Blackburn's Truth is ok. A but higher level (like a philosophy undergrad course level) would be Wrenn's Truth, which I prefer. If you want a big anthology of primary readings you can't do better than The Nature of Truth: Classic and Contemporary Readings, 2nd ed.

  4. I thought KP's Black Flag was a whole new game system? Is it really just a 5e hack? That's lame!!

  5. Ireland would lie well above the USA's Northern border.

  6. I can't wait till Rodgers retires next year and I never have to hear about that giant asshole again. I have zero doubt that he'll go to the Jets after all of this tedious, exhausting coverage and then just be mid.

  7. When he retires he is absolutely going to start a podcast that we will all hear about incessantly. There is no way we'll be rid of him that easily.

  8. This just strikes me as muddying the waters in the name of semantics. A proposition can be a premise, or a conclusion, or both. I don’t know why we wouldn’t just say that complex arguments can daisy-chain conclusions by using them as premises, for the sake of reaching the final conclusion. This (at least to me) seems to permit us to talk about the logical structure of arguments with greater clarity.

  9. You can say it's muddying the waters in the name of semantics, sure, but in logic the traditional formal definition of "argument" does indeed only allow one conclusion by definition. This is pretty important for the way the actual logical consequence relation is defined, so it's not arbitrary.

  10. I'm going to bed but you can google "multiple conclusion logics" and see how different they are than standard logics to get a feel for things. There's good reasons to consider these types of views (Greg Restall's "Multiple Conclusions" is the classic here) but they're definitely nonstandard.

  11. The worst about him is, when he does answer something, it's something super vague and not definitive, that more often than not just further muddies the water instead of clearly saying YES or NO to something.

  12. They gotta move Dalvin, right? With Mattison on the roster especially

  13. Who would trade for Cook? He's not worth the cost. Just wait for the Vikings to cut him and pick him up significantly cheaper.

  14. Ngl I can see the vikinga slapping their cock on the table

  15. And what the hell would they do with Cousins then? He has a no trade clause and is not hesitant to play hardball with teams.

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