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  1. In my email receipt it says 10 days return for store credit only?

  2. I think regardless of what a store says, they have to offer it to you. Only reason I say that is because Maniere De Voir said they would only offer credit notes and got done for it. Also represent only offer credit for sale but saw on the FB page other day someone saying they are legally obliged to offer full refund

  3. Oh really? I think it’s all about whether they disclose it or not, and they didn’t in person. They just said returns are within 10 days, they didn’t mention anything about cash back or credit note only, so I might have a leg to stand on that way?

  4. Maybe mate, obviously I’m just going off what I’ve seen others say but I’d defo look into it, seeing as it doesn’t seem fair for a consumer to not get full refund

  5. Can you let them know what the pants are like when you get in hand please. Really interested to see what it’s like

  6. Do you have measurements on the Ami tee

  7. Bro this is great, not on freps as much so to have one of these weekly posts would be great

  8. Get it off UK websites bro they’re like £20 and they have fast shipping like 2-3 days

  9. They’ve never gone on sale so doubt it

  10. Yeah they have, during Black Friday I grabbed the green owners club sweatshirt for £75 ish

  11. How’s the jjjjounds in terms of accuracy and quality

  12. Whats your stats and how did the carhartt pants fit?

  13. Oh not denying that. But in terms of success I'd take multiple T4 finishes over the last few years and qualifying for CL than Arsenal's FA cup wins.

  14. Noones going to look back at Spurs top 4 finishes as success. All that matters is who wins the trophies.

  15. Where’s the W2C my guy, it’s part of the rules

  16. These are less than $20 retail in stores. Why even rep these? Lol

  17. Because the whole world isn’t centred around the US.

  18. So for the PSG jersey are you saying it doesn't have the pattern on the image to the right? It's just plain navy colour?

  19. If you could find cream carpenter jeans that would be great!

  20. 2nd tee says Marchandising, Arnstedam, Nwe York

  21. Out of curiosity why did you cop the mags?

  22. PSG are one of the few clubs who could afford Kane, and he fits the bill as a star signing post Mbappe.

  23. I’d love nothing more for Kane to move abroad, but he’s spoken about breaking Shearer’s record so I doubt he will.

  24. Haha cheers bro, no rush when you can, can I get the W2C please

  25. It’s above I put a W2c for the whole fit

  26. Oh yeah my bad, seems Jin has removed them now

  27. Speaking of Villa, remember when they thought they were finishing above us and now they’re in the bottom half of the table.

  28. Don’t listen to people saying « go to agent it’s cheaper ». Shipping with agent is too expensive unless u are ready to wait for months. Also, although they are same batches everywhere, middleman guarantee better shoes and coco is a good choice

  29. You can legit guarantee good shoes yourself 😂 you do know through agents we get quality control pics as well.

  30. you ain’t gettin same quality for $50 through an agent

  31. For dunks without shipping, yes you can. Middlemen got you in a chokehold

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