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Data from 35 million traffic stops show that the probability that a stopped driver is Black increases by 5.74% after Trump 2016 campaign rallies. "The effect is immediate, specific to Black drivers, lasts for up to 60 days after the rally, and is not justified by changes in driver behavior."

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  1. Pigs have to be one of the most deceptively dangerous and terrifying animals I’ve seen. They will eat literally EVERTHING given the chance.

  2. Yeah. We really should wear it. Even if you don't burn, sun exposure does cause skin cancer.

  3. And sun can still cause aging and hyperpigmentation in darker people

  4. Agreed, I'm in Canada where we have national health care and it's horrifying that you can literally go into poverty because you got your appendix out, never mind cancer. Some people do Medical assisted death (by drugs not guns!). It's absolutely horrifying that people are driven to this type of desperation in The Greatest Country on Earth.

  5. Rofl in Canada we have shitty slow healthcare, nurses and doctors quitting like crazy, ERs closing because there's not enough staff, cancer screenings being delayed but yea it's sooo great here!

  6. It’s anecdotal, but I know 3 people in arranged marriages, and they’re as all quite healthy relationships (it seems). They also dated for a year (remotely) prior to getting married.

  7. That’s how most arranged marriages are done. It’s essentially two sets of parents introducing their kids and hoping they hit it off

  8. I meant the dating part is weird to me, my parents had an arranged marriage and there was no dating. They just got married. Maybe nowadays it's different

  9. How distracted do you have to be to get hit by a bulldozer? Or to run a man over with the bulldozer? Is there more to this story at all?

  10. Reminds me of the steamroller scene in Austin Powers

  11. Y’all some hatin ass sheep.

  12. Now there's an insult I haven't seen in a while lol

  13. I’ve been banned for that because I said something about “COVID not killing enough people to drop housing prices”.

  14. Dont forget that she has to swallow down that old sweaty hog multiple times a week. For the love of money

  15. Can men even get it up that often in their 70's?

  16. Nah. She still looks mid-20’s and genetically blessed if you look up any of her no makeup/less makeup pictures.

  17. Looked her up, average face just has big boobs and long hair which causes halo effect. Still of course way out of his league looks wise.

  18. There's good plastic surgery that doesn't go this far, people only notice the fucked up cases though

  19. Dahmer had remorse, too. Bundy didn't. The men who killed Dahmer in prison said he didn't make a sound or cry out. He wanted to die/be punished while Bundy kept trying to escape. I think in trying to make sense of serial killers we sometimes forget about the complexities of what makes a person a person, what makes them unique.

  20. Didn't Bundy say he regretted killing the 12 year old girl? Or maybe he was lying, who knows

  21. I love the horror genre but this one and The Ring (American version) were two that actually marked me.

  22. Have you seen hereditary and/or annihilation?

  23. Have you not seen all the footage of the men running down and beating the police and morality militia?

  24. For all the comments here questioning the methodology of the study, good, that’s how we should treat new information. It’s great critical thinking skills to question why a hypothesis might be false.

  25. Reminds me of Inception when they're building dream places

  26. They said that blood turns brown. I was wondering if period blood turns brown

  27. I got my identity stolen a couple years ago because I used the same password for everything. Now i have a password keeper and every password is unique 20+ characters long. Seriously download bitwarden and store all your passwords there. If they get hacked? Then I guess it was meant to be

  28. I use the same pswd for all online shopping sites but my credit card isn't saved on them. My banking pswd is different though, no problems so far

  29. Lmao, i typed CrazyDawg and it gave me 14 hrs but CrazyDawg99 was 41 years, idk about the legitimacy of this.

  30. How long does it take you to use up a lipstick?? I have 10 and have only made a dent in a couple :( I hope to finish at least a couple of them before they go bad.

  31. Oh yeah. A girl was very interested in me in high school. I found out later she LOVES to suck toes. I don’t know if I missed out or not.

  32. I had an ex suck my toes out of nowhere. It grossed me out but felt good...very confusing

  33. I like shoulders and forearms and ass and everything else lol

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