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  1. Yeah I mean let's get some perspective here 😂 apparently Kanye is the worst person in the world but Epstein his clients and these corporations attacking him are all good? There's a reason they attack anyone who speaks out. Kanye just isn't the guy to explain it right but he's just famous enough where it will get more attention if he does

  2. The fact that these cooperations aren't swiftly "canceled" in the same lightening speed Ye was, and by the same demographic that canceled him speaks volumes.

  3. Yes you see Kim Kardashian will speak up on antisemitism but against pedophilia? I guess that's not as big of issue. These people are literally slaves to these corporations if they can't even speak out against them if they do something wrong. How sad they would choose millions of dollars over doing the right thing. Not like they have enough money to do whatever they want anyways. Look at Kanye. What's the difference between a billionaire and a multimillionaire? Not a whole lot besides being a billionaire gets you a nicer private jet

  4. The fact that they are all so fucking outraged by what he said!! These people just don't see the big picture! Isn't child abuse and exploitation FAR MORE disgusting then what he said on so many levels! Like, back burner that shit! There are bigger fish to fry...

  5. Ye personally texted me his reply (he is banned on Reddit) here it is:

  6. Im going to check out the vid and the context before asuming this is legit

  7. I am a fan but I admit that he is too much at times when it comes to the political debates. He needs to chill.

  8. I’m willing to die on this very small hill. Are you?

  9. I’ll wipe my chin after your mother creams all over it.

  10. You that bitch on Blame Game saying "Yeezy taught me" 💀💀 don't front 🤣 we know

  11. Rich people won't buy a Balenciaga hoodie for $1200 when us regular people copped one for $20 .. it lowers the value of the brand, which is the point , dummy

  12. Still it is important to not forget we are still in a pandemic and there is a virus being spread that is being given so many chances to mutate and infect vulnerable people. Even if you're not worried about yourself, have a little mercy on the humans out there who need the healthy to make better choices to protect them. There is no mercy, no kindness out there. It's all sociopaths and selfish shitheads. "living life" -- life doesn't look very nice from a ventilator. I watched my mother die after being on one for months. Maybe everyone should get a chance to have a tracheostomy and feeding tube THEN decide if the concert is worth it.

  13. You and Apple Music are tripping. It’s not “do it” or “I know”, it’s “no one”

  14. You're welcome! It will work out. Just take time. 😊 I wish her all the best

  15. I'm reading replies to her as I get them, and she just said she never thought of that. She did say she's still feeling a mild side effect of not taking her sertraline, called brain zaps.

  16. I did this with some towel-material scrunchies, such a game changer

  17. I hate to be a dick cuz he's dead and all, but I'm glad Myers voiced Shrek. He added a lot to the character with his voice that I don't think Farley could've done better.

  18. i’m confused like sound is really positive sounding but the lyrics are really dark lmao i love runaway i just thought it was the best fit

  19. Whoever is in the background said “stop” then “stop them there” it was more than likely her publicist telling her not to answer

  20. That was such a look in the 90s.. we sure thought we were something 🤦🏻‍♀️ it does look like beef.

  21. It’s not twisting, it’s virtue signally. Which is fine and I’m sure it wasn’t meant that way, but it needs to be noted

  22. No cause what you said screams a savior complex that’s why I said it 💀💀

  23. No maybe you just low key disagree with the statement 🤔 worry about your own people

  24. Seriously that would mostly act as a flag of surrendering as my mountainous labia bulged forth and dropped at its sides.

  25. It's not my post 🤣 I shared from the Target group. The replies are hilarious

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