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  1. I'm not dragging my friends into my situation until I don't have any bullshit left to deal with. Fuck you and your blackmail pseudo law enforcement bullshit.

  2. People are taking the "Fuck you. Prove it." approach to life in the United States. But, sometimes you do that to the wrong person and next thing you know, everything is on fire.

  3. I'd like to see the rest of the video. The guy at the end was a plainclothes officer policing up potentially criminal evidence of excessive force.

  4. If you take advantage of someone powerful and then call them a whiney jerk, fuck you.

  5. I think it is important to remember that just because you pass whatever exam is coming up, you don't have to take that path in life. But if you fail, you sure as hell can't. Go for the high score and move on to the next objective measure of success.

  6. She doesn’t need a rehabilitation project. She needs a boyfriend. Dump his ass. If she feels the need to educate him, send him this thread.

  7. Welp, you can remember that when you are consoling her after her first divorce.

  8. I don’t understand this comment. Can you explain it to me?

  9. She isn't going to learn to be mature in time for it to matter if she avoids having mature discussions.

  10. Mostly, the people that go to co-working spaces are early stage entrepreneurs and freelancers. There are a steady stream of those given advances in technology, layoffs and college graduates, and it is perceived to lend to credibility to their early stage business. The costs aren't so great as to be entirely unattractive and there generally isn't a lease or at least the type of lease that a normal person wouldn't balk at - multi hundred thousand dollar and multi year or even decade lease.

  11. As a postman myself, I’ll never understand this sort of thing. It’s literally no difference in effort to NOT do this sort of thing.

  12. Yea i like your proposal now if you could find someone in the congress that understands the need for this that would be awesome.

  13. Forward it to the Society of American Military Engineers. Let them do the lobbying.

  14. It isn't autism. It is an ongoing robbery. Dating back a very long time.

  15. Dealing with foreign entities requires leverage. The kind of leverage which can't be replicated within the DOJ or any nation equivalent. Blocking foreign military aid was a valid and perhaps the only valid sanction that can be imposed on a foreign government which could not otherwise be rebuked by internal organized criminal activity while still meeting the parameters required for discretion and mobility. It isn't like corrupt organizations don't have access to the same bottleneck individuals and the MMO to apply leverage to any point of the organizational structure in order to achieve an objective. Countering this requires a larger stick.

  16. If you list all of the red flags, they will adapt and you will have to find new red flags.

  17. Everyone Sucks Here - And I mean everyone. The preferred reproductive prophylactic in western culture seems to romantic confusion and disappointment. With a side of undelivered messages.

  18. You're 28. Imagine what you'll know when you're 29. I think it might be a little premature to be passing along life lessons learned unless the intent is to chart the journey.

  19. It is called "Fallacy fallacy". It counters the implication that because an argument was poorly represented, the position itself must be wrong.

  20. It should just be dismissed out of hand instead though. It's not a debater's prerogative to develop their opponent's argument...

  21. Are you in the quest for truth or just trying to get what you want?

  22. John "Shrek" McPhee talks about the Pie Chart and why its CRAP! Trigger Time TV

  23. People really think any kid asked to be born. Your child doesn't owe you shit

  24. It is possible that you were created for a purpose and that purpose was to serve your creator.

  25. There have been a few changes in paradigm shift. Mostly just advances in computing power and data accessibility. The biggest shift is the publication of easily accessible and usable frameworks, like tensorflow, that make AI accessible to more people and more data.

  26. I think the issue here is there is a cabal interfering with the rightful owners of IP and work from keeping it because people write words on paper. If you make a billion dollars it should be because your innovation created more than a billion dollars worth of increased productivity, not because you stole someone else's idea, property, etc. I'd much rather have an inventive person have a billion dollars than a thief because the thief will focus on protecting their assets and the inventive person will focus on making more.

  27. The downside of using a VPN service is there is no way to ensure your data isn't flying off your hard drive without setting up a separate SSL stripping and logging server.

  28. All service levels require some level of trust. From operating system to internet service provider to cloud applications.

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